1920 Berlin 100 mark coupon

German stamps, coins and paper money 1919-1945.
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1920 Berlin 100 mark coupon

Post by Troy Tempest » Sat Jun 05, 2010 9:02 pm

I recently acquired a very scarce, unusual and large bond coupon issued by the City of Berlin. The bond itself, dated 1920 and in the amount of 5000 Marks, is one of the unredeemed coupons, and it's a very special collectible for many a reason:

1) The coupon is almost 3 times the size of a typical U.S. or foreign bond coupon. It's in the format of a small bank note!

2) It's exquisitely engraved in black, white, blue, grey, brown and pink with 2 seals of the City of Berlin (a "dancing" bear surmounted by a spread wing eagle), one of which is embossed!

3) The text, which appears on both sides, is both in German and English, and designates numerous famous old German financial institutions as "Places of Payment", including the Pay Office of the Greater Berlin Tram System and the Dresdner Bank.

4) Excellent uncirculated condition without rubber stamps, tears, holes, punch holes, pen marks or other cancellations. Crisp clean bank fresh paper!!
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