45 Infanteriedivision - Brest-Litowsk 1941

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45 Infanteriedivision - Brest-Litowsk 1941

Post by Rostislav » Fri Dec 12, 2008 7:55 am

My name is Rostislav Aliev. I am engaged in research of actions 45 Infanteriedivision in area of Brest (Brest-Litovsk) in June, 1941.
I am engaged in work above this theme since 2003. In 2008 I have published two my books. First of them - the illustrated edition " The Brest fortress. A sight from the German side". There it is a lot of maps and photos, but it is not enough text.
My second book - " Storm of the Brest fortress ". It has 800 pages, but it is not enough photos. This book - result of my five years' work above materials of German and American archives.
Now I continue to collect a material about fight 45 Infanteriedivision in Brest. I hope to write the third book - even more detailed. Probably, its name will be - "Soldiers" of forty fifth ". I hope, its basis materials will make of the newspaper "Linzer Turm", and also any materials from private archives of German veterans. I hope for interview with veterans.
Certainly, it is strange to inform on an English-speaking site on the Russian-speaking literature. However, I wish to thank Internet-community «feldgrau.com» for the help in work.
I would like to state some reasons.
1. I think, that time of stories about great battles or any global events has terminated. Time of the description small (however widely known) fights - key points of any global events has come. Here still it is possible to find the new facts.
2. In the books I have elected as much as possible exact (and consequently enough dry) style of a statement. However, I think, that time of more emotional, more "creative" style has come. The sample for imitation - Paul Carell.
Time leaves, the generation is replaced - and creation of as much as possible realistic picture gradually becomes not so necessary. However the task - to tell about people of an epoch, motives of their actions, their hopes and fears - does not lose a urgency.

reg125 ofthe45th
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Re: 45 Infanteriedivision - Brest-Litowsk 1941

Post by reg125 ofthe45th » Fri Jan 16, 2009 3:23 am

My name is Mike Haggerty and a few years a ago, I contacted the Vets org of the 45th ID I have a large amount of information of the division, and some pictures. If you need anything let me know
here is my email
[email protected]

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