Prelude to D-Day.

The Allies 1939-1945, and those fighting against Germany.

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Prelude to D-Day.

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Hello to all :D; some brief statistics about it.............................

Prelude to D-Day.

The essential condition to the success of any amphibious operation is the delivery in fighting trim, of the right men with their equipment and supplies, in the right place and at the right time.

Some measure of the task with which the joint British Movement Control and United States Transportation Corps organization had to deal is evident from the following brief statistics:

Period - Personnel embarked - Vehicles loaded - Stores loaded Tons
D -26 to D -12 --- --- 95.200
D -11 to D-1 154,000 - 23,000 - 19,300
D to D +24 322,000 - 65,100 - 333,500
It is interesting to note that the numbers of British personnel and vehicles in ships or craft on D minus 1 corresponded closely with those shipped to France during the first four weeks of the war.

Period - Personnel embarked - Vehicles loaded - Stores loaded Tons
D -26 to D-12 --- --- {
D-11 toD-1 133,000 - 18,200 {108,200
D to D +24 320,000 - 67,400 - 284,900

{ the figure covers the two consecutive periods.

As far as possible, waterproofing was done within formation and unit resources. This, however, was quite inadequate, and the War Office had to provide over 3,800 men who were working continuously for the four months prior to D-day on waterproofing alone. It is interesting to note that 950,000 man hours were spent in waterproofing reserve vehicles.

Prelude to D-Day. Digested at the Command and General Staff School from an article in The Army Quarterly (Great Britain) January 1945. Military Review 1945.

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