Most memorable quote.......

General WWII era German military discussion that doesn't fit someplace more specific.
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Most memorable quote.......

Post by MAMC » Sat Jun 06, 2015 7:34 am

Sometimes when reading books about the Eastern Front, I am reminded of a quote from a book I read many years ago, and which has remained with me ever since, as some of the most profound words I ever read on the Second World War. They are from the haunting book "Stalingrad" by Heinz Schroter....
"Two hundred and twenty thousand men believed at the time that their advance on Stalingrad would be over in a week, or a month, but they will remain there for all eternity"....
"Coming back is secondary today.......

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RE: Most Memorable Quote - (Well Sort Of Anyway).

Post by Robert F. Rojas » Sun Jul 08, 2018 3:40 pm

Greetings to both citizen MAMC and the community as a whole. Howdy MAMC! Well sir, in respect to your introductory posting of Saturday - June 06, 2015 - 7:34am, old yours truly is often reminded of the caustic reply that Obergruppenfuhrer Paul Hauser had for his superiors during the Third Battle of Kharkov in the month of February in year 1943 when he and the First S.S. Panzer Korps were ordered to defend and hold the Ukranian City of Kharkov to the last man and the last bullet. To paraphrase, AN ORDER FROM THE FUHRER IS NOT THE ELEVENTH COMMANDMENT! With that, he defied Adolf Hitler's direct orders to hold Kharkov and ordered his troops to fight their way out of this trap. Talk about testicular fortitude! Well, that's my initial two cents or pfennigs worth on this memorable topic of interest - for now anyway. In any case, I would like to bid you a copacetic day no matter where you just might happen to find yourself on Terra Firma.

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