S.S. Bataillon Eberwein / SS-I.G.Ausb.Btl.2

German SS and Waffen-SS 1923-1945.
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S.S. Bataillon Eberwein / SS-I.G.Ausb.Btl.2

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Hi All i am doing research into my grandfather.

SS-Rottenführer Haufe, Kurt (2.5.1922 Trebbin)
We have a lot of info but its all stories nothing factual i am trying to find as much as facts as possible.

We know he was in Apeldoorn on 9-april-1944 (we have a document)
he was part of SS-I.G.Ausb.Btl.2

We think he came from 14./Gren.Rgt.1 Lw.Ndl.
It's in german so do not completely understand it but it looks like he came for the hospital this fit with the story we know he got wounded in battle around Kursk (a proper translation would be awesome)

Acoording to: https://www.feldgrau.net/forum/viewtopi ... =42&t=7838
They were moved into: SS-Alarm Bataillon Eberwein

My questions are:
Does anyone have any more info about any of the battalions or regiments of wiking division, Battles movement etc.

What dit SS-Alarm Bataillon Eberwein do?
-did they fight at the market garden ? ifso where exactly ?
-was SS-I.G.Ausb.Btl.2 indeed a part ?
-what happened with this battalion around sept/oct (we know he was in The Hauge in oct for a visit and came possibly from camp vught.
-if it was disbanded does that mean SS-I.G.Ausb.Btl.2 became active again ?

About SS-I.G.Ausb.Btl.2
-where exactly where they stationed ? Apeldoorn?
-I also heart they guarded the outer perimeter of camp vught ?
-They trained the new ss troops from holland (landwachd ss)?
-any details about his Btl around april-oct 1944

If any one has any info about the person in question.
SS-Rottenführer Haufe, Kurt (2.5.1922 Trebbin)
If it helps he was Awarded Iron Cross Second Class

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