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Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2019 4:02 pm
by Foilist
Hello all,
A dear friend of mine had a father (deceased) who served at the Battle of Stalingrad and remarkably survived. He was a Pole who fought for the Polish resistance in Warsaw but was detained by the Nazis and conscripted in to the Luftwaffe and ended up in the hell of Stalingrad. He narrowly escaped by feigning death in extraordinary circumstances, whilst hiding amongst the dead and wounded he rolled away from the tracks of a Soviet tank at the last second whilst the Russians were machine gunning anything that moved!
He then somehow made his way to Italy and fought for the resistance there against the German occupying forces. So managed to fight on opposing sides twice! He eventually made his way to England, married a Lancashire lass and produced some very fine children. Obviously a seriously tough SOB!
Anyway, my question is, would there be any records available now of this extraordinary man's history with the Luftwaffe and where could I find it?
Thank you