Opinions: photo book on SS-Ostuf. Roland Paul (DKiG)?

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Thomas V.
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Opinions: photo book on SS-Ostuf. Roland Paul (DKiG)?

Post by Thomas V. » Tue Dec 11, 2012 5:08 pm

Hey everybody (especially the Feldgrau authors!),

I own the wartime photo album and hundreds of loose photos of SS-Ostuf. Roland Paul, a DKiG-winner from ,,Das Reich” (SS-StuG-Abt. 2) and in fact one of the high scoring SS-Panzerasse with at least 37 confirmed kills. Though he is among the German tank aces he actually is very unknown by large and by far, he shows up in the more detailed lists of aces I see across the net but even in ,,das Reich”-books he is seldom or never mentioned. I think this has to do with the fact that he died in the seventies, still quite early for someone born in 1920, and that actually he was quite introvert in his own way. He disliked being in the spotlights though he was a bit of a ,,Gaudibursch” in his own way.

The photos span over a long time (RAD 1939 to summer 1944 in France) and very detailed in their descriptions on the back – Paul clearly cared for them a lot and was very good at photographing. Some shots are very haunting. So all in all, out of all these photos could arise a very stunning photo book that is, at the same time, Paul’s biography in text and photos but also a pictorial history of the ,,das Reich” division. Especially the Vormarsch in Rußland 1941 is very well documented, there’s about 150 photos from summer to winter 1941. At this point, Paul was with 13.(l.IG)Kompanie / SS-I.R. 11 (mot.) of ,,Reich”.

My problem/question now is: how to proceed in finding a suitable publisher? I really like Munin Verlag’s series of Büch, Zährl and Kindler books but at the same time I for example like the Heimdal magazines and books a lot too. Cazenave’s book on SS-Pz.AA. 10 was really excellent. Good and solid research coupled with excellent photo material to make everything come alive. That more is less is my plan with the Paul photos.

Would be grateful for any input!


John P. Moore
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Re: Opinions: photo book on SS-Ostuf. Roland Paul (DKiG)?

Post by John P. Moore » Thu Dec 13, 2012 9:09 am

I recommend that you contact Duncan Rodgers with Helion & Co in the UK and discuss your project. Bender Publishing in the US is also very good, but a little slow to complete publishing projects.


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