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Re: Poland 1939 - Bibliography

Post by Domen123 » Sun Oct 24, 2010 5:45 am

F. H. Gentzen, Die Legende "Bromberger Blutsonntag" und die deutsche fünfte Kolonne in Polen [in:] September 1939, red. B. Spiru, Berlin (Ost) 1959

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Re: Poland 1939 - only half a Bibliography

Post by mconrad » Tue Oct 26, 2010 10:30 am

This is not a bibliography of the 1939 Poland campaign. It is a bibliography of the German armed forces in the Poland campaign. Or since this is the Feldgrau forum, does that go without saying?

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Re: Poland 1939 - Bibliography

Post by Mansal D » Wed Oct 27, 2010 2:50 am

It is the bibliography for Richard's book Blitzkrieg Unleashed.

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Re: Poland 1939 - Bibliography

Post by Richard Hargreaves » Wed Oct 27, 2010 5:52 am

It is indeed. Just out in paperback. :D h[url]ttp://www.amazon.com/Blitzkrieg-Unleashed-Inv ... 651&sr=1-5[/url]

There are no Polish books in the bibliography because I don't speak Polish and hence did not refer to the vast literature there is on the subject. I'd be delighted if some of Feldgrau's Polophones could fill in the blanks because there are a good few Feldgrauers who speak the language. Hopefully one day someone will be able to offer a truly two-sided account of the '18-day' campaign but sadly I don't possess the resources of a Beevor or Hastings to pay for researchers/translators... :[]
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Re: Poland 1939 - Bibliography

Post by Domen123 » Sun May 01, 2011 4:55 am

Here is bibliography to this article (the one listed below "Bzura 2004"):

http://historyton.pl/catalog/product_in ... ts_id=1727

"Twardy przeciwnik" – morale żołnierza polskiego w 1939 r. w oczach wroga

In English:

"Hard opponent" - morale of the Polish soldier in 1939 in the eyes of the enemy

I translated the relevant parts:

1) Morale means the will of proper execution of soldier's duties by units and individual soldiers. The overview of definitions of morale, in different facets, was presented by M.Dyrda in "Morale ukryta siła armii", Warsaw 1998.
2) I found many information on this topic in so called microfilms of Alexandria, which contain documents from the collections of the National Archives of the United States (the rolls I used come from Archiwum Akt Nowych, Wojskowe Biuro Badań Historycznych and private collection of the author).
3) The entire world could be cheated by German propaganda, but the same could not be done with German soldier, who knew best, how long combats in Poland lasted and until when the Polish army was putting up resistance. Therefore in "Heeres Verordnungsblatt" from 2.1.1940, regulating the issue of inscribing participation in the Polish Campaign to military IDs it was officially stated, that the campaign lasted until 7 October ("Feldzug gegen Polen 1.9.1939 bis 7.10.1939").
4) For example „Unsere Luftwaffe in Polen” – 85 thousand copies, „Schluss mit Polen“ – 55 thousand copies. Some titles were being resumed several times.
5) Warsaw, January 1941. It should be added, that Colonel Horak was the creator of the "Polish Soldier in the September Campaign" underground magazine, in which both Polish and enemy accounts of the campaign were being published. On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the start of WW2 the reprint of this magazine was published by the Department of Education and Promotion of the Ministry of National Defense, by the Society of Knowledge of Defense and by the Central Military Library. The internet version is available at http://www.cwb.pl.
6) Microfilms of Alexandria (later: M.a), T-314, r.614, k.655, script of the commander of 20. ID(mot.) from 4.10.1939.
7) Kampferlebnisse aus dem Feldzuge in Polen 1939 . Nach Schilderungen von Frontkämpfern. Berlin 1940, p.26-34.
8) G.Lubs, JR 5 – Aus der Geschichte eines Pommerschen Regiment 1920-1945, Bochum 1965 p.176.
9) Kampferlebnisse, p.13-20.
10) Ibidem, p.20-26.
11) Ma, T-314, r.33. Kriegstagebuch I AK (later: KTB I AK), kl. 412. Losses according to T.J.Jentza, Panzertruppen. Complete Guide to the Creation, Combat Employment of Germany’s Tank Force, 1933-1942. Formation. Organisations. Tactics, Atglen 1996 p.93.
12) N.v.Vormann, Der Feldzug 1939 in Polen. Die Operationen des Heeeres, Weissenburg 1958, p.78.
13) Quote from: R. Juszkiewicze, Bitwa pod Mławą, Warszawa 1987, p.89-90.
14) M.a., T-314, r.33, kl.419, KTB I AK.
15) Quote from: A. Zawilski, Bitwy polskiego Września, v.1, Łódź 1989, p.170.
16) Special collections of the Military Bureau of Historical Research (later: Zb.Spec.WBBH), II/2/555, excerpt from the account of German officers of IR.49 of 28. ID on the battle of Tychy-Gostyn 1-2.9.1939.
17) Ibidem, Excerpt from the diary of a soldier of IR.48 of the same division concerning first days of the war, See - Ich war dabai. Diary of a soldier of the Wehrmacht, September 1939, Odra, 1975, No 9.
18) I quote from A. Konieczny and J. Pelc-Piastowski, Wisła ruszyła o świcie, Katowice 1984, p.207.
19) Ibidem, p. 256.
20) Zawilski, op. cit.., v .I, p.127.
21) M.a., T -314, r.660, Bericht über Kämpfe des XXI AK am Narew.
22) H. Guderian, Diary of a Soldier, Warsaw 1959.
23) M.a., T-314 r. 660, Bericht ...
24) N.v. Vormann, op. cit., p.103.
25) M.a., T -315, r.863, 31 Division, Feldzug in Polen. Kriegstagebuch v.25.08.-20.10.1939 r (later - KTB 31 DP).
26) L. Kördel, Grenadiere - Jäger. Quellen und Darstellung zu einer Geschichte des Jnfanterie - Regiments 17, Osterode (Harz, 1959).
27) M.a., T-315, r.230, Kriegstagebuch 4 leichte Division in Polen 1939, Anlage 7 - "Polnische Kampfführung" (later – „Polnische Kampfführung").
28) M.a., T-314, r.665, kl.17, KTB XXII AK.
29) Wir zogen gegen Polen. Kriegserinnerungswerk des VII Armeekorps, München 1940.
30) Die Vierzieger. Chronik des Regiments, Augsburg, br.
31) Lubs, op.cit.
32) Ibidem.
33) J. Maliszewski, Memoirs of the commander of 35 pp, [in:] Soldiers of the September, Warsaw 1971.
34) Polish Armed Forces in the Second World War, v.I. September Campaign 1939, Part two, London 1986.
35) C.O.Windecker, Wir waren mit in Polen. Der" Einsatz Ost" des NSKK, Berlin 1940, p. 100-103
36) Geschichte der 3 Panzer- Division. Berlin - Brandenburg 1935 -1945, Berlin 1967.
37) K. Bemhard, Panzer packen Polen. Erlebnisberichte, Berlin 1940
38) Zb.Spec. WBBH, II/2/331, J. Górski, "The Terror and Joy of Combat". Memoirs from days 19 and 20 .09.1939, Falenica- Żerzeń-Wawer area.
39) A. BoIlmann, M. Flörke, Das J.R. 12 (3 Folge von 1939 -1945). Sein Schicksal im Verbande der 31 Division, Kiel 1975
40) M.a., T -314, r.550, kl.485-486, Bade, Die Bereitstellung des XV AK an der Pilica und Einsatz zwischen Bzura und Warschau, 15-18 September 39, Also - 29 Division. 29 Infanteriedivision (mot.). 29 Panzer - Grenadier- Division. Das Buch d. Falke - Division, Bad Nauheim 1966.
41) M.a., T -315, r.863, KTB 31 DP.
42) M.a., T-314, r.550, Bade, op.cit.
43) N.v. Vormann, op.cit.
44) G. Engelhardt, Die Nacht von Lomianki. JR Zerschlagt den Ausbruchversuch einer polnischen Division, "Nachrichten des VIlI Korps", Okt/Nov. Heft 1939.
45) Ibidem.
46) G.Goepel, JR 30 - Aus der Geschichte eines Schlesischen Regiments 1939 - 1945, bm i r.
47) Unsere achte oberschlesisch - sudetendeutsche Jnfanterie /Jäger- Division 1935 -1945. bm i r.
48) M.a., T-315, r.230, KTB 4 Lei.Div.
49) N.v. Vonnan, op.cit.;
50) Wir zogen... , p.50-64.
51) Pionier - Bataillon 47 in der Schlacht bei Tomaszow [in:] Kriegsberichte über deutschen Pioniere aus dem Feldzuge gegen Polen, Vierteljahrshefte f. Pioniere, 1939, h. 4, p. I 76
52) Unsere achte.. , p.13-15.
53) Ibidem.
54) Those guns were extracted from the swamp before the French Campaign.
55) Ibidem.
56) Majority of officers who defended Brest on the Bug in early October got to the Russian captivity, from which they got to Kozielsk, Ostaszkow and Starobielsk.
57) Compare with: J. Sroka, Brześć nad Bugiem. History of the town and the fortress, Biała Podlaska 1997.
58) M.a., T -3 14, r. 611, kl.660, Kriegstagebuch des Generalkommandos XIX AK über den Feldzug in Polen, 1.9.39 -25.9.39.
59) Ibidem.
60) M. Reinecker, K. Stackelberg, W. Atermann, Panzer nach vorn! Panzermänner erzahlen vom Feldzug in Polen, Berlin 1940, p.190 and further.
61) J. Grabler, Mit Bomben und MGs über Polen, P-Kriegsberichte der Luftwaffe, Güterloh (1940).
62) M.a., T-314, r.614, kl.38-40, "Bericht über die Kampfe um die Zitadelle von Brest - Litowsk vom 14.9-17.9.39" from 20.9.1939.
63) Ibidem.
64) Ibidem.
65) Liere, Pioniere im Kampf. Erlebnisberichte aus dem Polenfeldzuge 1939, Berlin 1940 p. 90 and further.
66) M.a., T-314, r. 611, KTB XIX AK.
67) Further combats of the garrison of Brest are described for example by Sroka, op.cit.
68) Guderian, op.cit .
69) M.a., T -314, r.614 kl.125, order of the commander of XIX Corps from 18.9.1939.
70) M.a., T -315, r.230, "Polnische Kampfführung"
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72) K.Meyer, Grenadiere, München 1962, p.13.
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81) M. Mauthei, Bericht über den Einsatz der 6 Kompanie Jnfanterie-Regiment 76 (mot.) in Polenfeldzug vom 20.08.-11.10.1939 nach einem Tagebuch.
82) Pionier - Bataillon 4 bei der Abriegelung der polnischen Division Kleeberg bei Kock, Vierteljahrhefte f. Pioniere, 1940, z. l, 5.42-43.
83) Quote from A. Konieczny and J. Pelc-Piastowski, op.cit.., p.145.
84) Reinecker, Stackelberg, Atermann, op.cit., p..64.
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88) Kampferlebnisse ... .
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98) R. Szubański, The beginning of the armored route, Warsaw 1980, p. 185. The quoted fragment of German memoirs originally comes from the post-war publication "Infanterie im Kampf".
99) H. Breithaupt, Die Geschichte der 30 Jnfanterie-Division 1939-1945, Bad Nauheim 1955.
100) Ibidem.
101) Rundstedt- Studie, Generalfeldmarschall v. Rundstadt, Bemerkungen zur Ausarbeitung "The Campain in Poland". Quote from: R. Elbe, Die Schlacht an der Bzura 1939, p. 129.
102) G. v. Sponeck, Mit Schnellen Truppen on 6 Fronten., Leipzig 1943, p.51.
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104) Lück, op.cit. p.134.
105) Kampferlebnisse 5.53.
106) M.a., T -314, r.447, copy of KTB XI AK.

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Re: Poland 1939 - Bibliography

Post by Tom Houlihan » Sun May 01, 2011 5:30 am

Richard Hargreaves wrote:There are no Polish books in the bibliography because I don't speak Polish and hence did not refer to the vast literature there is on the subject. I'd be delighted if some of Feldgrau's Polophones could fill in the blanks because there are a good few Feldgrauers who speak the language. Hopefully one day someone will be able to offer a truly two-sided account of the '18-day' campaign but sadly I don't possess the resources of a Beevor or Hastings to pay for researchers/translators... :[]
The key word is "Collaboration!" I'm sure at least one of those "few Feldgrauers who speak the language" would like to be an author someday. Failing that, a co-author. That way, you aren't paying for the translations in the normal manner. I'm sure someone would be just thrilled to work with an author of your stature!! :up: :wink:
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