Stolen Gold -Cossack Bank at Lienz

German stamps, coins and paper money 1919-1945.
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alan newark
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Stolen Gold -Cossack Bank at Lienz

Post by alan newark » Fri Mar 18, 2005 6:29 pm

Dear All

Trying again.

With the active encouragement of Count Nikolai Tolstoy, author of 'Victims of Yalta', I have long pursued various research enquiries concerning aspects of the Western Allies' 1940's forcible repatriations of Soviet citizens to the USSR .

On key issues relating to the legitimacy of the Yalta Agreement's secret repatriation protocols , Count Tolstoy and I agree to disagree.

One scenario upon which we wholeheartedly agree is the likelihood that several strongboxes which the British Army 5th Corps removed from the Cossack Bank at Lienz, Austria, in June, 1945 were probably stolen by senior British officers. Millions of Reichmarks and Lire were held by the Cossack Bank and represented the savings and German Army pay of Domanov's Cossack Division. This non-Wehrmacht unit was one of several forcibly repatriated by 5th Corps in June 1945.

Who can tell me - reciprocally; also this is urgent - how the surrendered 1945, Drau Valley, Austria, Cossack units' Paymaster structures and money supply command chains operated ? Can anyone tell me the history of the Lienz Cossack Bank ? Who were its German and later / June 1945 Russian - Cossack officers, officials and other personnel?

What Anglo - US Southern Austria Occupation Regulations were in force in June 1945 regarding War Reparations and the seizure of monies from surrendered enemy units ? If formally seized by 5th Corps and the British 8th Army, what SHOULD have been the official procedures and Chain of Command PROCEDURE OF REFERRAL TO UK TREASURY / REICHSBANK OFFICIALDOM ?

Yours Aye

Alan Newark (1st Vice-President)

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Re: Stolen Gold -Cossack Bank at Lienz

Post by PA. Dutchman » Sun Aug 08, 2010 9:19 pm

This link seems to give a great deal of information concerning the entire event. ... ssacks.htm
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