german armor reports and photos

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german armor reports and photos

Post by naptowneer » Sat Jul 13, 2013 7:24 am

Hey there all. First, this is not spam but rather a notice about a site that the folks over at the missing lynx and armorama forums have been eating up. Like you and them I enjoy great, hard to find photos of armor and troops from WW2. High quality scans (most in 300 dpi) of German and US armor from signal corps collections (about 1500), German propaganda from 1940-1943, SS kriegbericheters and US army ordnance photos of captured German vehicles. I also have hard to find CIOS reports on German armor, weapons, aircraft and other industries that were compiled at the end of the war by the Americans and British intel teams. All great for your reference needs, models ideas, collections etc. Photos can be downloaded and or printed. Please check out the link below. I live 10 miles from NARA and am happy to get copies of stuff for fellow historians and share.

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