What do you collect?

General WWII era German military discussion that doesn't fit someplace more specific.
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Post by Annelie » Thu Apr 20, 2006 2:35 pm

Books and more books and a smattering of anything that catches
my interest of the "dritte reich."


Helmut Von Moltke

Post by Helmut Von Moltke » Fri Apr 28, 2006 3:34 am

I collect autographs from German veterans, several original photos and postcards, 12 inch and 1/35 models of Panzers, and Wehrmacht / Waffen SS men, and some books, for example Osprey ones and Guderian's memoirs. I also plan to collect some repro medals, can't afford real ones (except a wound badge, getting that soon) :evil:

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Post by Mastema » Tue May 02, 2006 4:09 am

1/35 scale ww II models and men. I guess books also.

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Post by Spinechicken » Fri May 26, 2006 9:37 am

I am drawn, Magpie-like, to 1/32 model AFV's (three displaycases worth and counting), 1/6 Scale Figures and books. God, don't let me get into my local military bookshop, because I inevitably come out with arms bent beneath the weight of several bookshelves-worth of books (and my pocket considerably lighter). I think I've actually run out of space for and now might be the time to consider an extenstion. The trouble with history is that there is just too much of it.

And I'd agree that the bog is a fantastic place for expanding the mind as well as the bowels.

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Wow hmm well what I have lol more so then collect

Post by canadien » Mon Jun 19, 2006 9:29 am

Wow hmm well what we have lol more so then collect acaully between my brother and I , many of the old avalon hill wargames. Panzer leader, Pazer blitz, Jutland,1914,stalingrad,waterloo,squadleader, advance squadleader, wodden ships and Iron men. etc lool,(no their not for sale at this time lol)

german militaria , from family being in war, 3 or 4 german knives and bayonetts. Iron cross,Mothers cross(the one for having 4 children),RADWJ
pins, ring and broaches,various docutments,fathers winterschaclt im osten medal,

Model kits(only into it here and there right now) I rember the time when you could get a really good tamayia armour kit for 20 dollars, that was long ago lol,

Numerous books too many to mention. were 4 boys in the family except for the oldest were all miltary buffs :D (reading panzer commander by Von Luck in a leisurely pace)

compter games, combat mission overlord,east front, west front,rising sun, panzer genral 1 and 2,commandoes 3,

the list continues to grow lol

S. Paridon
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Post by S. Paridon » Thu Jun 22, 2006 11:38 am

I collect 98K's. I have a pretty wide variety of them ranging from 1939-1945. I own 4 98K sniper rifles, low turret, double claw, single claw, and ZF41. Mostly a wide array of makers as well, al though lately I have been trying to corral my collection and keep it just to collecting BNZ Steyr made 98K's.

I collect German firearms in general, I have a couple of G43's an MG42, an MP40, 98K's, and numerous pistols.

I have a nice little SS Collection starting. I have an SS typewriter, an SS fur lined overcoat with original shoulder boards, a couple of belt buckles, and a few other odds and ends.

I collect canteens and binoculars as well.

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Post by Sarge1st » Fri Jun 23, 2006 12:58 pm

I have been collecting 3rd Reich militaria for a number of years. Started with a fireman's dress bayonet from an uncle who brought it back at wars end. My main interest is headgear and I have a number of nice Schirmutze, M43's, and overseas caps, as well as a few helmets. I also have a nice collection of badges, medals, and dress daggers. I have over 300 signed Knightscross phots as well (all but tow are post was signed). :up:

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Post by hucks216 » Mon Aug 07, 2006 7:18 am

I collect most things Third Reich although I do tend to shy away from anything to do with the camps & weapons. Badges, medals, cuffbands, award citations, collar tabs, headgear & tunics all feature in my collection.
My prize, or favourite items being the GD tunic belonging to Oberlt Richter complete with sewn on cloth German Cross in Gold, KG27 Boelke tunic belonging to Obergefreiten Georg Holten (KIA 1944) & an officers visor cap from the 17th Infantry Regt.
I should really collect more photograph collections but I never seem to get round to it.

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Post by sniper1shot » Mon Sep 04, 2006 1:37 pm

Well, I have to say that everything can be a collection, if you find that person that will collect it....

The ones that have surprised me are:
-One collector here collects pieces of stone or rubble from former TR buildings
-Another collector on another forum collects Tank tracks. Actual pieces of the treads.
At least if I ever come across some of these items I will know where to send them.
I think that is great!

For me, my collecting is WWII medals (TR mostly) and German Memoirs. Both WWI and WWII (Mostly WWII). I really try to find the self published or short print memoirs that will not be in the General Stores. If anyone has any or knows where I could find some, please send me a PM with the details.
Thanks and lets keep these collections going!
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Post by Dragunov » Wed Oct 04, 2006 8:19 pm

i'd like to collect anything Sturmgewehr but tis full-auto, and thus illegal in Canada. suck.

basically, i'm stuck on anything WW2 and explosive related- books, spent shells and the top half of a grenade (which i have lost in my room)

i'd make some crazy AA mosin mount IF i was 18 and had the money. p'rapse get out of canada and go find a house, a wife and an StG. ya, i'm obsessed.

cheers all,

and why the name 'charlie don't surf'?
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Post by phylo_roadking » Wed Nov 08, 2006 11:13 am

Its a quote from Apocalypse Now - like at least SEVEN rock bands here in Belfast I know of!
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Matt B.
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Post by Matt B. » Sun Dec 31, 2006 3:58 pm

Hi guys,

I've been collecting WWII-era helmets, from both the Allied and Axis-sides of the conflict. I do not have many, all together, but I hope to expand my collection this coming new year. I'll have to check out the section concerning items wanted, items for sale, etc...

My most favorite helmet thus far is a M-42 German helmet, but alas it's no more than a rusted shell :(

Anyway, Happy New Year's! :D

Matt B.

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Hans Knospler
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Post by Hans Knospler » Mon Jan 01, 2007 6:43 am

I have a mannequin that is almost totally suited up with SS equipment

I'll post photos when it is complete ;)
-Brendan Hunt

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Post by Dragunov » Mon Jan 01, 2007 10:37 pm

hey Matt B.- if you see a sweet deal on a repro (cheaper than IMA's)- please tell me. i'll need one for reenacting.
When Stalin says "Dance" a wise man dances.- Nikita Kruschev

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Matt B.
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Post by Matt B. » Tue Jan 02, 2007 9:19 am


Sure thing! I'll keep my eyes peeled for any reproductions that seem to be good deals (whether they be Heer, Kreigsmarine, Luftwaffe, etc...).


Matt B.

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