Heinrich Schmid/Schmidt/Schmitt Service in Condor

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Heinrich Schmid/Schmidt/Schmitt Service in Condor

Post by stefanyoungs » Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:38 am

We are trying to validate various published 'facts' about a Luftwaffe pilot who defected to Britain with a Ju 88 nighfighter. Our story on this fascinating subject is here:


For such a notable event it is surprising how many versions exist of parts of this story. We are not even sure about his name! Most published accounts (Andy Saunders' 'Arrival of Eagles' and Robert Hill's 'The Great Coup') give his name as Heinrich Schmitt. Others call him Heinrich Schmidt, and a researcher on another forum has produced what he claims is an extract from an official Luftwaffe record which refers to him as Herbert Schmid.

One of the 'facts' we are trying to prove or disprove is the claim he flew with the Condor Legion. One of our German researchers says, however, that he can find no record of any pilot other than Johann Schmid ('Johannes') with the name Schmid or Schmidt or Schmitt. This is the same information as we have in our Kracker Luftwaffe Archive:


If you have any information on any aspect of this story that would help us get closer to the truth on this subject, we would be very grateful to hear from you. If you would prefer to do so privately you can do so at stefanyoungs (at) aircrewremembered.com

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