Bathurst class corvette

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Bathurst class corvette

Post by von_noobie » Tue Oct 06, 2009 7:46 pm

Just being looking into some of the stuff done by my country, Australia =) and Came by the bathurst class corvettes.. So far i know that 60 where built.. 4 for India.. 20 paid by the Admirilty in Uk (I think.. not sure) and 36 Paid by Australia.. In all 56 of the 60 Corvettes where operated by Australians (i think).. Was wondering if others had any more information on them.. And how effective they where .. To my understanding they had several effctive uses (Escorts, Mine sweepers, Anti submarine warfar, Bombarding, transporting troops, and even hydrographic surveys.

Any addition/deatiled information will be gladly appriciated, Cheers :D

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