2. Panzerarmee

German Heer 1935-1945.

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2. Panzerarmee

Post by Helmut » Mon Feb 09, 2015 12:21 pm


When was the 2 PZ. Armee moved from AG Center to the Balkans? What was the logic behind the move? it just seems odd taking Panzer Army and sending it to the Balkans never to be used with tanks again.

Any thoughts?



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Re: 2. Panzerarmee

Post by Jerry » Sun Jul 12, 2015 6:18 am

I think it was simply a matter that the eastern front was shrinking, meaning that one Army HQ was not needed. So Pz.AOK 2 was shipped to the Balkans for anti partisan duty under command of Lother Rendulic (hardly a panzer commander). They took no panzer troops with them, so the move didn't effect A/G Center in that regard. After they arrived in Belgrad they were assigned to H.Gp. F with the following attached:

LXIX.Res.K 187.Res.Div., 173.Res.Div.
XXI.Geb.K 118.Jg.Div., 100.Jg.Div., 297.ID, Gren.Reg.92 (mot.)
XV.Geb.K 373.ID, 114.Jg.Div., SS-Geb.Div."Prinz Eugen", 369.ID, Jg.Ers.Reg.1
III.SS-PzK, SS-PzGrD "Nordland"

Hope this is helpful.......Jerry
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