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Post by Brandenburger7 » Mon Aug 03, 2015 1:24 pm

I was wondering if any of you could help me.

Recently I came across a book, German Seaman 1939-45, it gave details of Laufbahn (Careers).

Laufbahn I Seaman Career
Laufbahn II Machinist Career (Engine Room)
Laufbahn III Helmsman/Navigator Career
Laufbahn IV Radio Operator Career
Laufbahn V Carpenter Career
Laufbahn VI Ordnance Career
Laufbahn VII Mechanic Career (Artificers) Torpedo and Artillery)
Laufbahn IX Administrative Career
Laufbahn X Clerical Career
Laufbahn XI Medical Orderly Career
Laufbahn XII Musician Career
Laufbahn XIV Coastal Artillery Career
Laufbahn XV Motor Transport Career

I was wondering if the Heer and Luftwaffe had a similar arrangement, being able to choose your career and had similar Laufbahn.

I read the book Soldat by Siegfried Knappe, and in it he stated that he chose to go into the Artillery. So i'm assuming that there were career paths able to be chosen?
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