The Shooters.

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The Shooters.

Post by Kessler » Sun Aug 30, 2009 1:05 am

Most historians enjoy playing table top versions of massive campaigns on either a real time or turn based system. I've no fault with those desires. This thread is geared towards the shooter genre of WWII based conflict. Hopefully tactful and insightful opinions about a games historical basis and realistic qualities will be viewed and "graded" by the users.

Red Orchestra(PC): The Ostfront Campaigns of WWII ranging from Operation Barbarosa all the way to the battle of Konnigsplatz. Multiplayer only.

Historical Accuracy: The game will only allow weapons that existed during the time of the campaign to be optional during the fighting. This can be extremely frustrating under some circumstances, for instance my personal preferance is always to be the MG'er, sadly for the Germans, the MG42 is only available in later war maps, so the player must make due with the MG34 (Useful in its own right). The gear each trooper bears is superbly illustrated and the real feel of the fight can be felt as the player struggles to reload in a half finished trench as a tank rolls by in the battle of Kursk.

Weapons Selection: As stated above, only weapons that existed during the time of the campaign can be used, and even better, only a certain amount of people have access to some weapons. This means that the entire Soviet team cannot each have PPsH41's, and thankfully for the Red the Germans cannot have their entire side equiped with MP44's. This limitation of weapon spread can be nullified by simply picking up a dead players weapon, but be sure to grab their ammunition pouches!

Combat: Red Orchestra doesn't just boast infantry fighting, infact it hinges a large majority of its following on tank combat. Wide open end maps with literally two to three Kilometers distance between objectives FORCES teams to think highly mobile. Players can expect to either run on their own for a long while and die, or fight in a group via half-track and be much more successful. At times the tank combat can seem very lopsided, for instance a Tiger tank being knocked out by a T-34 by a frontal strike from over a kilometer away. Save for some technical flaws with tanks, the battles feel real and must be executed thoughtfully or else players spend a long time waiting to 're-spawn'.

Sadly, this games real downfall was the lack of community. For as impressive as this game was, the population was nearly nothing. A sequel is due out within the next year or so, and I highly suggest that those of you interested in a First Person WWII Shooter should pick this game up and give it a try. Only a ten dollar investment for "Ostfront" and few things are as rewarding as picking off Red infantry at klick away with a captured Anti-tank rifle.

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Re: The Shooters.

Post by Me-109 Jagdfleiger » Mon Aug 31, 2009 4:58 pm

I regulary play Medal Of Honor Airborne online, very very good graphics some of the best i have ever seen, not a vast weapon set but you have the following, Axis: K-98, g-43 (scoped and Unscoped), Mp-40, Stg-44, C-96 pistol, Allies M-1 Grand, Thompson, B.A.R, Springfield sniper rifle, 1911 pistol, very fun to play online with friends, it also is $9.99 on Amazon so a great deal on a awesome game
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