Squirt-gun history

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Squirt-gun history

Post by Paulus II » Sun Aug 01, 2010 6:54 am

So.....how off-topic can you get on a lazy sunday afternoon? :D

While watching a documentarry about the American civil war a quote from general Sherman, assessing the war in 1861, caught my attention;

"You might as well attempt to put out the flames of a burning house with a squirt-gun. I think this is to be a long war-very long-much longer than any politician thinks."

Squirt-gun? In 1861?
After some internet searching the oldest model I found dated from 1896 with the claim that......"there may have been earlier models". Well, if Sherman knew about them 38 years earlier there are bound to have been earlier models I suppose. Unless Sherman was into science-fiction? Or at the time something entirely different was meant by a 'squirt-gun'?

So......does anyone here have any knowledge of the history of the squirt-gun, waterpistol or whatever else one can call it?

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