Very Interessting Ebay Auction - The death of an german Lt.C

WWII era German related items being sought, sold or traded.
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Very Interessting Ebay Auction - The death of an german Lt.C

Post by RalfAnton62 » Thu Jan 31, 2008 12:35 am

Dear Visitors,

under the ebay auctionnummber 330208253557 I have up for bid a very interesting file.

This is the story of these Files:

In Summer 1947 the Oberstleutnant was arrested from the french military police, 6 weeks arrested in Minden and then transferred into the military police prison in Metz. He was charged to be a war criminal in France in May 1940.

The Oberstleutnant wrote in a letter from 17.12.1950 about his captivity: „…During the first 6 Weeks in the prison in Minden I had no possibility to get in touch with somebody, I could not write even to my wife. Nobody knows where I was and why. After the first examining in Minden I knew, that my arresting was in connection with the engangements in 1940 in France. Details i learnd first in early 1948 from the examinig magistrate in Metz. ... I may receive Letters, – but it may nothing contain then the written! For me it is special hard, that to death condemned persons even Packets from the Red Cross and from the Karitas not is allowed.“

The witness for the prosecution in his plea for clemency to the french Goverment: „…I regret, that my testifys against results in such consequencies and would please your exelence, to decide lenient and Mr. Kol**** mercy.“

Oberstleutnant Hölscher, then the Bataillons commander of Horst Kol***, wrote after the execution: „Sensitiv is my opionion, that *** deserves no mercy, because heself had no mercy . – His Family compared with him, I would knew to protect against disaster, neediness and acre. – I think, that *** did not have the consciousness, by his doing to accept the death of a human, to carry as a heavy load.“

The Points of Charge were as follows:

1. The shooting of three French on 26. Mai 1940 in Courrieres

2. The shooting of another French in Courrieres on 28. Mai 1940

3. burning a House, because there were weapons.

The Oberstleutnant was on 26. Oktober 1950 from the Military Court in Lille sentenced to death, and after declining some plea for clemencys on 1. Juni 1951 killed.

If you interested in these Papers, so please take a look for it.

Best Regards

Ralf Anton Schäfer

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