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Hi to everyone,
I am looking for information about a German soldier operating in Normandy in 1943-44
All I know is the following:

----- ----- -----
He was born in a German village.
Thanks to a familiar with an important military grade he joined the Luftwaffe.
He makes the campaign in Poland.
He does not like fighting, throwing bombs or war. He only likes airplanes.
He has an accident. He is injured on his knee, ribs and jaw.
Then he participated in the campaigns in Eastern Europe.
Shortly after he has another accident (friendly fire) where he breaks the plane at his right wrist.
He is sent as co-pilot for supplies transport in Italy and France.

Finally, he is transferred to a position of responsibility in the defenses of Normandy.
He arrives by train in a small coastal town, very picturesque.
He is responsible for a small group that builds barriers on the beaches against the landing. It is not a military task but rather a work of engineers.
When preparing defenses, sabotage episodes occur. He is forced to repress the civilian population.

The dawn of June 6, 1944 he is in a place used for shows and cabaret. Bombs destroy this place. He runs to a bunker on the beach.
After the intense bombardment, the boats arrive. He fled away with a half-track.
After passing for many villages in France, he arrived to a submarine base. An U-boot without a distinctive that brings him and more officers to Argentina.
----- ----- -----

These is the data that I have.
I am interested in the reconstruction of the history of this man, who was very important to my grandfather.

The German soldier was an officer but I do not know his rank.
He belonged or used to belong to the Lutfwaffe. However, he was unfit to fly because of accidents. I think he was in Bernières-sur-Mer / Saint Aubin-sur-Mer, or maybe in Lion-sur-mer. And he is missing after Allies’ landing.

Where can I find a list of German officers present on Bernières-sur-Mer / Saint Aubin-sur-Mer or Lion-sur-mer in 1944? That is 716th Infantry Division, 736 Regiment of Grenadiers, 2nd Battalion, 5th Company - 3rd Battalion, 10th Company?

There is a source that I do not know if it’s possible to find online or in paper:

Richter, Wilhelm, Lt Gen, Cmdr 716 Inf Div, The battle of 716 Inf Div in Normandy (6 Jun - 23 Jun 44) (OCMH, FSB, MS B-621) (German and English text: 981 SOM (D97))

Can someone help me to give that man a name and face?
Thank you very much in advance,


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