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Hi there,

New user to this forum looking for details on a relative that died in Africa fighting in the Afrika Korps. Apologies if this is the wrong place etc. for posting.

I'm trying to find out more details about my relative's unit in Africa: I.Sch.Rgt.4/49

Context: I know he arrived in Africa sometime in later summer/Autumn 1942 to join the "panzerarmee" in Africa, and family stories (which are really scant since his child never really spoke of him) always mention he was with the panzers in Africa. His death date is 7th June 1943 in Algeria, and I've written to the Bundesarchiv to find out more about what unit he belong to and why he is buried there (died of wounds is what his certificate says, whether this was in captivity or a post-mortem date is unknown).

Since my application to the Bundesarchiv, I've managed to find his Erkm. and unit designation through some old documents at home: 138521 L I.Sch.Rgt.4/49. I know from his letters that he deliberately married in order to avoid being drafted and sent to Russia.

I believe I.Sch.Rgt 4/49 indicates he was part of the 1st Battalion of the 4th Schutzen regiment of the 49th brigade or division.However, I can't seem to find any such unit or variations of this unit name in the various documentation out there.

Would anyone be able to help identify what unit this is and what it's history in 1942-1943 was?

Many thanks in advance
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Re: I.Sch.Rgt.4/49

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Hello by apirzio :D; Hmm a little confusing, since the I./ Schützen Regiment 4 belonged to the 6. Schützen Brigade as part of the 6. Pz and in August 1940, the I./ Sch. Rgt 4 became the I./ Schützen Regiment 114. Cheers. Raúl M 8).
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