Question concerning Belgian a 75mm battery

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Question concerning Belgian a 75mm battery

Post by daveh » Thu Jul 14, 2016 7:29 am

The book "Organisation de l'Armee sur le Pied de Guerre"
lists the following as the number of men, horses and vehicles in an artillery battery:

3 officers
17 NCOs
128 men

3 officer's riding horses
21 horses
13 bicycles

4 guns and 24 horses
8 caissons and 48 horses
1 Commander's caisson and 6 horses
1 battery caisson and 6 horses
1 rations wagon and 6 horses
1 field kitchen and 2 horses

It however gives no further information about the organization of the artillery battery.
I know there was a "batterie de combat "and a" Echelon the ravitaillement" but have no further information.
Can anyone provide any further information, preferably a complete organization for a 75mm horse-drawn artillery battery

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