2/11th Sikh Regiment and 4/11th Sikh Regiment

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2/11th Sikh Regiment and 4/11th Sikh Regiment

Post by DocAmerica » Sun Aug 28, 2011 11:48 pm

I am interested in information for both. I have much on the 4/11th Sikh Regiment, but I was curious about the 2/11th Sikh regiment from the time in Haifa from October 1943 to June 1944 when they when to Italy, and then later, as part of Force 140 in Salonika, Greece and their role there. Detail unit histories would be really appreciated but I'd be grateful for any and all information. Thanks.

Also, I have posted on this subject on a different topic just because someone brought it up, but here is some info about the two:

For the 2nd Royal battalion/11th Sikh Regiment (Ludhiana Sikhs), they were with the 25th Indian Brigade from 16 June 1942 to 14 August 1942. Thereafter, they were with the 20th Indian Brigade from 15 August 1942 and left for Cyprus on 17 August from Port Said (where the HMT Princess Marguerite carrying the 1st King's Own from the 20th Brigade were torpedoed by U-83 with the survivors picked up by the HMS Hero and brought back to Port Said, and the 20th Brigade finally reembarked the next day for Cyprus). The 2/11 Sikhs I have until 4 October 1943 with the 20th Brigade but no clue about unit history, locations, or actions from then until they leave Haifa, Palestine to join the 7th Indian Brigade of the 4th Indian Division in Italy on 9 June 1944.

Anyone have any information to fill in the gap between 4 Oct 1943 to 9 June 1944 for the 2/11 Sikh?

As for the 18th Brigade at Deir el Shein, the 4/11th Sikhs were on the NW of the box, the 2/5 Essex on the NE, the 2/3 Gurkhas on the E in a semi circle, and the 66th Field Company of Sappers & Miners on the SW. They were supported by 7 Matildas of the 42nd Royal Tank Regiment, 4 medium machine guns of the Cheshire Regiment, 2-pounders and 6 pounders manned by South African and Welsh units. Oh, and the 32nd Field Ambulance had an Advanced Dressing Station too. Sorry, I don't really remember all the other units outside of the main battalions of the 18th Brigade since there was a huge mess in setting up the box, the 18th Brigade had no signal equipment, very little ammunition, and the supporting artillery came in too late and because the area of Deir el Shein was bedrock, there was not enough time to dig the guns in. As for the result of the battle, the Sikhs were overrun at 1730 hours, the Gurkhas at 1900 hours and Essex by 1930 hours. The Sikhs lost 3 officers and 370 other ranks with 7 officers and 500 other ranks missing. The Gurkhas lost 12 officers and 580 men, not sure of how many missing, but their commanding officer was captured.

Having said all that, does anyone know the unit history of the 4/11 Sikhs from April 1942 to June 1942? I know that the 4th Indian Division was going through some reorganization in Cyprus, switching from the British 8th Army to the 9th Army, but when did they transfer to the 18th Brigade from the 7th Brigade?
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