Inspectorate of Motor Transport Troops (In 6)

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Inspectorate of Motor Transport Troops (In 6)

Post by Tikrit » Sun Jan 22, 2017 10:18 am

I've been trying to trace the development and different names of In 6 from 1923 on, but I'm getting confused around 1935.

From what I've read, In 6's earliest name was: the Inspectorate of Motor Transport Troops (Inspecktion der Kraftfahrtruppen). Then it changed to the Inspectorate of Mechanized Troops and then (maybe) on 1 Jun 1934 to the Motorized Combat Troops Command. On 27 Sep 1935 I think, it was renamed Panzer Troops Command. And in 1938 it was renamed the Inspectorate for Motor Transport Troops and Army Motorization (Inspecktion der Kraftfahrtruppen und für Heeresmotorisierung). At some point, (1943 maybe) it became the Inspectorate of Panzer Troops - I think.

If someone has the history of when the names of In 6 changed, and what they were changed to, I'd greatly appreciate it.

If not, how about what it was called in 1940, prior to the battles in France and Low Countries?

Chris From NY

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