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could some one please give me the names of the divisions involved in the invasion of russia,
and what army they were in, and what armys were in each army group.

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Ever tried Dr.Niehorsters excellent Website ? ... 1-oob.html

Or Mr. Linzmaiers ?



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seems to be some good links but with the 2nd one i dont speak or read german

thanks anyway

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Title # 8: “The INVASION of RUSSIA”
22 JUNE 1941
By John Mulholland

Note: All units are German unless otherwise indicated.
All errors, omissions, or “typos” are those of the writer.


ARMY of NORWAY: [AOK-Norway]:
CO: Generaloberst von Falkenhorst
(Stationed in Norway)
AOK Reserves:
463 PzJag.Abt. (mot.)
4 M.G.Btl. (mot.)
13 M.G.Btl. (mot.)
14 M.G.Btl. (mot.)
233 Inf.Btl. (bicycle)
710 Inf.Div.
LXX (70) Hoh.Kdo.:
CO: Gen.Lt. Feuerstein
69 Inf.Div.
214 Inf.Div.
163 Inf.Div. (in transit to Finnish Army of Karelia)
XXXIII (33) Hoh.Kdo.:
CO: Gen.d.Cav. Brandt
196 Inf.Div.
181 Inf.Div.
Befehlsstelle Finland:
(Stationed in Finland)
Gebirgskorps “Norway”:
CO: Gen.d.Geb.Trps. Dietl
3 Geb.Div.
2 Geb.Div.
199 Inf.Div.
702 Inf.Div.
XXXVI (36) Hoh.Kdo.:
CO: Gen.d.Cav. Feige
40 Pz.Abt.z.b.V.
211 Pz.Abt.
496 Coastal Art.Abt.
520 Coastal Art.Abt.
169 Inf.Div.
SS-Mot.Inf.Bde. “Nord”
III (03) (Fin) Corps:
CO: Maj.Gen. Hjalmar F. Siilasvuo
(under German command until July 1942)
3 (Fin) Inf.Div.
6 (Fin) Inf.Div.

(As of 25 June 1941)
CO: Field Marshal (Fin) G.Mannerheim
Chief of Staff: until 29.06.41: Lt.Gen.E.Heinrichs
Finnish Army Reserves:
14 (Fin) Inf.Div.
17 (Fin) Inf.Div. [Hanko Grp.]
CO: as of 29.06.41: Lt.Gen. (Fin) Erik Heinrichs
Army Reserves:
1 (Fin) Inf.Div. (2 Regt’s,)
1 (Fin) Jag.Bde.
163 (German) Inf.Div. (2 Regt’s) (arrives in July from LXX Hoh.Kdo.)
VI (06) (Fin) Corps:
CO: Maj.Gen. (Fin) Paavo J.Talvela
5 (Fin) Inf.Div.
11 (Fin) Inf.Div.
VII (07) (Fin) Corps:
CO: Maj.Gen. (Fin) J.Woldemar Hagglund
7 (Fin) Inf.Div.
19 (Fin) Inf.Div.
“Oinonen” (Fin) Group:
CO: Maj.Gen. (Fin) Voldemar Oinonen
2 (Fin) Jag.Bde.
(Fin) Cav.Bde.

Under Direct Finnish General HQ’s Control :
II (02) (Fin) Corps:
CO: Maj.Gen. (Fin) Taavetti Laatikainen
2 (Fin) Inf.Div.
18 (Fin) Inf.Div.
15 (Fin) Inf.Div.
Corps Reserves:
10 (Fin) Inf.Div.
IV (04) (Fin) Corps:
CO: Lt.Gen. (Fin) K.Lennart Oesch
4 (Fin) Inf.Div.
12 (Fin) Inf.Div.
8 (Fin) Inf.Div.


CO: Gen.d.Cav. von Gienanth

CO: GenFM Ritter von Leeb
HGrp. Reserves:
XXIII (23) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Schubert
206 Inf.Div.
251 Inf.Div.
254 Inf.Div.
Befh.ruckw.Heeresgebiet 101:
CO: Gen.Lt. von Roques
207 Sec.Div.
281 Sec.Div.
285 Sec.Div.
3 Sec.Regt. (mot.) +
619 Wach. [Guard] Btl. (bicycle)
620 Wach. [Guard] Btl. (bicycle)
Higher Police Commander “Nord”:
Pol.Regt. “Nord”:
53 Res.Pol.Abt. (mot.)
319 Pol.Abt. (motorcycle)
321 Pol.Abt. (motorcycle)
CO: Generaloberst von Kuchler
AOK Reserves:
Stab (Lw) Flak-Regt. 164
gem.Flak-Abt’s II./36, I./51, I./111
272 H.Flak-Art.Abt. (gem.)
604 H-Fla.Btl. (lei.) (1Kp)
563 PzJag.Abt. (mot.) (1zug)
291 Inf.Div. +
10 M.G.Btl. (mot.)
403 Inf.Btl. (bicycle)
531 Coastal Art.Abt.
910 Coastal Art.Abt.
XXXVIII (38) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. von Chappuis
28 Inf.Div.
I (01) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. von Both
Stab 110 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
Stab 609 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
604 H-Fla.Btl. (lei.) (ohne 1Kp)
185 StuG.Abt.
11 Inf.Div.
1 Inf.Div.
21 Inf.Div.
XXVI (26) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Art. Wodrig
Stab 818 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
563 PzJag.Abt. (mot.) [most]
402 Inf.Btl. (bicycle)
61 Inf.Div.
217 Inf.Div.
CO: Generaloberst Hoepner
AOK Reserves:
Stab (Lw) Flak-Regt. 133
616 PzJag.Abt. (Sfl.)
3 SS-Mot.Inf.Div. “Tot.”
XXXXI (41) Armeekorps (mot.):
CO: Gen.d.PzTrps. Reinhardt
Stab 618 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
601 H-Fla.Btl. (lei.)
(Lw) gem. Flak-Abt. I./3
1 Pz.Div. + (Lw) lei.Flak-Abt. 83
6 Pz.Div. + (Lw) lei.Flak-Abt. II./411
36 Inf.Div.
269 Inf.Div.
LVI (56) Armeekorps (mot.):
CO: Gen.d.Inf. von Manstein
559 PzJag.Abt. (Sfl.)
(Lw) gem.Flak-Abt. II./23
8 Pz.Div. + (Lw) lei.Flak-Abt. 92
3 Mot.Inf.Div.
290 Inf.Div.
CO: Generaloberst Busch
AOK Reserves:
Stab (Lw) Flak-Regt. 151
gem.Flak-Abt’s I./13, I./291, I,/411
280 H.Flak-Art.Abt. (gem.)
253 Inf.Div.
II 02) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. von Brockdorf Ahlefeldt
Stab 603 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
Stab 782 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
Stab 803 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
Stab 600 StuG.Abt.
12 Inf.Div.
32 Inf.Div.
121 Inf.Div.
X (10) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Art. Christian Hansen
Stab 785 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
30 Inf.Div.
126 Inf.Div.
XXVIII (28) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Wiktorin
Stab 610 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
665 StuG.Bttr.
667 StuG.Bttr.
122 Inf.Div.
123 Inf.Div.

CO: GenFM von Bock
HGrp. Reserves:
LIII (53) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Weisenberger
293 Inf.Div.
Befh.ruckw.Heeresgebiet 102:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. von Schenkendorff
403 Sec.Div. (stationed with AOK-09 Res.)
286 Sec.Div. (stationed with AOK-04 Res.)
221 Sec.Div. (stationed with VII (07) AK)
2 Sec.Regt.:
I./2 Sec.Regt. (bicycle)
II./2 Sec.Regt. (bicycle)
Higher Police Commander “Mitte”:
Pol.Regt. “Mitte”:
307 Pol.Abt. (mot.)
316 Pol.Abt. (motorcycle)
322 Pol.Abt. (motorcycle)
CO: Generaloberst Strauss
AOK Reserves:
Stab (Lw) Flak-Regt. 125
gem.Flak-Abt’s I./Lehr, II./4, I./52, I./401, I./701
271 H.Flak-Art.Abt. (8.8cm)
273 H.Flak-Art.Abt. (gem.)
561 PzJag.Abt. (Sfl.)
403 Sec.Div.
V (05) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Ruoff
5 Inf.Div.
35 Inf.Div.
VI (06) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Pioneers Foerster
6 Inf.Div.
26 Inf.Div.
VIII (08) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Art. Heitz
Stab 627 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
Stab 677 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
Stab 783 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
Stab 801 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
Stab 802 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
184 StuG.Abt.
8 Inf.Div.
28 Inf.Div.
161 Inf.Div.
XX (20) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Materna
Stab 70 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
Stab 606 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
Stab 613 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
210 StuG.Abt.
162 Inf.Div.
256 Inf.Div.
XXXXII (42) Armeekorps: (Stab from OKH Res.)
CO: Gen.d.Pi. Kuntze
(Used for initial assault only, then returned to Reserve status again.)
87 Inf.Div.
102 Inf.Div.
129 Inf.Div.
1 SS-Mot Inf Bde. “RFSS”
106 Inf.Div. (still in transit from Wkr.VI)
110 Inf.Div. (still in transit from Wkr.X)

CO: Generaloberst Hoth
AOK Reserves:
Stab (Lw) Flak-Regt. 148
XXXIX (39) Armeekorps (mot.):
CO: Gen.d.PzTrps. Schmidt
Stab 69 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
(Lw) gem.Flak-Abt. I./36 (ohne 1 bttr.)
605 H-Fla.Btl. (lei.)
643 PzJag.Abt. (Sfl.)
7 Pz.Div. + (Lw) lei.Flak-Abt. 84
20 Pz.Div. + (Lw) lei.Flak-Abt. 74
14 Mot.Inf.Div.
20 Mot.Inf.Div.
LVII (57) Armeekorps (mot.):
CO: Gen.d.PzTrps. Kuntzen
(Lw) gem.Flak-Abt. I./29
12 Pz.Div. + (Lw) lei.Flak-Abt. 75
19 Pz.Div. + (Lw) lei.Flak-Abt. 85
18 Mot.Inf.Div.
CO: GenFM von Kluge
AOK Reserves:
Stab (Lw) Flak-Regt. 153
gem.Flak-Abt’s II./14, I./24, I./26, I./231, I./704
274 H.Flak-Art.Abt. (8.8cm)
276 H.Flak-Art.Abt. (8.8cm)
286 Sec.Div.
VII (07) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Art. Fahrenbacher
Stab 41 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
203 StuG.Abt.
529 PzJag.Abt. (Sfl.)
7 Inf.Div.
23 Inf.Div.
258 Inf.Div.
268 Inf.Div.
221 Sec.Div.
IX (09) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Geyer
Stab 622 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
226 StuG.Abt.
137 Inf.Div.
263 Inf.Div.
292 Inf.Div.
XIII (13) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Felber
17 Inf.Div.
78 Inf.Div.
XXXXIII (43) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Heinrici
Stab 697 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
Stab 786 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
611 H-Fla.Btl. (lei.)
131 Inf.Div.
134 Inf.Div.
252 Inf.Div.
CO: Generaloberst Guderian
AOK Reserves:
5 M.G.Btl. (mot.)
255 Inf.Div.
602 H-Fla.Btl. (lei.)
(Lw) lei.Flak-Abt. 94
LW-Flakkorps I:
CO: Gen. von Axthelm
Stab (Lw) Flak-Regt. 101
Stab (Lw) Flak-Regt. 104
(Lw) lei.Flak-Abt’s 77 & 91
(Lw) gem.Flak-Abt’s I./12, I./22, I./11, II./11
XII (12) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Schroth
Stab 617 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
Stab 788 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
279 H.Flak-Art.Abt. (semi-mot.)
610 H-Fla.Btl. (lei.)
192 StuG.Abt.
201 StuG.Abt.
654 PzJag.Abt. (mot.)
Stab Pi.Regt. (mot.) 507
31 Inf.Div.
34 Inf.Div.
45 Inf.Div.
XXIV (24) Armeekorps (mot.):
CO: Gen.d.Cav. von Schweppenburg
Stab 623 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
“Lehr”- Aufklarung-Abt. (mot.)
521 PzJag.Abt. (Sfl.)
Stab Pi.Regt. (mot.) 515
3 Pz.Div.
4 Pz.Div.
10 Mot.Inf.Div.
1 Cav.Div.
267 Inf.Div.
XXXXVI (46) Armeekorps (mot.):
CO: Gen.d.PzTrps. von Vietinghoff
Stab Pi.Regt. 513
10 Pz.Div.
2 SS-Mot.Inf.Div.“Reich”
Mot Inf Regt. “G.D.”
XXXXVII (47) Armeekorps (mot.):
CO: Gen.d.Art. Lemelsen
Stab 792 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
611 PzJag.Abt. (Sfl.)
100 Flammpanzer-Abt.
Stab Pi.Regt. (mot.) 413
17 Pz.Div.
18 Pz.Div.
29 Mot.Inf.Div.
167 Inf.Div.

CO: GenFM von Rundstedt
HGrp. Reserves:
9 M.G.Btl. (mot.)
99 Jag.Div.
Befh.ruckw.Heeresgebiet 103:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Karl von Roques
213 Sec.Div. (stationed with LV (55) AK)
444 Sec.Div. (stationed with LII (52) AK)
454 Sec.Div. (stationed with LII (52) AK)
4 Sec.Regt. +
613 Wach. [Guard] Btl. (bicycle)
614 Wach. [Guard] Btl. (bicycle)
Higher Police Commander “Sud”:
Pol.Regt. “Sud”:
45 Res.Pol.Abt. (motorcycle)
303 Pol.Abt. (motorcycle)
314 Pol.Abt. (motorcycle)
CO: Gen.d.Inf. von Stulpnagel
AOK Reserves:
Stab (Lw) Flak-Regt. 42
gem.Flak-Abt’s I./37, II./24, I./61
275 H.Flak-Art.Abt. (gem.)
277 H.Flak-Art.Abt. (8.8cm)
Stab Pi.Regt. 620
97 Jag.Div.
100 Jag.Div.
IV (04) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. von Schwedler
Stab 213 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
Stab 243 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
243 StuG.Abt.
102 Flammpanzer-Abt.
296 Inf.Div.
262 Inf.Div.
24 Inf.Div.
295 Inf.Div.
71 Inf.Div.
XXXXIX (49) Gebirgskorps:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Kuebler
Stab 501 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
525 PzJag.Abt. (mot.)
Stab Pi.Regt. 620
1 Geb.Div.
68 Inf.Div.
257 Inf.Div.
LII (52) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. von Briesen
500 Inf.Btl.z.b.V.
101 Jag.Div.
444 Sec.Div.
454 Sec.Div.
(Slovak) Mot.Inf.Bde.
Slovakian Forces under AOK 17 Command:
(Slovak) Expeditionary Army Group (Corps):
CO: Gen. Ferdinand Catlos
2 (Slovak) Inf.Div.
1 (Slovak) Inf.Div.
Hungarian Forces under AOK 17 Command:
Carpathian (Hungarian) Army Group:
HQ: VIII (08) (Hung) Corps
CO: Maj.Gen. (Hung) F.Szombathelyi
8 (Hung) Mtn.Bde. (Border Guard):
10, 11, 12, 13, & 25 (Hung) Mtn.Brdr.Grd.Btls.
1 (Hung) Mtn.Bde.:
1, 2, 3, & 4 (Hung) Mtn.Btls.
(Hung) Mobile Corps:
CO: Maj.Gen. (Hung) B.Miklos
1 (Hung) Mot.Bde.
1, 2, & 3 (Hung) Rifle Btls. (mot.)
9 (Hung) Tank Btl.
2 (Hung) Mot.Bde.
4, 5, & 6 (Hung) Rifle Btls. (mot.)
11 (Hung) Tank Btl.
1 (Hung) Cav.Bde.
3 & 4 (Hung) Hussar Regts.
1 (Hung) Arm.Btl. (Cavalier)
CO: GenFM von Reichenau
AOK Reserves:
Stab (Lw) Flak-Regt. 91
gem.Flak-Abt’s I./8, I./9, II./241
278 H.Flak-Art.Abt. (8.8cm)
279 H.Flak-Art.Abt. (gem.)
Stab Pi.Regt. 673
298 Inf.Div.
LV (55) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Vierow
168 Inf.Div.
75 Inf.Div.
213 Sec.Div.
XVII (17) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Kienitz
Stab Pi.Regt. (mot.) 604
56 Inf.Div.
62 Inf.Div.
XXIX (29) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. von Obstfelder
44 Inf.Div.
111 Inf.Div.
299 Inf.Div.
XXXXIV (44) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Koch
9 Inf.Div.
297 Inf.Div.
CO: Generaloberst von Kleist
AOK Reserves:
670 PzJag.Abt. (Sfl.)
LW-Flakkorps II:
CO: Generaloberst Dessloch.
Stab (Lw) Flak-Regt. 6
Stab (Lw) Flak-Regt. “HG”
lei.Flak-Abt’s IV./HG & 93
gem.Flak-Abt’s I./HG, II./43, I./7, II./26
Stab Pi.Regt. (mot.) 700
9 Pz.Div. + (Lw) lei.Flak-Abt. 86
16 Pz.Div.
16 Mot.Inf.Div.
25 Mot.Inf.Div.
1 SS-Mot Inf Div. “LAH”
5 SS-Mot.Inf.Div. “Wiking”
XIV (14) Armeekorps (mot.):
CO: Gen.d.Inf. von Wietersheim
13 Pz.Div.
III (03) Armeekorps (mot.):
CO: Gen.d.Cav. von Mackensen
Stab 511 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
Stab 704 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
603 H-Fla.Btl. (lei.)
191 StuG.Abt.
652 PzJag.Abt. (mot.)
Stab Pi.Regt. (mot.) 511
14 Pz.Div.
XXXXVIII (48) Armeekorps (mot.):
CO: Gen.d.PzTrps. Kempf
Stab 612 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
Stab 619 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
197 StuG.Abt.
Stab Pi.Regt. (mot.) 520
11 Pz.Div. + (Lw) Flak-Abt. 71
57 Inf.Div.

Armeegruppe “Antonescu”:
CO: Gen.d.Armata (Rum.) Ion Antonescu
11 (Rum.) Inf.Div.
II (02) (Rum.) Corps:
CO: Gen.d.Divizie (Rum) N.Macici
9 (Rum.) Inf.Div.
10 (Rum.) Inf.Div.
7 (Rum.) Cav.Bde.
CO: Gen.d.Corp (Rum) P.Dumitrescu
(No troops attached until 02 July 1941)
Army Reserves:
1 (Rum) Heavy Fortification Art.Regt.
11 (Rum) Heavy Fortification Art.Regt.
IV (04) (Rum) Corps:
CO: Gen.d.Divizie (Rum) C.Sanatescu
4 (Rum) Heavy Art.Regt.
4 (Rum) Cav.Sqn.
4 (Rum) M.G.Btl.
6 (Rum) Inf.Div.
7 (Rum) Inf.Div.
(Rum) Mountain Corps:
CO: Gen.d.Divizie (Rum) G.Arramescu
1 (Rum) Mtn.Bde.
2 (Rum) Mtn.Bde.
4 (Rum) Mtn.Bde.
(Rum) Cavalry Corps:
CO: Gen.d.Divizie (Rum) M.Racovita
5 (Rum) Cav.Bde.
8 (Rum) Cav.Bde
CO: Generaloberst von Schobert
AOK Reserves:
Stab (Lw) Flak-Regt. 18
190 StuG.Abt. (ohne 1 Bttr.)
Stab Pi.Regt. (mot.) 617 - 690
22 Inf.Div.
Deutsche Heeresmission in Rumania:
CO: Gen.Maj. Hauffe
72 Inf.Div.
XI (11) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Kortzfleisch
Stab 787 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
I./190 StuG.Abt.
560 PzJag.Abt. (mot.)
76 Inf.Div.
239 Inf.Div.
1 (Rum) Arm.Div. (1st Arm.Regt.only)
6 (Rum) Cav.Bde
XXX (30) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Salmuth
Stab 49 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
198 Inf.Div.
8 (Rum) Inf.Div.
13 (Rum) Inf.Div.
14 (Rum) Inf.Div.
LIV (54) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Cav. Erik Hansen
50 Inf.Div.
170 Inf.Div.
5 (Rum.) Inf.Div.
CO: Gen.d.Corp (Rum) N.Ciuiperca
Army Reserves:
XI (11) (Rum.) Corps:
CO: Gen.d.Divizie (Rum) I.Aurelian
1 (Rum) Fortification Div.:
1 (Rum.) Fortification Bde.
2 (Rum.) Fortification Bde.
III (03) (Rum.) Corps:
CO: Gen.d.Divizie (Rum) V.Atanasiu
2 (Rum.) Light Arm.Regt. [from 1 Arm.Div.]
(Rum) Guards Inf.Div.
35 (Rum.) Res.Div.
15 (Rum.) Inf.Div.
V (05) (Rum.) Corps:
CO: Gen.d.Corp (Rum) G.Leventi
21 (Rum.) Inf.Div.
(Rum.) Frontier-Guard Inf.Div.

OKH Reserves (At, or in transit to, the Front - 22 June 1941):

Assigned To: HGrp.Nord:
Stab L (50) Armeekorps: {arriving from: Wkr.III}
(Would be assigned, on arrival, to AOK-09)
CO: Gen.d.Cav. Lindemann
4 SS-Mot.Police Div. “Polizei” {arriving from: HGrp.D}
86 Inf.Div. {arriving from: HGrp.D}
Assigned To: HGrp.Mitte:
52 Inf.Div. {arriving from: HGrp.D}
(Would be assigned, on arrival, to LII AK)
Stab: Second Army: {at the front - activated: 02 July 1941}
CO: Generaloberst von Weichs
with ----- Stab 109 Artillerie-Regt. (mot.)
Stab XXXV (35) Hoh.Kdo.: {at the front}
(Would be assigned, on arrival, to AOK-04)
CO: Gen.Lt. Kaempfe
15 Inf.Div. {arriving from: HGrp.D}
112 Inf.Div. {arriving from: Wkr.XII}
197 Inf.Div. {arriving from: Wkr.XII}
XXXXII (42) Armeekorps: (Stab from OKH Res.)
(Would be assigned to AOK-09)
CO: Gen.d.Pi. Kuntze
(Used for initial assault only, then returned to Reserve status again.)
106 Inf.Div. (in transit from Wkr. VI)
110 Inf.Div. (in transit from Wkr. X)
87 Inf.Div.
102 Inf.Div.
129 Inf.Div.
1 SS-Mot.Inf.Bde. “RFSS”
Assigned To: HGrp.Sud:
125 Inf.Div. {at the front}
(Would be assigned to AOK-17)
4 Geb.Div. {at the front}
(Would be assigned to AOK-17)
Stab XXXIV (34) Hoh.Kdo.: {at the front}
(Would be assigned, on arrival, to HGrp.Sud Reserve)
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Metz
132 Inf.Div. {arriving from: AOK-12, Balkans)
Stab LI (51) Armeekorps: {arriving from: AOK-12, Balkans}
(Would be assigned, on arrival, to AOK-06)
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Hans Reinhard
79 Inf.Div. {arriving from: Wkr.XVIII}
95 Inf.Div. {arriving from: HGrp.D}
113 Inf.Div. {arriving from: Wkr.XIII}

OKH Reserves (June & July Arrivals from Other Theatres):
From: S.W. Poland:
June (late): 60 Mot.Inf.Div. {to HGrp.Sud Reserve in July}
From: The Balkans:
June (late): 183 Inf.Div. {to HGrp.Sud Reserve in July}
July: 46 Inf.Div. {to AOK-11 in Aug.}
July: 73 Inf.Div. {to AOK-11 in Aug.}
July: 294 Inf.Div. {to AOK-06 in Aug.}
From: France:
June: 96 Inf.Div. {on standby – France - not sent}
July: 93 Inf.Div. {to AOK-18 in Aug.}
July: 94 Inf.Div. {to AOK-06 in Aug.}
July: 98 Inf.Div. {to AOK-06 in Aug.}
July: 260 Inf.Div. {to AOK-02 in Aug.}
From: Germany:
July: 713 Inf.Div. (on standby - Wkr.XIII – not sent)
July: 614 H-Fla.Btl. (lei.)
July: (Lw) lei.Flak-Abt. 76
Later German Forces destined for the Eastern Front:
Stab XXXX (40) Armeekorps (mot.) {August to HGrp.Mitte Reserve}
CO: Gen.d.Cav. Stumme
August: 707 Inf.Div. {to rear area HGrp.Mitte in Aug.}
August: 339 Inf.Div. {to rear area HGrp.Mitte in Sept.}
August (late): 250 (Spanish) Inf.Div. {to AOK-09 Reserve in Sept.}
September: 2 Pz.Div. {to PzGrp.4 in Oct.}
September: 5 Pz.Div. {to PzGrp.4 in Oct.}
October: 227 Inf.Div. {to AOK-16 in Nov.}
October: 212 Inf.Div. {to AOK-18 in Nov.}
November (early): 223 Inf.Div. {to AOK-18 in Dec.}
November: 215 Inf.Div. {to AOK-16 Reserve in Dec.}
December: 216 Inf.Div. {to PzAOK-02 in Jan.42}
December: 225 Inf.Div. {to HGrp.Nord Reserve in Jan.42}
December: 88 Inf.Div. {to HGrp.Sud Reserve in Jan.42}


(And Wehr.Befh. – “Southeast” as of 01 July 1941)
CO: GenFM List
AOK Reserves:
125 Inf.Regt. (stationed in Athens, Greece)

In Transit to the Eastern Front:
46 Inf.Div. {arrives there in July}
73 Inf.Div. {arrives there in July}
183 Inf.Div. {arrives there in August}
294 Inf.Div. {arrives there in July}
Stab LI (51) Armeekorps {arrives there in June with:}
132 Inf.Div.
Mil.Befh. Serbia
CO: Gen.d.Flieg. Foerster
Mil.Befh. Salonika-Aegean
CO: Gen.Lt. von Krenzki
Mil.Befh. Southern Greece
CO: Gen.d.Flieg. Felmy
LXV (65) Hoh.Kdo.z.b.V.:
CO: Gen.Lt. Bader
714 Inf.Div.
717 Inf.Div.
718 Inf.Div.
704 Inf.Div.
XVIII (18) Gebirgskorps: (stationed on Crete):
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Boehme
5 Geb.Div.
6 Geb.Div.
“Siena” 51 (Ital) Inf.Div. [in transit]
Kommandant Fest. “Crete”:
(as of 01 July 1941)
CO: Gen.d.Flieg. Alexander
164 Inf.Div.

Croatian Home Defence Army:
CO: unknown at this time.
Division Region: “Sava”: (Northern Croatia)”
1, 2, 3 (Croat.) Inf Regts.
(Croat.) Cav.Regt.
Division Region: “Osijek”: (Slavonia):
4, 5, 6 (Croat.) Inf Regts.
Division Region: “Bosnia”: (Bosnia):
7, 8, 9 (Croat.) Inf Regts.
Division Region: “Vrbas”: (Northern Bosnia):
10, 11, 12 (Croat.) Inf Regts.
Division Region: “Jadran”: (Herzegovina):
13, 14, 15 (Croat.) Inf Regts.

CO: Gen.d.Armata (Ital) V.Ambrosio
Army Reserves:
(Ital) Celere Corps: {awaiting transfer to Italy}
CO: Gen. (Ital) F.Orsi
“Eugenio di Savoia” 1 (Ital) Celere Div.
“Principe Amedeo.Duca d’Aosta” 3 (Ital) Celere Div. *{awaiting transfer to CSIR}
XI (11) (Ital) Corps:
CO: Gen. (Ital) M.Robotti
Occupation of Slovenia
"Isonzo" 14 (Ital) Inf.Div.
"Granatieri.di Sardegna" 21 (Ital) Inf.Div.
V (05) (Ital) Corps:
CO: Gen. (Ital) R.Balocco
Occupation of Northern Dalmatia
"Re" 13 (Ital) Inf.Div.
"Lombardia" 57 (Ital) Inf.Div.
VI (06) (Ital) Corps:
CO: Gen. (Ital) R.Dalmazzo
Occupation of Southern Dalmatia
"Torino" 52 (Ital) Auto.Div. *{awaiting transfer to CSIR}
"Sassari" 12 (Ital) Inf.Div.
"Bergamo" 15 (Ital) Inf.Div.

(ITAL) COMMAND: “Albania & Montenegro”
CO: Gen.d.Armata (Ital) U.Cavallero
CO: Gen.d.Armata (Ital Biroli
Army Reserves:
"Messina" 18 (Ital) Inf.Div. {at Kotor for 2nd Army}
“Marche” 32 (Ital) Mtn.Inf.Div. { where ?? }
XIV (14) (Ital) Corps
CO: Gen. (Ital) G.Vecchi
Occupation of Montenegro
"Piemonte" 29 (Ital) Inf.Div. [in transit]
"Parma" 49 (Ital) Inf.Div.
"Puglie" 38 (Ital) Inf.Div.
"Pusteria" 5 (Ital) Alpine Div.
"Venezia" 19 (Ital) Mtn Inf.Div.
"Cacciatori della Alpi" 22 (Ital) Inf.Div. [arrives July 41]
"Forli" 36 (Ital) Inf.Div.
XXVI (26) (Ital) Corps
CO: Gen. (Ital) G.Nasci
Occupation of Epirus
"Pinerolo" 24 (Ital) Inf.Div.
"Arezzo" 53 (Ital) Inf.Div.
"Firenze" 41 (Ital) Inf.Div.

CO: unknown at this time.
Command “Aegean”:
CO: unknown at this time.
"Regina" 50 (Ital) Inf.Div.
CO: unknown at this time.
Army Reserves (z.b.V.Corps):
“Acqui” 33 (Ital) Inf.Div.
“Cuneo” 6 (Ital) Inf.Div.
VIII (08) (Ital) Corps:
CO: unknown at this time.
(Occupation of the Peloponnesos)
"Cagliari" 59 (Ital) Mtn Inf.Div.
XXV (25) (Ital) Corps:
CO: unknown at this time.
(Occupation of Southern Albania)
"Modena" 37 (Ital) Mtn Inf.Div.
"Legnano" 58 (Ital) Inf.Div. *{awaiting transfer to Italy}
"Casale" 56 (Ital) Inf.Div.
"Julia" 3 (Ital) Alpine Div.
"Ferrara" 23 (Ital) Mtn Inf.Div.
III (03) (Ital) Corps:
CO: unknown at this time.
(Occupation of Thessalia)
"Brennero" 11 (Ital) Mtn Inf.Div. [in transit]
"Szorzesca" 2 (Ital) Mtn Inf.Div. [in transit]

CO: unknown at this time.
(Occupation of the Aegean Province)
1 (Bulg) Inf.Div.
7 (Bulg) Inf.Div.
9 (Bulg) Inf.Div.
11 (Bulg) Inf.Div.
13 (Bulg) Inf.Div.
16 (Bulg) Inf.Div.
CO: unknown at this time.
(Occupation of Serbia)
14 (Bulg) Inf.Div. [part]
6 (Bulg) Inf.Div.
(Occupation of Macedonia)
14 (Bulg) Inf.Div. [part]
15 (Bulg) Inf.Div.
1 (Bulg) Cav.Regt.
2 (Bulg) Cav.Regt.


CO: unknown at this time.
AOK Reserves:
"Bologna" 25 (Ital) Auto.Div.
"Sabratha" 60 (Ital) Auto.Div.
Deutsche Afrika Korps:
CO: Gen.Lt. Rommel
300 z.b.V. Inf.Btl.
612 Fla.Abt. (mot.)
(Lw) gem.Flak-Abt’s I./18 & I./32
15 Pz.Div.
5 Light Div.
X (10) (Ital) Corps:
CO: unknown at this time.
"Pavia" 17 (Ital) Auto.Div.
"Brescia" 27 (Ital) Auto.Div.
XX (20) (Ital) Mot. Corps:
CO: Gen. (Ital) Gambarra
"Ariete" 132 (Ital) Arm.Div.
“Trieste” 101 (Ital) Mot.Inf.Div.
XXI (21) (Ital) Corps:
CO: Gen. (Ital) Navarrini
"Trento" 102 (Ital) Mot.Inf.Div.
90 (Germ.) Light “Africa” Div.


CO: Gen.d.Inf. Luedke
218 Inf.Div.
Mil.Befh.Belgien u.Nordfrankreich:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. von Falkenhausen
Kdr.d. Tps. Netherlands:
82 Inf.Div.
719 Inf.Div.
CO: Gen.d.Inf. von Stulpnagel

CO: GenFM von Witzleben
CO: Generaloberst Dollmann
XXXI (31) Hoh.Kdo.:
CO: Gen.d.Art. Kaupisch
223 Inf.Div.
708 Inf.Div.
88 Inf.Div.
212 Inf.Div.
333 Inf.Div.
LIX (59) Hoh.Kdo.:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Schwandner
81 Inf.Div.
305 Inf.Div.
246 Inf.Div.
715 Inf.Div.
XXV (25) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. von Prager
709 Inf.Div.
211 Inf.Div.
205 Inf.Div.
712 Inf.Div.
CO: Generaloberst Blaskowitz
AOK Reserves:
100 Pz.Bde.
101 Pz.Bde.
XXXXV (45) Hoh.Kdo.:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. von Greiff
339 Inf.Div.
215 Inf.Div.
342 Inf.Div.
XXVII (27) Armeekorps:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Waegner
- 337 Inf.Div.
- 327 Inf.Div.
- 335 Inf.Div.
CO: Generaloberst Haase
AOK Reserves:
711 Inf.Div.
LX (60) Hoh.Kdo.:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. von Viebahn
323 Inf.Div.
83 Inf.Div.
216 Inf.Div.
319 Inf.Div.
XXXII (32) Hoh.Kdo.:
CO: Gen.d.Cav. von Pogrell
336 Inf.Div.
302 Inf.Div.
225 Inf.Div.
332 Inf.Div.
716 Inf.Div.
XXXVII (37) Hoh.Kdo.:
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Boehm-Tettelbach
320 Inf.Div.
321 Inf.Div.
208 Inf.Div.
304 Inf.Div.
340 Inf.Div.
306 Inf.Div.
227 Inf.Div.

CO: Gen. A.Guzzoni
(Occupation of Italo-French Armistice Line)
I (01) (Ital) Corps:
CO: Gen. (Ital) C.Vecchiarelli
“Superga” 1 (Ital) Inf.Div.
“Assietta” 26 (Ital) Inf.Div.
“Taurinense” 1 (Ital) Alp.Div.
II (02) (Ital) Corps:
CO: Gen. (Ital) F.Bettini
“Ravenna” 3 (Ital) Inf.Div. {in transit from Balkans}
“Livorno” 4 (Ital) Inf.Div.
“Cuneense” 4 (ital) Alp.Div.
XV (15) (Ital) Corps:
CO: Gen. (Ital) G.Gambara
“Cosseria” 5 (Ital) Inf.Div.


German Chef H.Rust und BdE
Wkr.I: Div.Nr.141 – Div.Nr.151 – z.b.V.Div.401
CO: Gen.d.Art. Weyer
Wkr.II: Div.Nr.152 – Div.Nr.191 – z.b.V.Div.402
CO: Gen.d.Art. Foehrenbach
Wkr.III: Div.Nr.143 – Div.Nr.153 – 203 Inf.Bde.
CO: Gen.d.Cav. von Dalwigk zu Lichtenfels
OKH Reserves:
Stab L (50) Armeekorps
5 Pz.Div.
Wkr.IV: Div.Nr.154 – Div.Nr.174 – z.b.V.Div.404
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Wollwarth
Wkr.V: Div.Nr.155 – Div.Nr.158 – Div.Nr.165 – z.b.V.Div.405 – 526 Inf.Bde.
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Osswald
OKH Reserves:
106 Inf.Div.
Wkr.VI: Div.Nr.156 – Div.Nr.166 – z.b.V.Div.406
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Glokke
Wkr.VII: Div.Nr.147 – Div.Nr.157 – z.b.V.Div.407
CO: Gen.d.Art. Wachenfeld
OKH Reserves:
2 Pz.Div.
707 Inf.Div.
Wkr.VIII: Div.Nr.178 – z.b.V.Div.408 – z.b.V.Div.432
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Halm
Wkr.IX: Div.Nr.159 – Div.Nr.179 – z.b.V.Div.409 – 201 Inf.Bde.
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Schiniewindt
Wkr.X: Div.Nr.180 – Div.Nr.190 – z.b.V.Div.410
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Raschick
Wkr.XI: Div.Nr.171 – Div.Nr.191 – z.b.V.Div.411
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Muff
Wkr.XII: Div.Nr.148 – Div.Nr.172 – 202 Inf.Bde.
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Steppuhn
OKH Reserves:
112 Inf.Div.
197 Inf.Div.
Wkr.XIII: Div.Nr.173 – Div.Nr.193 – z.b.V.Div.413
CO: Gen.d.Art. von Cochenhausen
OKH Reserves:
113 Inf.Div.
713 Inf.Div.
Wkr.XVII: Div.Nr.177 – Div.Nr.187 – z.b.V.Div.417 – 204 Inf.Bde.
CO: Gen.d.Art. Streccius
OKH Reserves:
Stab XXXX (40) Armeekorps (mot.)
60 Mot.Inf.Div.
Wkr.XVIII: Div.Nr.188
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Schaller-Kalibe
OKH Reserves:
79 Inf.Div.
Wkr.XX: Div.Nr.156 – Div.Nr.166 – z.b.V.Div.428
CO: Gen.d.Inf. Bock
Wkr.XXI: z.b.V.Div.429 – z.b.V.Div.431
CO: Gen.d.Art. Petzel
WKr.”Bohemia&Morovia”: z.b.V.Div.539 – z.b.V.Div.540
CO: unknown at this time

VII (07) (Ital) Corps:
CO: unknown at this time
"Friuli" 20 (Ital) Inf.Div. {arrived from the Balkans}
(Ital) Autotransportabile Corps (returned from Balkans)
CO: Gen. Pafundi
"Littorio" 133 (Ital) Arm.Div. {arrived from the Balkans}
"Pasubio" 9 (Ital) Auto.Div. *{awaiting transfer to CSIR}
"Piave" 10 (Ital) Auto.Div. {arrived from the Balkans}
CO: unknown at this time
Army Reserves:
"Pistoia" 16 (Ital) Inf.Div.
"Trieste" 101 (Ital) Mot.Inf.Div.
IX (09) (Ital) Corps:
CO: unknown at this time
"Bari" 47 (Ital) Inf.Div. {arrived from the Balkans}
(Ital) Command “Sicily”:
XII (12) (Ital) Corps:
CO: unknown at this time
"Aosta" 28 (Ital) Inf.Div.
"Napoli" 54 (Ital) Inf.Div.
(Ital) Command “Sardinia”:
XIII (13) (Ital) Corps:
CO: unknown at this time
"Sabauda" 30 (Ital) Inf.Div.
"Calabria" 31 (Ital) Inf.Div.
"Cremona" 44 (Ital) Inf.Div.
CO: unknown at this time
(Facing Germany from Brennero to Lubiana in case German/Allied
peace-feelers of May 1941 had been accepted.)
(All units below returning from the Balkans):
“Emmanuele Filiberto Testa di Ferro” 2 (Ital) Celere Div.
"Lupi.di Toscana" 7 (Ital) Inf.Div.
“Centauro” 131 (Ital) Arm.Div.
“Tridentina” 2 (Ital) Alpine Div.
"Taro" 48 (Ital) Inf.Div.

CO: General d’Armata Ion Antonescu
A R M I E S:
CO: Gen.d.Corp (Rum) D.Popescu
C O R P S:
I (01) (Rum) Corps:
CO: Gen.d.Divizie (Rum) T.Ionescu
VI (06) (Rum) Corps:
CO: Gen.d.Divizie (Rum) C.Dragalina
VII (07) (Rum) Corps:
CO: Gen.d.Divizie (Rum) F.Mitranescu
X (10) (Rum) Corps:
CO: Maj.Gen. C.Constantinescu
Frontier-Guards Corps:
CO: Gen.d.Divizie (Rum) I.Negulescu
4 (Rum) Frt.Grd.Regt.
7 (Rum) Frt.Grd.Regt.
3 (Rum) Frt.Grd.Regt.
6 (Rum) Frt.Grd.Regt.
8 (Rum) Frt.Grd.Regt.
I (01) (Rum) Territorial Army Corps:
CO: Gen.d.Divizie (Rum) M.Manafu
II (02) (Rum) Territorial Army Corps:
CO: Gen.d.Divizie (Rum) N.Palageanu
III (03) (Rum) Territorial Army Corps:
CO: Gen.d.Divizie (Rum) C.Voiculescu
V (05) (Rum) Territorial Army Corps:
CO: Gen.d.Divizie (Rum) C.Vasiliu-Rascanu
VI (06) (Rum) Territorial Army Corps:
CO: Gen.d.Divizie (Rum) G.Stavrescu
1 (Rum) Inf.Div.
2 (Rum) Inf.Div.
3 (Rum) Inf.Div.
4 (Rum) Inf.Div.
18 (Rum) Inf.Div.
19 (Rum) Inf.Div.
20 (Rum) Inf.Div.
25 (Rum) Res.Div.
27 (Rum) Res.Div.
30 (Rum) Res.Div.
31 (Rum) Res.Div.
32 (Rum) Res.Div.
1 (Rum) Cav.Bde.
9 (Rum) Cav.Bde.
3 (Rum) Mtn.Bde.
1 (Rum) Marine Regt.
1 (Rum) Signals Bde:
1 (Rum) Sigs.Regt.
2 (Rum) Sigs.Regt.
3 (Rum) Sigs.Regt.
1 (Rum) Railroad Bde:
1 (Rum) Railroad Regt.
2 (Rum) Railroad Regt.
1 (Rum) Bridge Engineer Regt.
(Rum) Anti-Aircraft Defence Command:
1 A.A.Regt.
2 A.A.Regt.
3 A.A.Regt.
4 A.A.Regt.
5 A.A.Regt.
6 A.A.Regt.

CO: Chief of Staff – Lt.Gen. (Bulg) N.Hadzhi-Petrov
Bulgarian Armed Forces Reserves:
1 (Bulg) Cav.Div. (with 5 Army – Macedonia)
2 (Bulg) Cav.Div. (with 5 Army – Macedonia)
(Bulg) Arm.Regt.
(Bulg) Air Defence Regt.
CO: unknown at this time.
(HQ: in the Aegean Province)
1 (Bulg) Inf.Div. (Aegean Province)
11 (Bulg) Res.Div. (Aegean Province)
7 (Bulg) Inf.Div. (Aegean Province)
21 (Bulg) Res.Div. (behind in Bulgaria)
17 (Bulg) Res.Div. (behind in Bulgaria)
1 (Bulg) Border Guard Regt. (behind in Bulgaria)
2 (Bulg) Border Guard Regt. (behind in Bulgaria)
CO: unknown at this time.
2 (Bulg) Inf.Div.
12 (Bulg) Inf.Div.
8 (Bulg) Inf.Div.
10 (Bulg) Inf.Div.
3 (Bulg) Border Guard Regt.
4 (Bulg) Border Guard Regt.
CO: unknown at this time.
3 (Bulg) Inf.Div.
4 (Bulg) Inf.Div.
5 (Bulg) Border Guard Regt.
6 (Bulg) Border Guard Regt.
13 (Bulg) Res.Div. (with 1 Army – Aegean)
CO: unknown at this time.
5 (Bulg) Inf.Div.
7 (Bulg) Border Guard Regt.
8 (Bulg) Border Guard Regt.
6 (Bulg) Inf.Div. (with 5 Army – Serbia)
16 (Bulg) Inf.Div. (with 1 Army – Aegean)
9 (Bulg) Inf.Div. (with 1 Army – Aegean)
CO: unknown at this time.
(HQ: in Serbia & Macedonia)
14 (Bulg) Inf.Div. (Skoplje, Macedonia)
15 (Bulg) Inf.Div. (Bitolki, Macedonia)
16 (Bulg) Inf.Div. (Xanthe, Greece)

(30 May 1941)
CO: Admiral (Hung) Horthy
Hungarian Armed Forces Reserves:
(Hung) Mobile Corps: (with Carpathian Army Group)
CO: Gen. (Hung) Miklos
1 (Hung) Mot.Bde. (with Carpathian Army Group)
2 (Hung) Mot.Bde. (with Carpathian Army Group)
1 (Hung) Cav.Bde. (with Carpathian Army Group)
2 (Hung) Cav.Bde. {to eastern front in mid-July}
(Hung) Antiaircraft (A.A.) Corps:
CO: unknown at this time.
1 (Hung) A.A.Bde.
2 (Hung) A.A.Bde.
CO: Lt.Gen. (Hung) I.Schweitzer
I (01) (Hung) Corps:
CO: Maj.Gen. (Hung) I.Ruszkiczay-Rudiger
1 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
2 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
3 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
II (02) (Hung) Corps:
CO: Maj.Gen. (Hung) G.Hennyey
4 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
5 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
6 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
III (03) (Hung) Corps:
CO: Maj.Gen. (Hung) L.Kiss
7 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
8 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
9 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
CO: Lt.Gen. (Hung) G.Jany
IV (04) (Hung) Corps:
CO: Maj.Gen. (Hung) L.Horvath
10 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
11 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
12 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
V (05) (Hung) Corps:
CO: Maj.Gen. (Hung) A.Silley
13 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
14 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
15 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
VI (06) (Hung) Corps:
CO: Maj.Gen. (Hung) J.Bajnoczy
16 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
17 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
18 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
66 (Hung) Border Guard Regt.
CO: Lt.Gen. (Hung) E.Gorondy-Novak
VII (07) (Hung) Corps:
CO: Maj.Gen. (Hung) G.Nagy
19 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
20 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
21 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
VIII (08) (Hung) Corps: (HQ becomes Carpathian Army Group)
CO: Maj.Gen. (Hung) F.Szombathelyi
22 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
23 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
24 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
1 (Hung) Mtn.Bde. (with Carpathian Army Group)
8 (Hung) Mtn.Border Guard Bde. (with Carpathian Army Group)
IX (09) (Hung) Corps:
CO: Maj.Gen. (Hung) L.Stirling
25 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
26 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
27 (Hung) Inf.Bde.
9 (Hung) Border Guard Bde.


The following is the list of people who have, in some way, contributed to the completion of the sixteen OOB’s in this set:
Andreas Altenberger, Steen Amentrop, Harri Anttonen, Christoph Awender, Ivan Bajlo, Loic Bonal, Jim Broshot, Alex Buchner, Dr. Prit Buttar, Enrico Cernuschi, Dr. Chung, David C. Clarke, Hugh M. Cole, Grecu Dan-Simion, Sven D’Haeseleer, Andreas Dufel, Trevor N. Dupuy, Roger Edwards, Britt Exton, Jon Fitzgerald, William S. Frisbee Jr., Sid Guttridge, Werner Haupt, James Heddleston, Michael Holms, Tom Houlihan, Jerry, Bjorn Jervas, Ron Klages, Janusz Ledwoch, Jan Linzmaier, Jason Long, Arturo Lorioli, Bill McCroden, Samuel W. Mitcham Jr., Llkka Mutanen, George F.Nafziger, Douglas E. Nash, Alan Newark, Dr. Leo Niehorster, Victor Nitu, George Parada, Federico Peyrani, Jason Pipes, Luca Pontoni, Dragos Pusca, Bruce Quarrie, Abel Ravasz, Dan Reinbold, Bill Russ, Jost W. Schneider, George Smithson, Dackel Staffel, Stauffenberg, Enrico Tagliazucchi, George Tessin, Nigel Thomas, Marcus Wendel, Alan Wilson, David Wormell, Mark C. Yerger, Nicklas Zetterling,
Earl F. Ziemke.

It can fe found under:
Signed: "The Shadow"

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