Why Did It Take So Long....

General WWII era German military discussion that doesn't fit someplace more specific.
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Why Did It Take So Long....

Post by MAMC » Thu Jun 11, 2015 9:52 am

The more I read about the Second World War the more I am amazed at how long it took the Allies to win the war. Apart from "the threat of THE bomb" it was never in any kind of doubt.
The sheer volume of the American war output was staggering, with much of the Russian armour on the eastern front alone, American produced.
Did nobody tell Hitler that three liberty ships A DAY were being completed to cart the endless hardware around the world.....
"Coming back is secondary today.......

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Re: Why Did It Take So Long....

Post by John W. Howard » Thu Jun 11, 2015 1:55 pm

Hello MAMC:
Producing tons of equipment is one thing, having trained and effective soldiers to use it is another. The US had to go from basically a border police force to a 5-6 million man army in a very short time. Then the western allies had to get their armies somewhere where they could engage the Germans using their numbers and equipment to overwhelm them. North Africa and Italy really did not provide that kind of an arena, Northern France did, but amphibious landings are not easy and require much planning and equipment of a specialized nature. AND the Allies were fighting Germans, some of the best soldiers in the world!! Just a few thoughts. Best wishes.
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Re: Why Did It Take So Long....

Post by Jake » Wed Jun 24, 2015 11:17 am

MAMC wrote: I am amazed at how long it took the Allies to win the war. ....
I think it's amazing how QUICKLY they won it. An incredibly vast amount of things happened in a relatively extremely short time, on all sides.

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