Norwegian Volunteers of the Waffen-SS

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Norwegian Volunteers of the Waffen-SS

Post by John P. Moore » Sat Mar 18, 2017 2:36 pm

My copy of this excellent book by Geir Brenden and Tommy Natedal arrived a few days ago and I just finished reading it. This book is BIG, 523 pages in large format. I was expecting a book of photos only with minimal captions. The content of this book is very well organized. There is an extensive amount of text in both English and German throughout that help place the photos in context. The English text is perfect in contrast to some of the work that I have seen by other translators who do not understand military terminology. The many photos of individuals were of high resolution and correct exposure. The captions for these photos was very good with the individual being identified along with some personal information about the soldier. Unfortunately, some of the group photos were a bit darker than they should have been and the publisher should have put more effort into improving those photos. I learned some new information from reading this book and I am glad that I bought it. Congratulations to Geir and Tommy for producing such an excellent piece of work that sets the standard for other authors wanting to produce similar books about other national formations of the Waffen-SS such as the Danes, Dutch, Estonians and Latvians. Highly recommended!

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Re: Norwegian Volunteers of the Waffen-SS

Post by panzermahn » Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:27 am

Hi John,

I agreed with your review of the book Norwegian Volunteer of the Waffen SS. I am not sure why the publisher wanted to include German text but the additional text may have resulted the book in a very big size.

In fact one of the best section of the book was the explanation by the authors on the Skijaeger Kompanie, Polizei Schikompanie. When I first studied about the Norwegian Waffen SS units, my impression was that it was mostly Den Norske Legion as well as the Regiment Norge of the Wiking. With this book, the genesis and evolution of the units consisted mostly Norwegian Waffen SS volunteers were explained by the authors.

It's a very good photobook on Norwegian Waffen SS volunteers, probably the most definitive one in English/German language.


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Massimiliano Afiero
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Re: Norwegian Volunteers of the Waffen-SS

Post by Massimiliano Afiero » Fri Sep 29, 2017 1:59 am

Finally is arrived too me. Great work. Only the best from Geir...

Massimiliano Afiero

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