2. Panzer Division Information?

German Heer 1935-1945.

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2. Panzer Division Information?

Post by krichter33 » Sat Apr 12, 2014 10:49 am

The 2. Panzer Division unfortunately doesn't have that much information about it published as far as histories are concerned. I believe the main German publication is more of a battalion history, though I might be wrong. On this board and others, however, the 2. Panzer has garnished a reputation among some posters as one of the "better" panzer divisions. Of course I do NOT want to turn this into another "what is the best" thread, as there are numerous that don't provide anything useful. However due to the lack of any real detailed information in general about the combat history and performance of this division, I would like to inquire about this division from the more knowledgeable members of this board. Maybe my question seems to general. What I would like to know is simply a performance critique of this division, as well as any sources that might me helpful. The more detailed and historical the information, the more beneficial it would be to all. This would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
Klaus Richter

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