Arnold Dorschke (1925-1945) German Army in WWII

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Arnold Dorschke (1925-1945) German Army in WWII

Post by briankaess22 » Sat Jul 29, 2017 6:38 pm

My Grand-Uncle Arnold Dorschke (1925-1945) was KIA in the German Army in WWII. Below is some info about him:

Arnold Dorschke, b. Mar 11 1925 in Hohenbirken, Ratibor, Upper Silesia, d. Apr 25 1945 in
Hultschin, Ratibor, Upper Silesia. He grew up in Hohenbirken. One of 6-7 siblings. German soldier
in WWII-KIA, died in war at age of 20. His rank was ’Jaeger.’ His last letter home to the German
Red Cross was in March 1945. Uwe Dorschke says Arnold Dorschke was the youngest of the Dorschke
siblings. Buried in German War Cemetery, Valasske Mezirici , Czech Republic. Brian Paul Kaess’ Granduncle

German Red Cross has his unit as Kompanie 3, 223 Grenadier-Regiment. Margit Bugner of Volksbund has his unit as 3./Gr.R.564 ; This would stand for 3rd Kompanie, 564 Grenadier-Regiment. The 2nd unit was part of the 154th Infantry Division- a division formed in the last year of the war at Oderberg, Germany.
The first unit, as Grenadier-(Feldausbildungs-) Regiment 223, was part of the 154th (Feldausbildungs-) Division and fought in North Ukraine. This division transitioned into the 2nd unit- the 154th Infantry Division.
It was once believed that Arnold had fought in the 16th Volksgrenadier Division but this possibility seems less likely.
Arnold was killed near his hometown in the closing stages of the war. His Dorschke siblings and parents (they were Silesians) all became Displaced persons from the East and many moved to West Germany after the war.

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