seeking interesting experiences to support WWII novel

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seeking interesting experiences to support WWII novel

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Hello, all. I am new to feldgrau and am an American writer who will be publishing a novel in 2023 in which a central character is a first-mate on a German U-boat who becomes a POW in the U.S. in 1943. I joined feldgrau because I would like to find living veterans, or people who know their stories directly, who had experiences similar to that of this character. Perhaps U-boat crew members or POWs who were housed in America during the war (or, if someone is both, that would be amazing). I’m seeking this as perhaps interesting blog content for my author’s website, which will support and promote my novel (as well as this forum). Happy to hear stories or exchange information or questions and answers online or by phone.

If you like, you can also respond directly to me at [email protected]

Viel Dank!

Rusty Allen
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