Reasearching my granddad, again! Now I want to know more about Kasernes!

German Heer 1935-1945.

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Reasearching my granddad, again! Now I want to know more about Kasernes!

Post by Alex Dekker » Mon Dec 21, 2020 2:04 pm

Hi all,

It has been a few years I stopped researching the whereabouts of my German grandfather Unteroffizier Herbert Noah (1908 - 1985). For those who do not know him :D : he served in the 267. ID in France (august 1940- april 1941) and Eastern Front (june - november 1941), was transferred back to Germany, became Unteroffizier and Sani and came to Netherlands (novemebr 1942 - august 1944). Fought in Belgium (1944), retreated to Germany and was captured in Germersheim (march 1945), released in 1947 he returned to Hannover. And I forgot to mention my dad! Born in februar 1945, out of my granddad (duh) and my Dutch grandmother.

I did publish a book his story (in Dutch) and a few weeks ago I started to re-research my Grossvater. We did visit his grave in Hannover, his house (three times), spoke with the woman who nursed him during his last part of his life (he died of cancer. My dad too btw), I got postware pictures and the story should had ended then.

But! I do want to find out a few things:

He was called for militairy duty in 1940, in Hannover. He was trained at the Kaserne of the 216. Infanterie Division. But which one was this one: The Prinz Albrecht or the Scharnhorst Kaserne in Hannover?
He was treated in Blankenburg, this one I got (check: ... burg-R.htm
But also trained in Bückeburg and Blankenburg but in which ones?

Names and places, I like it!

And since I lost the one mail I never wanted to lose, but I did... So my next question is, where is the monument (a small one) of the 267. Infanterie Division? I know it is in the Harzregion too, but where?

Thanks a lot!!!
Always in need for info about: Dutchmen in the NSKK, HJ and TeNo.

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