Need help to ID Bn and Co-level ldrs in 12th SS Panzer

German SS and Waffen-SS 1923-1945.
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Need help to ID Bn and Co-level ldrs in 12th SS Panzer

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I’m trying to identify leadership of Battalion-level and if possible, any company-level leaders of three regiments in 12th SS Panzer Division: SS-Pz.Gren.Rgt. 25, SS-Pz.Aufkl.Abt. 12, and SS-Panzer-Regiment 12.

Also, does anyone know who the Division Chief of Operations (1a) was?

Time period: November 44 -Jan 45. Specifically, who led them at lower level into the Ardennes?

I thought I’d ask the group. I’m trying to avoid buying any books that merely recycle material from the same core group of previously published books. There’s also more material for those serving on D-Day. But my focus is when it was reconstituted, and when committed in December 44.

Steven Zaloga’s “Smashing Hitler’s Panzers” did a good job of naming some battalion commanders, but I don’t have first names. I have no company commanders or others.

If you have any info, I’m most grateful. If you can, please identify the source of the information.


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Re: Need help to ID Bn and Co-level ldrs in 12th SS Panzer

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Hello: I/ SS-Pz. Regt. 12 Sturmbannfuhrer Arnold Jurgensen (KIA 23-12-44); then Obersturmfuhrer Rudolf von Ribbentropp.
II/ SS-Pz. Regt. 12 Hauptsturmfuher Hans Siegel

I/ SS Pz. Gr. Regt. 25 Hauptsturmfuhrer Alfons Ott
II/ SS-Pz. Gr. Regt. 25 Obersturmfuhrer Richard Schulze
III/ SS. Pz. Gr. Regt. 25 Hauptsturmfuhrer Alfred Bruckner
Nothing about the subordinate commanders of the Aufklarungs Abteillung. I hope this helps.
Best Wishes, John
John W. Howard
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