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Brygada Bombowa - September 1939.

Posted: Sat Oct 17, 2015 5:55 am
by tigre
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Brygada Bombowa - September 1939.

The operational plan adopted by the Polish High Command expected the mobilization of nine squadrons of bombers, including four equipped with nine PZL-P37B "Los" and five squadrons equipped with ten PZL-23B "Karas". These squadrons were grouped in a Bomber Brigade with the following deployment:

II. Group (Squadrons 21 and 22 - 20 Karas) deployed at Wsola in Radom area; VI. Group (Squadrons 64 and 65 - 20 Karas) deployed at Nosow near Biala Podlaska; Squadron 55 (autonomous - 10 Karas) near Radzyn; X. Group (Squadrons 211 and 212 - 18 Los) deployed near Demblin and XV. Group (Squadrons 215 and 217 - 18 Los) deployed near Demblin.

The VI. Group entered into action on September 2, 1939; the II. Group on September 3, 1939 and the X and XV Groups on September 4, 1939.

Precisely on September 3, 1939 around 09:00 hours, the Karas of the II. Group attacked armored columns of the XVI. AK (Mot) in the region Radomsk - Kamiensk, losing six aircraft in the process but destroying 30% of the enemy column ............

As a data the PZL-P37B "Los" could carry 1 ton of bombs, while the PZL-23B "Karas" only 400 kgs.

Sources: Campaign 1939. Poland Robert Jars.
Der Zweite Weltkrieg. J. Piekalkiewicz.

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Re: Brygada Bombowa - September 1939.

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2016 8:50 am
by tigre
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The 212 Bomb Squadron.

It was part of the X. Bomb Group and its staff and planes were from the 1st Aviation Regiment in Warsaw. The commander of the squadron was kpt. pil. (captain Pilot) Stanisław Wołkowiński (wounded and taken to hospital in Lodz on September 4, 1939) and Commander of the group was pplk pil. (Lieutenant Colonel pilot) Józef Werakso. As of 1 September it had 287 Squadron personnel (48 flight crew and 239 technicians). The squadron was equipped with nine PZL - 37B "Los" (1 without additional containers) and 1 Fokker F VII.

Development of combat operations 212 Bomb Squadron - September 1939.

02.IX.39 two aircraft of the squadron made the reconnoissance of the routes in the region of Czestochowa and Radom from the airfield at Ułęż
03.IX.39. Transfer from the airfield at Ułęż to airfield at Kuciny near to Alexandrów Łódzki.
4.IX.39. Squadron's aircrafts bombed enemy columns on the roads located in the vicinity of Wielun (4 planes did not return from the mission, and others returned with numerous damages) after the bombing, partial evacuation of the aircraft to airfields Grójec and Ułęż near Deblin.
05.IX.39. Evacuation of the rest of the squadron.
06-10.IX.39. The squadron was not operational due to the evacuation and reorganization.
10.IX.39. Since Gnojno airfield near Włodzimierz an aircraft carried out a mission of reconnoissance and bombing of enemy columns on the roads of the Jarosław-Przeworsk area.
11.IX.39. The squadron did not make combat operations because it did not have aircrafts in service.
12.IX.39. A patrol flight in the vicinity of aerodromes.
13.IX.39. A plane made reconnaissance of the roads in the region: Hrubieszów-Lubartów-Chełm-Zamość-Hrubieszów-Włodzimierz.
14.IX.39. Change to the airfield at Wielicko .
16.IX.39. Switching to airfield at Gwoździec Stary.
17.IX.39. In the afternoon the squadron crossed the Romanian border and went to Chernivtsi.

Detail of the casualties of September 4, 1939.

The 3rd Platoon of the 212. Bomb Squadron, commanded by porucznika obserwatora (Lieutenant observer) Kazimierz Żukowski not then returned to accomplish the mission.

The aircraft by. obs. Kazimierz Zhukovsky was shot down over the village of Ślądkowice and fell on the field of Stefan Dychto. The entire crew perished: por. obs. Kazimierz Zukowski, the sierż. pil. (Sgt. Pil.) Joseph Siwik, kpr. Strzelcy (corporal gunner) Wladyslaw Kramarczyk and Alexander Stepnowski. Buried in the cemetery of Dłutowie.

The aircraft of ppor. obs. Kazimierz Dzika downed in aerial combat but managed to land in the village of Dłutówek (in a young wood at a distance of about 6 km from the town of Ślądkowice). Two crew members parachuted (kpr. Strz. Aleksander Danielak and Konstanty Gołębiowski) and the other two landed with the plane on fire but were rescued by two young men working in a nearby field (ppor. Obs. Kazimierz Dzik and ppor. Pil. Feliks Mazak).

The aircraft of ppor. obs. Mieczyslaw Bąkowski went down in flames in the meadows of the village area of ​​Patoki (about 8 km from the town of Ślądkowice) near Drużbice. Only saved kpr. Pil. Kazimierz Kaczmarek, who parachuted (injured rescued by the Polish army). The other three died in the spot and were buried in the cemetery of Drużbice. Crew: ppor. obs. Mieczyslaw Bykowski, kpr. pil. Kazimierz Kaczmarek, kpr. Strzelcy Marian Gargol and Lucjan Zimmerman.


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