Hungarian SS Officers

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Hungarian SS Officers

Post by zoltay » Mon Mar 08, 2010 3:34 pm

Does anyone have photos of any of the following officers from the various Hungarian SS units?

Sturmbannfuhrer Kelemen Ridegh
Hauptsturmfuhrer Tamas Barna
Hauptsturmfuhrer Dr A Lenk
Obersturmfuhrer Josef Zelko
Hauptsturmfuhrer Laszlo Darvas
Hauptsturmfuhrer Laszlo Zelko
Obersturmfuhrer Josef Gencsy
Standartenfuhrer Gero Temesvari
Sturmbannfuhrer Adam Podhradszky
Hauptsturmfuhrer Herbert Engel (German)
Sturmbannfuhrer Fritz Ulrich
Hauptsturmfuhrer Andreas Szinay
Oberfuhrer Laszlo Deak
Standartenfuhrer Bela Peinlich
Standartenfuhrer Odon Magyary
Obersturmbannfuhrer Josef Vecsey
Standartenfuhrer Josef Siemensreiter
First Lieutenant Janos Horvath
First Lieutenant Sandor Zach,
Lieutenant Gyorgy Nemeth
Ensign Laszlo Szabo
Hauptsturmfuhrer Janos Zoltay
Obersturmfuhrer Ulvetsky
Hauptsturmfuhrer Erno Solti
Hauptsturmfuhrer Alajos Duska
Hauptsturmfuhrer Geza Pataki
Hauptsturmfuhrer Gyorgy Hermandy – Berencz
Standartenfuhrer Jeno Temesvary Galgoc
Hauptsturmfuhrer Herbert Klaffky
Sturmbannfuhrer Fritz Ulrich (German)
Hauptsturmfuhrer Tibor Szentgrothy
Sturmbannfuhrer Dr Franz Joszef Sturm (German)
Sturmbannfuhrer Dr Jenoe Baan
Hauptsturmfuhrer Hans Dethloff (German)
VIa Hauptsturmfuhrer Vince Georgey
VIa Hauptsturmfuhrer Schriftstellar
Hauptsturmfuhrer Miklos Keresztury
Standartenfuhrer Andor Podhradsky
Obersturmbannfuhrer – Dr Bela Lengyel
Sturmbannfuhrer Ferenc Varney
Standartenfuhrer Jeno Brenner
Hauptsturmführer Ferenc Pálfay
Hauptsturmführer József Paksy
Obersturmfuhrer Toth,
Obersturmfuhrer Lontay,
Obersturmfuhrer Dr. Filippiny
Untersturmfuhrer Tarkoy

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Re: Hungarian SS Officers

Post by Econtrerasdarvas » Fri Jun 17, 2016 8:12 pm

Hi Janos, I have pictures of my grandfather Laszlo Gyula vitez Darvas Pfalz, with his hungarian uniform, no pictures of him with waffen SS, I also have what it seems to be the helmet of Alajos Duska, it has the SS and the hungarian shield on it,


Eduardo Contreras vitez Darvas

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