Infantry Schools -- Uniforms during Manuvers.

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Re: Infantry Schools -- Uniforms during Manuvers.

Post by ghp95134 » Wed Sep 24, 2008 9:07 pm

Tom Houlihan wrote:Divorce judge, wargame umpire.

I dunno, sounds synonymous to me!!
BWA-Hahahaha! That was funny! :D :up: :up:


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Re: Infantry Schools -- Uniforms during Manuvers.

Post by papagolfwhiskey » Mon Oct 06, 2008 7:01 am

Okay I think I need to refine my search.

Anyone know where the 15th army schooled and performed manoevres with the bulk of it's forces during the rebuild period between the retreat from Belgium and Market-Garden?

I'm thinking of modeling my forces on an erzatz company that could reasonably be presented as showing up during such manoevers. If it weren't that I wanted Heer regulars as opposed to FJ I'd be tempted to use General Student's group.

Also on the uniform side.

I've done some more searching but I can't seem to find what.. If anything.
the Heer used to mark different sides on Manoevers.
Ie: Modern Western Militarys divide up into 'red vs. Blue'

how did they do it in wwII heer? the 'kamprichter's band' earlier in this thread suggests 'MAYBE' red vs. yellow. I'll keep looking but if anyone has ANY help I'd greatly appreciate it.

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