Frontaufklärungsgruppe and Frontaufklärungstrupp

German Heer 1935-1945.

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Frontaufklärungsgruppe and Frontaufklärungstrupp

Post by tomi » Fri Apr 11, 2014 7:50 am


I ask a question about Frontaufklärungsgruppe and Frontaufklärungstrupp earlier, but the question was probably set incorrectly and I have wrong numbers mentioned in there(300 and 600 series of units). I have found bits and pieces of the subject here and other forums, but not comprehensive explanations .

So I hope, that after reviewing my question again, in little bit of different form, somebody can help me ?

- Are the Frontaufklärungsgruppe and Frontaufklärungstrupp as reconnaissance units ?

- What was level and scope of the operation, if there were used for recce ( tactical or strategic ) ?

- What was the organization, equipment and personal strength ?

I understand that there were different numbering series for different units ( 100,200 series):

- Was there more numbers ( for example, 300, 400 ) ?

- What was the meaning of numbers, was it something to do with the TOE or level of functions ( tactical or strategic ) ?

- What was the higher echelon of command, where they part of bigger units: regiment, division level or even theater level ?

- Is there any good material ( books ) of the subject ?

I know there are lots of question here, but I hope that somebody can help me in this issue.


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