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Re: Feldgrau Author: Mike Miller

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 1:55 pm
by Michael Miller / ABR
Just a quick note that I'm nearly done with the manuscript for Gauleiter: The Regional Leaders of the Nazi Party and Their Deputies (by myself and Andreas Schulz). There's just too much material to confine to just one volume, so the first volume will include all German Gauleiter and the second all pre-Anschluss Austrian Gauleiter as well as all the deputy Gauleiter. Page count... the first book will have to be a minimum of 700 pages. I have more photos than I know what to do with, so I anticipate this thing will be insanely illustrated with photos and documents. Publisher, as always- Roger Bender.

I'll continue to make periodic updates here.

Thanks to all for your continued patience and support. After this, by the way, I'll redouble my efforts on Volume II of Leaders of the SS & German Police.

The following individuals will be covered in the Gauleiter set:

Josef Joachim Adams [formerly Adamczyk]
Dr. phil. agr. Herbert Albrecht

Alois Bachschmidt
Ernst Wilhelm Bohle
Fritz Bracht
Karl Brück
Helmuth Brückner
Josef Bürckel

Walter von Corswant

Dr. phil. Dr. rer. nat. s. c. Artur Dinter

Joachim Albrecht Leo Eggeling
Adolf Ehrecke
August Eigruber
Otto Erbersdobler
Walter Ernst
Hermann Esser

Friedrich Karl ”Fritz” Florian
Albert Maria Forster
Alfred Eduard Frauenfeld

Peter Gemeinder
Karl Gerland
Paul Giesler
Odilo Lothar Ludovicus (“Globus”) Globocnik
Dr. phil. Paul Joseph Goebbels
Anton Goss
Arthur Karl Greiser
Wilhelm (Willy) Grimm
Josef Grohé

Heinrich (“Heinz”) Josef Haake
Dr. med. Ludolf Haase
Theodor (“Theo”) August Otto Wilhelm Habicht
Karl August Hanke
Anton Haselmayer
Edmund Heines
Dr. med. dent. Otto Hellmuth
Dr. jur. h.c. Konrad Ernst Eduard Henlein
Fritz Hess
Friedrich (Fritz) Karl Heinrich August Hildebrandt
Paul Georg Otto Hinkler
Franz Hofer
Adolf Johann Albert Hoffmann
Paul Hofmann
Hans Albert Hohnfeldt
Emil Holtz
Karl Holz
Hans Huebenett
H. Wilhelm Hüttmann

Karl Rudolf Jordan
Jakob Jung
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf Jung
Walter Jung
Dr. med. Hugo Jury

Wilhelm Karpenstein
Karl Otto Kurt Kaufmann
Josef Klant
Dipl.-Ing.Walter Klaunig
Hubert Klausner
Erich Koch
Walter Friedrich Julius Köhler
Dr. phil. Albert Krebs
Hans Krebs
Richard Paul Wilhelm Kube
Franz Karl Kutschera

Hartmann Lauterbacher
Karl Adam Peter Lenz
Josef Leopold
Dr. phil. Robert Ley
Ernst Ludwig Leyser
Friedrich Wilhelm Karl Linder
Wilhelm Friedrich Loeper
Hinrich Lohse
Viktor Lutze

Walter Maass
Franz Maierhofer
Rudolf Metzner
Dr. rer. pol. Gustav Alfred Julius Meyer
Joachim Waldemar Meyer-Quade
Dr. jur. Hermann Muhs
Eugen Munder
Wilhelm Murr
Martin Mutschmann

Dr. rer. pol. Werner Naumann
Dr. rer. pol. Hans Heinrich Nieland

Franz Felix Freiherr Pfeffer von Salomon
Alfred Josef Proksch

Dr. jur. Friedrich “Friedl” Rainer
Fritz Reinhardt
Friedrich Ringshausen
Axel Ripke
Carl Georg Röver
Ludwig Ruckdeschel
Dr. phil. Karl Josef Bernhard Rust

Ernst Friedrich Christoph (Fritz) Sauckel
Dr. med. Gustav Adolf Scheel
Hans Heinrich Schemm
Bruno Gustav Scherwitz
Baldur Benedikt von Schirach
Dr. jur. Ernst Paul Hans Schlange
Georg Friedrich ”Fritz” Schlessmann
Richard Arthur Kurt Schmalz
Erich Schmiedicke
Dr. med. Gustav Hermann Schmischke
Josef Schönwälder
Prof. Dr. phil. Walter Schultz
Friedrich Wilhelm Robert Schulz
Franz Schwede (Known as Schwede-Coburg, 08.07.1934 - 00.00.1937)
Gustav Johannes Simon
Jakob Sprenger
Gustav Louis Erich Staebe
Wilhelm Stich
Wilhelm ("Willi") Stöhr
Gregor Strasser
Julius Streicher
Erich Emil Arthur Hermann Stürtz

Otto Telschow
Josef Antonius Heinrich Terboven
Kurt Thiele
Fritz Tittmann
Richard Türk

Dr. jur. Siegfried Josef Uiberreither

Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Karl Theodor Vahlen
Heinrich Hermann Vetter
Ludwig Viereck

Fritz Wächtler
Adolf Wagner
Dr. h. c. Josef Wagner
Heinrich Robert Wagner
Karl Wahl
Friedrich (Fritz) Wambsganss
Paul Wegener
Karl Otto Paul Weinrich
Albert Wierheim

Hans Zimmermann

Pre - Anschluss Gauleiter of the NSDAP in Austria

Dr. jur. utr. Georg Bilgeri
Andreas Bolek
Helmut Breymann
Dr. jur. Hermann Buchleitner
Otto Christandl
Edmund Christoph
Moritz Czeitschner
Robert von Derda (also Drda)
Nikolaus Donat (Donnat)
Leopold Eder
August Eigruber (See biography in Part I)
Peter Josef Mathias Feistritzer
Alfred Eduard Frauenfeld (See biography in Part I)
Dipl.-Ing. Josef ”Sepp” Helfrich
Hugo Herzog
Oskar Hinterleitner
Franz Hofer (See biography in Part I)
Dr. jur. Roman Jäger
Benedikt Klaushofer
Hubert Klausner (See biography in Part I)
Dr. Friedrich (Fritz) Knaus
Josef Koller
Hans vom Kothen
Ferdinand Krügler
Rudolf Lengauer
Josef Leopold (See biography in Part I)
Leopold Malina
Hans Mazenauer
Gustav Nohel
Walther Filipp Anton Oberhaidacher
Dr. jur. Heinrich Pagl
Anton ("Toni") Plankensteiner
Prof. Dr. med. Friedrich Oswald Plattner
Dr. jur. utr. Tobias Portschy
Alfred Josef Proksch (See biography in Part I)
Dipl-Ing. Walter Rafelsberger
Walter Rentmeister
Franz Richter
Rudolf Riedl
Franz Rudolf
Karl Scharizer
Joseph Scheer
Heinrich K. Schmidt
Franz Sumetinger
Heinrich Suske
Dr.-Ing. Leopold Tavs
Josef Weber
Eugen Werkowitsch
Dipl.-Ing. Anton Wintersteiger

Die stellvertretender Gauleiter der NSDAP
(The Deputy Regional Leaders of the NSDAP)

Johannes Wilhelm von Allwörden
Otto Andres
Peter Baltes
Emil Heinrich Brix
Dr. med. vet. Hans Burkhardt
Dipl.-Ing. Kurt Max Franz Daluege
Karl Dincklage
Dr. med. dent. Richard Donnevert
Dr. med. dent. Otto-Heinrich Drechsler
Joachim Albrecht Leo Eggeling (See biography in Part I)
Hans Eisenkolb
Hermann Fobke
Karl-Hermann Frank
Dr. jur. Karl Roland Freisler
Helmuth Hermann Karl Friedrichs
Dr. rer. pol. Karl Johann Erhard Fritsch
Otto Gakenholz
Erich Bruno Artur Görlitzer
Walter Gottschalk
Ferdinand Grossherr
Willy Grothe
______ Gundlach
Edmund Heines (See biography in Part I)
August Friedrich Heissmeyer
Harry Henningsen
Otto Hergt
Otto Friedrich Herzog
Alfred Hess
Fritz Hess
Walter Heyse
Dipl.-Landwirt Heinrich Luitpold Himmler
[Complete biography will appear in Leaders of the SS & German Police, Volume II]
Georg Karl Joel
Siegfried Karl Viktor Johannes Heinz Kasche
Hubert Klausner (See biography in Part I)
August Knop
Max Köglmaier
Walter Friedrich Julius Köhler (See biography in Part I)
Dr. jur. Fritz Köllner
Gerd Nordewin Arthur Harry von Koerber
Gerret Korsemann
Friedrich Wilhelm Johannes Kühnreich
Fritz Lengemann
Karl Adam Peter Lenz (See biography in Part I)
Ernst Ludwig Leyser (See biography in Part I)
Walter Maass (See biography in Part I)
Waldemar Fritz Magunia
Wilhelm “Willy“ E. K. Marschler
________ Maskow
Dr. phil. Hans Friedrich August Meinshausen
Rudolf Metzner (See biography in Part I)
Joachim von Moltke
Anton Mündler
Dr. jur. Hermann Muhs (See biography in Part I)
Hermann Johann Martin Neuburg
Josef Neumann
Otto Eduard Paul Louis Nippold
Hermann Friedrich Oeser
Christian Opdenhoff
Overhues, Karl
Pachneck, Dr. phil. Karl
Parson, Herbert
Peper, Heinrich Hermann
Peschke, Dr. med. Karl
Podbielski, Victor von
Ludwig Pösl
Reckmann, Friedrich ”Fritz”
Rudolf Rehm
Heinrich Reiner
Hermann Gustav-Philipp Röhn
Dr. jur. Erich Rosikat
Gerhard Schach
Richard Schaller
Karl Scharizer (See Part II for biography)
Hans Scheriau
Rudolf Schildmann
Georg Friedrich ”Fritz” Schlessmann (See Part I for biography)
Richard Arthur Kurt Schmalz
Rudolf Jakob Schmeer
Franz Schmid
Friedrich ”Frieder“ Gottlob Schmidt
Werner Schmuck
Dr. jur. Helmuth Schranz
Karl Schultz
Friedrich Wilhelm Robert Schulz
Fritz Schwitzgebel
Gerhard Seeger
Wilhelm Sieh
Heinrich Karl Siekmeier
Karl Simon
Paul Simon
Max Solbrig
Heinrich ”Heinz” Hermann Spangemacher
Alois Jakob Spaniol
Peter Heinrich Stangier
Friedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Stanik
Wilhelm ("Willi") Stöhr (See biography in Part I)
Georg Tesche
Friedrich Thimel
Fritz Otto Tiebel
Walter Tiessler
Max Tietböhl
Georg Traeg
Rudolf Trautmann
Heinrich Unger
Heinrich Hermann Vetter (See Part I for biography)
Prof. Dr. Arnold Waldschmidt
Hans Jakob Weidemann
Georg Weidenhöfer
Dipl.-Ing. Anton Wintersteiger (See Part II for biography)
Dr. phil. Hans Severus Ziegler

Pre-Anschluss Deputy Gauleiters of the NSDAP in Austria

Edmund Christoph (See biography in Part II)
Egon Denz
Hugo Herzog (See Part II for biography)
Friedrich Josef Fenz
Odilo Lothar Ludovicus (“Globus”) Globocnik (See biography in Part I)
Franz Hofer (See biography in Part I)
Dr. Friedrich (Fritz) Knaus (See biography in Part II)
Walther Filipp Anton Oberhaidacher (See biography in Part II)
Dr. jur. Friedrich “Friedel” Rainer (See biography in Part I)
Franz Richter (See biography in Part II)
Dipl.-Ing. Anton Wintersteiger (See biography in Part II)

Best wishes,
~ Mike Miller

Re: Feldgrau Author: Mike Miller

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 2:13 pm
by Richard Hargreaves
Not really what you'd call "definitive", is it, Mike? :D :D

I've been honoured enough to see a pre-publication version of Mike's manuscript. It is one of the singular most impressive pieces of research I've ever come across. There's no doubt in my mind that it will become the standard reference work for anyone studying the Gauleitern. :[]

Re: Feldgrau Author: Mike Miller

Posted: Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:10 am
by Jock
Hi folks,

Posted a thread in the 'Books' forum asking if anyone could verify Mikes email address, but then realised two things. 1) This forum, and thread, is probably a more appropriate place, and 2) Mike is probably helluva busy, and might take a bit of time to answer.

Anyway, mods, feel free to delete my other thread in books, and I guess I'll just learn the lesson of the little grasshopper.


Re: Feldgrau Author: Mike Miller

Posted: Mon Jun 14, 2010 2:57 pm
by John P. Moore
Jock - I have passed on your request to Mike Miller, but why not just post your question here for him? Other people might be interested too. That's what this forum is for.


Re: Feldgrau Author: Mike Miller

Posted: Mon Jun 14, 2010 7:42 pm
by Michael Miller / ABR
Hi, Jock, and thanks for your interest in contacting me. I've been somewhat MIA for most of the past year. A woman's to blame, but in a good way. Feel free to write me any time at [email protected].

Very brief update- sent a big box containing my "Gauleiter" manuscript to Roger Bender today. It's been sitting unmailed next to the front door for three weeks. I've really become a slug, but am starting to awaken from this bizarre interlude of--- sluggishness. I'm back, sort of, at least for a while.

And thanks to John for relaying your message to me.

~ Mike

Re: Feldgrau Author: Mike Miller

Posted: Tue Jun 15, 2010 3:41 am
by Jock
Hi folks,

John, thank you for passing on my message, it is much appreciated.

Mike, I've emailed you, thanks. There are worse things to be distracted by than women, historical research perhaps being one of them!


Re: Feldgrau Author: Mike Miller

Posted: Tue Jun 15, 2010 12:37 pm
by Richard Hargreaves
Hi Mike,

As the manuscript's now on its way to the publisher, this will be zu spät but...

This book is extremely useful for day-to-day workings of a Gauleiter at war, in this case Friedrich Hildebrandt: ... 477&sr=8-1

It's a collection of extant conferences covering 1939-45 (although most surviving records come from 1942/43). Very detailed, tons of footnotes. I'll be using bits of it in my next book. The down size is that it's enormous (1100 pages) and weighs a ton. :[]

Re: Feldgrau Author: Mike Miller

Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2011 3:40 pm
by Michael Miller / ABR
At long last, tomorrow I'll be mailing the manuscript for Leaders of the SS & German Police, Volume II (Reichsführer-SS - SS-Gruppenführer, Hans Haltermann to Wilhelm Kube), by myself and Andreas Schulz, to Roger Bender. I have 393 pages of text (8 1/2" x 11", so it'll be quite a few more when squeezed into Bender's smaller format and with the addition of photos). It will include biographies of the following:

Dipl.-Landwirt Heinrich Luitpold H i m m l e r
Hans Werner Wilhelm Adolf H a l t e r m a n n
Karl August H a n k e
Dr. jur. Wilhelm H a r s t e r
Paul (“Papa”) H a u s s e r
Dr. rer. pol. Franz H a y l e r
Erhard H e i d e n
Wolf Heinrich Graf von H e l l d o r f
Otto Karl Friedrich H e l l w i g
Dr. jur. h.c. Konrad Ernst Eduard H e n l e i n
Paul August Ernst H e n n i c k e
Maximilian von H e r f f
Rudolf Walter Richard H e s s
Reinhard Tristan Eugen H e y d r i c h
Friedrich Karl Heinrich August (Fritz) H i l d e b r a n d t
Richard Hermann H i l d e b r a n d t
Georg Paul Erich H i lg e n f e l d t
Hans H i n k e l
Ernst Konrad H i t s c h l e r
Ernst H i t z e g r a d
Adolf Johann Albert H o f f m a n n
Hermann Johann Matthäus H ö f l e
Otto Ludwig Karl Adam H o f m a n n
Wilhelm Freiherr von H o l z s c h u h e r
Emil H ö r i n g

Friedrich August J e c k e l n
Bruno Georg J e d i c ke
Leo von J e n a
Johannes "Hanns" J o h s t
Heinrich Friedrich Johann J ü r s
Hans Gustav Gottlob J ü t t n e r
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf J u n g
Richard J u n g c l a u s
Dr. med. Hugo J u r y

Dr. jur. Ernst K a l t e n b r u n n e r
Konstantin K a m m e r h o f e r
Dr.-Ing. Hans Friedrich Karl Franz K a m m l e r
Jürgen von K a m p t z
Friedrich (Fritz) K a t z m a n n
Karl Otto Kurt K a u f m a n n
Curt K a u l
Georg Heinrich K e p p l e r
Dr.-Ing. Wilhelm Karl K e p p l e r
Dietrich K l a g g e s
Matthias K l e i n h e i s t e r k a m p
Otto K l i n g e r
Dr. jur. Gerhard K l o p f e r
Kurt K n o b l a u c h
Paul (“Pilli”) K ö r n e r
Friedrich (Fritz) K o c h
Karl Heinrich Wilhelm K o p p e
Gerret K o r s e m a n n
Fritz Ludwig Karl K r a e m e r
Friedrich-Wilhelm K r ü g e r
Walter K r ü g e r
Richard Paul Wilhelm K u b e

The attachment is just my amateurish concept for the cover. It'll probably be much different, as Roger insists on designing the cover himself.

It'll be a while before the book is actually released, but at least I'm a little bit closer.

No more than two weeks later, I'll be sending off the manuscript for Volume II of Gauleiter: The Regional Leaders of the Nazi Party and Their Deputies (Volume I will be released Winter 2011/2012), also in coauthorship with Andreas Schulz. Just in the photo captioning phase now.

Best wishes and thanks to all the many people here who have assisted in so many ways with these projects,
~ Mike Miller

Re: Feldgrau Author: Mike Miller

Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2012 1:33 pm
by Michael Miller / ABR
Recently got word from Roger Bender that "Gauleiter 1" went to the printers last week. Should be a couple months 'til release... at long, long, loooong last. Thanks to all of you for your patience. "Gauleiter 2" manuscript is done and will be sent to publisher when I return to Florida early next month. Leaders of the SS & German Police, Volume II manuscript is on Roger's drawing board. I'm now putting the finishing touches on

Leaders of the Storm Troops
Oberster SA-Führer & SA-Stabschef
SA-Obergruppenführer (B – O)

and am sure I'll have the manuscript in the mail to him in the spring of this year. It covers the following:

Part I:
Oberster SA-Führer & Stabschef der SA

Adolf Hitler [Note: Not including his biography, just one page with his picture and the dates of his tenure as OSAF - 01.01.1931-30.04.1945]
Emil (“Moritzl”) Maurice
Johann (“Hans”) Ulrich Klintzsch
Hermann Wilhelm Göring
Walter Buch
Franz Felix Freiherr von Pfeffer (earlier known as Pfeffer von Salomon)
Dr. phil. h. c. Otto William (Wilhelm) Heinrich Wagener
Ernst Julius Günther Röhm
Viktor Lutze
Max Paul Wilhelm Werner Jüttner (see biography in Part II)
Wilhelm Hans Schepmann

Part II: SA-Obergruppenführer (B-O)

Adolf Heinz Beckerle
Dr. phil. Hans Heinrich Bennecke
Josef Berchtold
Franz Bock
Arthur Böckenhauer
Johann Heinrich Adolf Böhmcker
Fritz Bracht
Dr. med. Hermann Max-Gustav Brauneck
Friedrich Wilhelm Brückner
Josef Bürckel

Friedrich Leopold Damian

August Eigruber
Franz Xaver Ritter von Epp

Werner von Fichte
Heinrich-Georg Wilhelm Werner Graf Finck von Finckenstein
Friedrich (Fritz) Karl Florian
Dr. jur. Hans Michael Frank
Johann (“Hans") Baptist Fuchs
Herbert Robert Gerhard Heinrich Fust

Paul Giesler
Hermann Wilhelm Göring (see biography in Part I)
Günther Gräntz
Kurt Wilhelm Günther

Heinrich “Heinz” Josef Haake
Friedrich (“Fritz") Haselmayr
Edmund Heines
Wilhelm Helfer
Wolf Heinrich Graf von Helldorf
Otto Friedrich Herzog
Ludwig Arthur Hess
Philipp Prinz und Landgraf von Hessen
Prof. Dr. med. Paul Friedrich Karl Hocheisen
Franz Ritter von Hörauf
Hans Georg (“Trotsky”) Hofmann
Adolf Andreas Hühnlein

Dietrich Wilhelm Bernhard von Jagow
Wilhelm Jahn
Karl Rudolf Jordan
Max Paul Wilhelm Werner Jüttner

Siegfried Karl Viktor Johannes Heinz Kasche
Hanns Kerrl
Dr. med. Emil Ketterer
Karl Theodor Hermann Manfred Freiherr von Killinger
Dr.-Ing. e. h.Wilhelm Otto Max Kleinmann
Heinrich (“Heinz") August Knickmann
Adolf Hajo Oltmann Kob
Richard Erich Koch
Walter Friedrich Julius Köhler
Friedrich (Fritz) Lorenz Ritter von Krausser
Hermann Karl Theodor Kriebel
Friedrich-Wilhelm Krüger
Kurt Kühme

Kurt Arno Lasch
Hartmann Lauterbacher
Dr. phil. Robert Ley
Wilhelm (“Willy") Liebel
Karl-Siegmund Hermann Litzmann
Hinrich Lohse
Hanns Elard Ludin
Max Otto Luyken

Arno Manthey
Georg Friedrich Mappes
Wilhelm “Willy” E. K. Marschler
Dr. med. dent. Otto Marxer
Franz May
Prof. Christian Julius Mergenthaler
Dr. rer. pol. Gustav Alfred Julius Meyer
Joachim (“Jochen") Waldemar Meyer-Quade
Hans Elhard von Morozowicz-Wuhden
Martin Mutschmann

Walther Nibbe

Georg Oberdieck
Hanns Oberlindober
Hanns Günther von Obernitz

Best wishes,
~ Mike

Re: Feldgrau Author: Mike Miller

Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:14 pm
by Michael Miller / ABR
Here are a few excerpts from the book pictured. Not to show off, but-- yeah, just to show off.

~ Mike

Re: Feldgrau Author: Mike Miller

Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2012 4:37 am
by Michael Miller / ABR
Another update:
Gauleiter - Volume 1
The Regional Leaders of the Nazi Party
and their Deputies, 1925-1945

by Michael D. Miller and Andreas Schulz

They were among the most powerful men in Germany from 1933 to 1945 and answered to only one man...Adolf Hitler. Remarkably, even in Germany, no comprehensive biographical study of the NSDAP’s regional leaders, the Gauleiter, has ever been published. Drawing on a wealth of documents, many from original personnel files in the Bundesarchiv in Berlin, the authors present highly detailed and fascinating biographies of these men who governed Germany on Hitler’s behalf. The text is comp[l]emented by numerous photos, many unpublished, plus examples of autographs. In addition to the biographies, a lengthy section provides information on all of the 43 Gaue (regions) of Nazi Germany. Military history author Richard Hargreaves writes of the manuscript...”the most comprehensive overview I’ve seen in any language.”

- 560 pages
-289 photos
-Deluxe Binding
Best wishes,
~ Mike

Re: Feldgrau Author: Mike Miller

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 2:16 pm
by Michael Miller / ABR
Gauleiter... Volume I was finally released in May, and I am hopeful Gauleiter... Volume II as well as Leaders of the SS & German Police, Volume II will follow in 2013.

For reviews of the first installment in the 3-volume Gauleiter series, please see ... =gauleiter .

Helion & Co. will be releasing the 2-volume Knight's Cross Holders of the SS & German Police, 1940-1945 (the same basic text as the CD-Rom, with the addition of many, many photos and autographs) in 2014.

Thanks to all for your interest in my work.

~ Mike

Re: Feldgrau Author: Mike Miller

Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 10:30 am
by John P. Moore
I see that Vol 1 of Miller's SS Ritterkreuzträger proposed "series" has been released by his publisher. It appears to be a BLIVET to me and I do not recommend it. Several weeks ago Mark Yerger and I posted comments on AHF asking Miller why he was writing a book about the SS Ritterkreuzträger which has already been pretty well covered by other authors together with his apparent lack of original research. Miller responded with some nasty personal attacks against us.

Re: Feldgrau Author: Mike Miller

Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2016 5:20 pm
by krichter33
Miller's Knight's Cross book is highly recommended, as it covers many aspects that have either not been covered yet, or are extremely dated. There has been more than enough original research. A number of authors and historians have helped review the work. It basically lays out all the relevant details of the soldiers career, correcting many numerous mistakes from the past, as well as adding a lot of new information, primarily on awards. It also has a lot of rare and some unreleased photos. Some people have been saying that this subject has been well covered before, however this is completely inaccurate. Krätschmer's book is originally from 1955, and does not cover much as far as awards are concerned. Also it is in German only, while most people who are interested in this topic speak English. Schneider's book is also dated and has even less information than Krätschmer's. Karl's new books are written in Krätschmer's style, and also lack a lot of information concerning awards, and is only in German. Other than those three books there is NO other work that completely focuses only on RK winners of the SS, and is as detailed and accurate. I highly recommend it!

Re: Feldgrau Author: Mike Miller

Posted: Wed Apr 27, 2016 6:55 pm
by Michael Miller
Thanks very much, Klaus, for the kind words.

Sorry for the belated reply. Finally gave up on trying to remember my old sign-on information and just created a new account here.

~ Mike