Racist Comments by HaEn & Rudi W.

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Racist Comments by HaEn & Rudi W.

Post by John P. Moore » Sat Oct 23, 2010 6:53 pm

I have removed the following comments that were posted today in the Vets forum in the Rudy Salvermoser thread

Rudi W said this - "We don't have enough money for our poor people, but we still pay millions to
Israel.I am so glad, that I am now 83 years old and know fur sure, that I will not be alive any more when Germany is a

HaEn said this - "Rudi W. I know the feelings, Holland is also bending over to cater to Muslims; if any of them is caught with their hands in the cookie jar, and prosecuted, they immediately scream Islamophobia. My brother and a cousin (in their 70's) decided to pool their resources, and live together, were turned in by a neighbor, and fined over 25,000 Euro, plus each 150 days "'zwangarbeit", for "'defrauding the government "( having each their own social security, which is a trifle more than a married total) .
Muslims may come into the country, collect immediately from social programs, for 4 wives and a brood of kids, and cry "wolf" if they are questioned about the legality of their marriages. (they don't get welfare for concubines) . So as it is I have no desire to even visit the few remaining relatives over there either.

As see it, our do-gooders in Washington, are also leaning over backwards to cater to the same group, ( see the ground zero debate), led by our Vacationer in Chief . consequently. I also am glad I won't live long enough to see our U.S.of A ruled by sharia laws. I feel bad for our offspring though.

Rudi S, since you lived in-, and served two countries, you probably have similar feelings about the "Untergang des Abendlandes"; looks like Oswald Spangler was right on the dot after all."

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