Advice on agents, publisher and reading services for writers of "field grey fiction"

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Michael Dorosh
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Advice on agents, publisher and reading services for writers of "field grey fiction"

Post by Michael Dorosh » Wed Jun 08, 2016 12:32 pm

Having spent 20 years labouring on a manuscript, and recently having spent several months taking fiction and novel writing courses with the local writer's society to finally figure out the 'right' way to structure it, I think my work is ready for the next step - some serious editing, polishing, fact-checking, and submission for publication.

I'm not getting any response with my agent queries, which isn't totally surprising. I don't want to go down the self-publishing route as I feel I would benefit from some professional editing, or at the very least having some serious peer-to-peer critiquing. We did some of this in writers' class, but the majority of my peers there were young ladies writing vampire stories, and while they had excellent insights into grammar and story structure, I'd love to get some feedback from someone more in the way of my target audience.

Does anyone have any advice for a prospective novelist dealing with the German Army in the Second World War? I found a military fiction writers group that offered services but got no response from my query. Anyone know of other groups or businesses that specialize in this area?

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