Tschertkowo 1942/43

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Post by Marko » Tue May 17, 2005 3:51 am

My hat down to you Abel and David!!! :D :D
The text confirms the presence of all but the 3. Batt of the StuG Abt 201 at Tschertkowo. The other way round as I had suspected before!
To tell you the truth I wasn't surprised. All sources pointed to a much greater number of stugs present with 298.ID.

It's also interesting that none of this text is in the german version of the book :x .

BTW, Abel do you have any ideas as to when will the evil commisar return from his trip to Imperial Japan :wink: :D .


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Lupo Solitario
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Post by Lupo Solitario » Tue May 17, 2005 4:45 am

excuse but I'm trying to understand the relations between StuG Abteilung 201, KG Maempel and KG Huffmann...could you try to solve it?


Abel Ravasz
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Post by Abel Ravasz » Tue May 17, 2005 7:26 am


Marko: the Commisar is a good communist... He has just decided to go back underground, to stop falling into the wrong hands (anyone listening to The Prodigy? :D )

Lupo: 201. StuG Abt was divided into two parts at Rossosch. The larger part, under the command of Huffmann, got trapped in Tschertkowo. It is more than likely that some stragglers and little units joined this armoured group (Lupo: can this be "the armoured group with Capizzi @ Your post about the composition of Blocco Nord?), thus forming KG Huffmann. KG Maempel was a larger KG of the 27. Pz Div, and it absorbed the KG Huffmann during its formation. All in all, we could say, that KG Huffmann were the parts of the 201. StuG Abt that were inside KG Maempel.

These are my 2 cent. Have I been understandable? This is quite a complicated thing to explain...

Best regards,


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Post by Marko » Tue May 17, 2005 8:10 am

Damn, Abel beat me to it. :? Well, I agree with Abel :wink: .

Anyway, here's my 3 cents on KG Huffmann :wink: .

It's difficult to say anything on this KG as there's basically no mention of this unit in German sources.

Major Heinz Huffmann was the Kdr. of Stug.Abt.201, which was at this point subordinated to 27.Pz.Div.'s KG Maempel. Among several other divisional units (see posts above for its composition) it also included (major) parts of Pz.Jäg.Abt.127 (also known as Schnelle Abteilung 127), its HQ staff was split from the main body of the battalion and landed in Millerowo (some other elements avoided the encirclement). This battalion had a very interesting composition as it was not only equipped with ordinary towed and self-propelled anti-tank guns but also SPWs (armored halftrucks).

Major Heinz Huffmann was an experienced artillery officer, he won EK2 and EK1 during the 1940 campaign in the West as the Kdr. of II./Art.Rgt.195. In January 1941, he was sent to the training course for Stug officers at IV./Art.Lehr.Rgt.2(mot.) and on 10 March 1941 named the commander of Stug.Abt.201. The battalion was formed in 1941 and was part of Army Group Center during Operation Barbarossa and took part in the battles for Brest-Litowsk, Mogilew and Wjazma, in spring 1942 it was sent to Army Group South (later B). In July 1942, Stug.Abt.190 is subordinated to Huffmann's (promoted in October 1941 to a Major) command and both battalions support Korpsgruppe Blümm during »Operation Eingemeindung« in the Woronesh bridgehead. Huffmann receives the German Cross in Gold (23 September 1942) for his performances in this period. Stug.Abt.201 remains in the exposed sector S of Woronesh and is attached to the Italian AOK8. Huffmann apparently leaves the battalion on 26 December 1942 (wounded maybe? – receives Wound badge in Black on 25 May 1943). For his actions and leadership during the winter 1942/43, he receives the Knight's Cross on 14 April 1943 (as Major and Kdr. Stug,Abt.201 / 298.Inf.Div. / Armee-Abteilung Kempf / Heeresgruppe Süd) and is then assigned to various training units and is KIA on 15 March 1945 as Oberstleutnant.

All this would lead me to believe that KG Huffmann (with experience of leading larger units) was infact composed from his own Stug.Abt.201 and elements of Pz.Jäg.Abt.127 (plus maybe elements of some other units??) and the KG was attached to KG Maempel and 298.Inf.Div.

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Lupo Solitario
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Post by Lupo Solitario » Tue May 17, 2005 12:14 pm

my own turn...ok...

For Capizzi relation, a KG Huffmann joined the KG Capizzi during entire retreat, with a costant close cohoperation of which Capizzi was really satisfied and compared with the bad relation he had with 298th Division Command. Unfortunately Capizzi gives few data about origin and composition of KG Huffmann and, as usual in italian sources, largely wrong (anyway he names more than a time the presence of armored cars).

Capizzi is clear in treating Huffmann and 298th as distinct forces.

Strange but true, the KG Maempel is completely absent in italian sources. I beleive they consider it full part of 298th.

thank you for all


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Post by Marko » Tue May 17, 2005 3:32 pm

Lupo Solitario wrote: Strange but true, the KG Maempel is completely absent in italian sources. I beleive they consider it full part of 298th.
And it gets even stranger as Maempel was named the liason officer to the Italian command in Tschertkowo during the siege :? .

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Marco Ferliga
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Post by Marco Ferliga » Wed May 18, 2005 6:37 am

Strange but true, the KG Maempel is completely absent in italian sources. I beleive they consider it full part of 298th.
Italian official source doesn't mention KG Maempel, but mentions KG Haempel (sic); they are, evidently, the same group. :D [/quote]


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Post by Marko » Wed May 18, 2005 3:56 pm

That's great, Marco.

So, what kind of info is there on KG Haempel in Italian sources?


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Marco Ferliga
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Post by Marco Ferliga » Wed May 18, 2005 5:54 pm

Here's my 2 Italian cents:

Gruppe Haempel, part of 27. PzDiv; strenght at 13 Dec 1942:
16 StuG 75mm
1 Inf. batt.
2 s.PzJg companies
TOT: 600 men

16 dec 1942, at 24.00: Gruppe Haempel attached to Ravenna Division;
17 dec 1942: Gruppe Haempel attached to 298. Infanterie Division;
20 dec 1942: Gruppe Haufmann (part of 27. PzDiv) attached to 298 ID;


Abel Ravasz
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Post by Abel Ravasz » Thu May 19, 2005 1:48 am

Hi Marco!

Thanks for that data.

It is evident that Haempel is Maempel and Hauffmann is Huffmann. Nice data on the strength of this unit!


I have recieved scans from Stoves' book on the 27. Pz Div from my kind friend Jerry (thanks again!). I will post some translate parts from it as soon as I can. This is part one - the composition of KG Maempel!!!

9/12/42, the 27. Pz Div was divided into the following three Kampfgruppen:

Kampfgruppe I. (Fhr. Oberstleutnant Maempel)
Pz. Gren. Rgt. 140 (w/o I. Btl. and 2 x Fla Züge from 10./140)
Stu. Gesch. Abt. 201
1 x le. FHb. Bttr.

Kampfgruppe II. (Fhr. Major Friedrich)
verst. I./Pz. Gren. Rgt. 140 (w. 1 x SPW-Kp, 1/2 10.(Fla)/140)
Pz Abt 127
2 x Pz. Pi. Züge
1 x le. Bttr.

Kampfgruppe III. (Fhr. Oberstleutnant Lachnitt)
Pz. Jg. Abt 127 (w/o 3. Kp)
III./Pol. Inf. Rgt. 6

Pz. Art. Rgt. 140 (w/o 2 x le. FHb. Bttrn)
Pz. Pi. Btl. 127 (w/o 3 x Pz. Pi. Züge)
3. (gp.)/Pz. Jg. Abt. 127
3./Flak-Rgt. (mot.) 19 (Luftwaffe, 1 x gem. verst. Flak-Kampftrupp)

On 16th December, most of Maempel's combat group, with the added KG Lachnitt, was made "Eingreiffsreserve" and sent to Werchnij Mamon, renamed KG Schultz. What remained in position behind the Pasubio/298. Inf Div group, remained under the command of Maempel.

Kampfgruppe Maempel (16/12/42)
Kdr. Pz. Gren. Rgt. 140 w. pts of RStab
pts of Stabskp.
1 x verst. Schtz. Kp.
pts of 9., 10./140
pts of 2./Stu.Gesch. Abt 201

Kampfgruppe Schulz (16/12/42)
Kdr. und bulk of II./Pz. Gren. Rgt. 140 (w/o 1 Kp.)
pts 3./Pz.Jg. 127
2.(mot.)/(Pz.) Art. Rgt. 127
later reinforced by III./Polizei-Inf. Rgt. 6
3./Flak-Rgt. (mot.) 19

More to follow soon!
Thanks again to Jerry!

Best regards,


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Post by Marko » Thu May 19, 2005 2:42 am

Thanks Marco.

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Marco Ferliga
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Post by Marco Ferliga » Thu May 19, 2005 7:13 am

I have recieved scans from Stoves' book on the 27. Pz Div from my kind friend Jerry (thanks again!).
I hang on your words! The 27th is certainly the most obscure Panzer Division! :D

Here's another really obscure Pz.Jg company:
from Italian official history. On december 15, 1942 :
The 539. Rgt StaB with another Inf Batt. moves from Zapkovo to Orobinski, here they remain , at HGrB 's disposal , along with a Panzerjaeger company armed with 10 x 105mm pieces. :?: :?:
Any ideas?

Best Regards

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Post by Marko » Fri May 20, 2005 8:15 am

Here's the first part of the 298.ID KTB (supplied by the great Kommisar) translation. Comments are most wellcome :D .


Great Russian offensive at Division Ravenna (to the left of 298.ID). Local offensive operations at Division Pasubio (to the right of 298.ID).
Evening: Division Ravenna is subordinated to 298.ID. 298.ID, until now subordinated to XXXV.ital.AK is subordinated to II.ital.AK.


Divisional command post is moved to Radshenskoje.


Divisional command post is moved to Malewanny.


15.00: Divisional command post is moved from Malewanny to Bogunoff.

On the way from Malewanny the regiments received, through a radio, the order, to disengage from the enemy at dusk and to reach in a march towards south, through the still free of enemy gap Medowa - group of houses 6 km eastwards, the Tichaja sector and to prepare defenses there.

0.3 remains in Malewanny till all the messages are reported to be confirm delievered.
Ia, Ic and O.1 drive with the divisional commander.

At around 21.00, 03 arrives with elements of the radio central in Makaroff.. The commander of staff quarters, Hptm. Zander, returns from Meschkoff and reports that the roads Makaroff-Meschkoff and Makaroff-Nasaroff are blocked by enemy tanks and that it is impossible to come through to Bogusoff. Nothing is known of division's staff whereabouts.

At 21.00 Oberstlt. Maempel arrives with his KG in Makaroff. Hptm. Zander reports him his observations and assumption, that the divisional commander reached Meschkoff before enemy's advance.
Thereupon Oberstleutnant Maempel takes over the leadership of the Division (here Generalmajor Szelinski's report).

It was decided to wait for Gren.Rgts in Makaroff and then to breakthrough together towards south. Securities were formed.


00.15: a telegram from XXIX.AK arrives. Afterwards the regimental commanders are by radio ordered to the divisional command post.
06.00: Commanders conference. Oberst Michaelis takes over the leadership of the division. The regiments receive orders to reach the following towns: Gren.-Rgt.526 Popowka, Gren.-Rgt.525 Michailow, Gren.-Rgt.527 Karasejew. At first there is to rest.
Large elements of the Italian divisions Pasubio and Torino have attached themselves to 298.Inf.Div. and are with their undisciplined behaviour disturbing the division's march movements.
08.20: From the Ital. AOK8 arrives a telegram.
Thereupon a further breakthrough is ordered.

Order of battle for the continuing march:

Spearhead regiment - Gren.-Rgt.526 with 2 Sturmgeschütze batteries, 12. Pz.Jg.Kompanie from XXIX.AK, Sturmbatterie Weiß with three guns, III./A.R.111, II./A.R.298, IV./A.R.298 (without guns), elements of Pz.Jg.Abt.654
then Gren.-Rgt.525, with 3 Sfl., 2 7,5-cm Pak, 2 cm Flak-Zug, 1./Pz.Jg.Abt.298
then Gren.-Rgt.527 (rearguard Btl. Rumprich), 2 8,8-cm Flak, 5 Sturmgeschütze, 6 Pak Pz.Jg.Abt.654.

10.00: Gren.-Rgt.527 reaches Popowka and Gren.-Rgt.525 Makaroff. Gren.-Rgt.527 is still south of Medowa.

Gren.Rgt.525 continues to Popowka. One enemy tank is destroyed there and further driven away.

13.00: Gren.-Rgt.527 reaches Krasejew.
14.00: Gren.-Rgt.526 sets off with the order to take Posdniakoff and in case of no enemy resistance to continue the advance towards Tichno-Shurawskaja.
17.00: Under continuos rearguard battles Gren.-Rgt.527 reaches Popowka. Elements of Italian divisions, around 10,000 men, are held back in Popowka. Gren.-Rgt.527 has orders to pass no Italian through.
20.00: Podniakoff in our hands.
24.00: All elements of division are billeted in Posdniakoff. Italians are held back behind Btl. Gumprich.

Division's command post in Posdniakoff.
Enemy shells the town with salvo guns.
Gren.-Rgt.526 stays in Posdniakoff with the intention to advance towards Ticho-Shurawskaja on the next morning


Telegrams to the AOK8 regarding assurances of air supplies.

03.00: the Division's order is issued.
04.00: the Division moves out. Constant threat of enemy tanks on the flanks and in the rear. 4 tanks are destroyed.
09.00: Tichno-Shurawskaja is found free of enemy. An Italian truck collumn, which managed to breakthrough, is taken along.
Gren.-Rgt.526 and 5./A.R.298, as escort battery, moves out towards Tichowskoje. Forward Sturmgeschütze, with one infantry company from Gren.-Rgt.527 mounted aboard, has to constantly defend against enemy on the flanks and in the rear.

Tichowskoje (as would later be established, the town was Arbusow - from here on it will be referred to as so) is occupied by enemy in battalion strength.
Gren.-Rgt.526 moves out to attack. 3 enemy tanks are destroyed.

14.00: Divisional command post 2 km NE of Arbusow. Gren.-Rgt.525 is deployed to secure towards W and NW. Heavy shelling of march column by anti-tank guns, tanks and mortars.
15.00: Gren.-Rgt.527 caught up and is committed with front towards NE and E. Hedgehog has now the size of 2km x 500m, NE of Arbusow.
18.00: Enemy attacks from W and NW, especially heavy against Gren.-Rgt.525. Arbusow is firmly in our hands.
20.00: Enemy pressure on the elements deployed NE of Arbusow is increasing. Oberst Michelis orders the entire division to pull back in Arbusow.
23.00: All division's elements are in Arbusow. KGs Neumann and Sauer are created and Gren.-Rgt.525 is distributed among both KGs.
Hptm. Klehr arrives with his staff to division.

Gruppe Sauer takes over the northern sector, Gruppe Neumann the southern sector of defensive zone. Division's decision is to hedgehog itself in Arbusow till the arrival of ammunition and fuel.


All bigger houses in the town are occupied with the wounded. Accumulation of 800 wounded.
Heavy salvo and mortar fire on Arbusow.

The Italians, situated in town, are being organized. To every KG comes one Italian General with 8 companies, each with 100 men. Oberstlt. Maempel takes over the liaison with the Italian command.
The Division's staff is from 20.12.42 structured from:
Oberst Michaelis Kdr.
Hptm. Klehr Ia
Oblt. Überscher IIa
'' Falkner Ib
'' van Setten O1
Hptm. Zander Streifendienst

298.Inf.Div. is subordinated to Gruppe Kreysing.

10.00:Division's order is issued to Italians.
12.00: Thrust by the Sfl. Platoon Oblt. Köhler against a battery position N of Arbusow. Several guns and trucks are destroyed. Luftwaffe drops a very small amount of ammunition. Infantry ammunition and fuel are not included.

Enemy continues strengthening. Continuos attacks in company to battalion strength from N and S. Consideration are made to withdraw towards W during the night. But because the Army Group's order to hold still stands and air supply is promised, Oberst Michaelis orders to continue holding.

Appropriate divisional orders.

14.00: Russian forces on the march from SW. Mortar and salvo fire like on previous days. Heavy losses.


Night relatively calm. Motor sounds from the western direction. Ammunition is, due to continuous heavy attacks, very low.

In the forenoon 2 enemy attacks with tank support. Continuos shelling by salvo guns, one 12,2 cm battery and mortars. 2 enemy tanks are destroyed.

The losses are increasing hourly. The weather is unfavorable. Thus no air supply. In the afternoon two enemy tanks shell Arbusow.

2 telegrams come in. One contains an order to have one radio troop march ready by 21.00 hrs. The second contains information on enemy situation. It is concluded, based upon it, that the order to hold important towns is lifted. Arbusow is already surrounded from three sides. Only on the W there's temporarily no enemy.

18.00: Commanders conference by Oberst Michaelis. Order to the KGs: 22.00 disengagement from the enemy. Departure to the west.
Reasons for the decision: with further staying the casualties would rise in irresponsible scale. Weather situation is unfavorable. Weather improvement isn't expected.

W of Arbusow reconnaissance found no enemy.

Telegram to Army Group B: »Tomorrow morning ammunition exhausted. Suggest breakout to south.«

Order to the commanders.

Coming with are: operational Sturmgeschütze, Sfl., 2 cm Flak, all available sleighs for the transport of the wounded.

Left behind are: all motor vehicles, field-kitchens, mortars, bicycles, all for the battle unnecessary equipment.

The Italians have to remain at the end of marching column. Fuel is to be taken out of non escorting vehicles. The units are to take their wounded. The doctors decide, which cases are hopeless and are thus left behind.

Marching order: Sturmgeschütze - 2cm Flakbatterie Weiß - Schüler - Aufkl.Abt. - Scherbening - Frey/Hertmanni - Sturmgeschütze - Sfl. - Div. Stab - Gumprich - Opitz - v. Dahmen - Schebitz - Deuner - Sturmgeschütze.

The disengagement proceeds in the following order:

21.00 western part of defensive position with Btl. Schüler and Aufkl.Abt., then eastern defenses and subsequently at the same time the northern and southern defenses.
Immediate arrangement in the marching columns. 2 Sturmgeschütze remain till the final departure in Arbusow.

Before departure II./A.R.298 opens harassing fire.

Disengagement proceeds according to plan. Enemy doesn't follow up.


The Division marches on the following route: Arbusow - point 230 - Kutjelnikow - Ssiderowskij - Gussew - Poltawa - Scheptuchowka.

Weak, company sized enemy resistenceonly in Kutjelnikov.

Scheptuchowka reached at 21.00.

During march, Luftwaffe dropped small amount of ammunition and fuel.

The division chose the southern route, bypassing Mankowo, which Luftwaffe reported to be heavily occupied.

Iwanowka is, in face of weak company sized resistance, captured at 23.00 hrs.

24.00: Reconnaissance determines Bahnhof Scheptuchowka occupied by enemy. Around 300 men.

Troops are extraordinarily exhausted. From midday heavy snowstorm.

In Scheptuchowka, 6 Sturmgeschütze fall through ice and remain stuck.

Deutsche General bei ital.AOK8 gives KG Oberst Göller in Tschertkowo an order to support 298. Inf.Div.'s breakthrough.

19.00: KG Göller reports the results of the trust towards Mankowo to AOK8.

298.Inf.Div. is in radio contact with AOK8 and He.Gr.B and constantly transmits the location.

to be continued..
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Lupo Solitario
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Post by Lupo Solitario » Fri May 20, 2005 9:29 am

ok try a comparison with italian official history (note: I resume to keep short):

soviets break Ravenna front. The division and the KG Maempel groups around Filonovo. At 24.00 ARMIR HQ decides:
-KG Maempel passes under Ravenna command
-298th Division passes under II Corps command: it's required "a close cohoperation" with Ravenna. The II Corps is charged to define the responsabilities of the two divisions.
A KG of 298th is sent to support resistance of Pasubio division

at 10.30 is formed the KG Capizzi at Perescepni to cover the left of 298th

at evening is released a document of B Army Group which practically charges the command of II Corps on Col. Kinzel. Practically not applied

The 298th Division retires on right side of Levaja opening the way of Boguciar. Assumes control of KG Capizzi.

the 526th Grenadier regiment is deployed in Pasubio sector


at h.04.00 an order of II Corps leaves the 298th division responsible of extreme right sector with responsabilty on Ravenna remnants

the II Corps ceases sector to german XXIV Pz.Korps at 12.00
the XXXV Corps starts offically to retire
at 19.00 the B Army Group orders a general retreat on Maeskov line
divisions Pasubio and Torino retreat on Meskov

298th and Pasubio are passed under XXIX Korps command
298th and KG Capizzi moves on Popovka- Makarof where join division Torino. Division Pasubio stops at Scepilov with the XXXV Corps command

the bulk of 298th plus Torino moves on Arbusowo with 298th on head and Torino on rear. The column is attacked at 07.00 and 09.30
Pasubio loses unity

the column is surrounded in Arbusowo: italians are forced to pass night outside town. An attack launched at 07.00 gives few results

Torino flags are burned to avoid capture. Tension between italian and german commanders. Germans don't share food
the surrounding is broken in the night, italians over the rearguard

march: Sidorowka is touched at 08.00, Gussev at 11.00, Poltavka at 14.00
fightings with partisans

Let see some important point between versions:
- germans and italians seem have largely different ideas about who commands
- the dominating position of germans is dued to thier control of communications, food and heavy weapons
- marching on head, germans decided about hosting of troops

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Post by Marko » Fri May 20, 2005 2:45 pm

Thanks Lupo. That's more then what I hoped for.

It's good to see both sources supplementing each other so well. Is there any more info on what happend on the 20 or 21 Dec. when, from what it seems, the situation changed so dramatically for the Italians (virtually becoming bystandards - aren't allowed to billet in Arbusowo, troubles with getting food).


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