Allied Gens KIA?

The Allies 1939-1945, and those fighting against Germany.

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Post by ericv » Tue Mar 04, 2003 2:43 pm

Brigadier general Kenneth N. walker, commander of V Bomber Command. The MoH was awarded posthumously.. Probable date of death 5-jan 1943

*WALKER, KENNETH N. (Air Mission)

Rank and organization: Brigadier General, U.S. Army Air Corps, Commander of V Bomber Command. Place and date: Rabaul, New Britain, 5 January 1943. Entered service at. Colorado. Birth: Cerrillos, N. Mex. G.O. No.: 13, 11 March 1943. Citation: For conspicuous leadership above and beyond the call of duty involving personal valor and intrepidity at an extreme hazard to life. As commander of the 5th Bomber Command during the period from 5 September 1942, to 5 January 1943, Brig. Gen. Walker repeatedly accompanied his units on bombing missions deep into enemy-held territory. From the lessons personally gained under combat conditions, he developed a highly efficient technique for bombing when opposed by enemy fighter airplanes and by antiaircraft fire. On 5 January 1943, in the face of extremely heavy antiaircraft fire and determined opposition by enemy fighters, he led an effective daylight bombing attack against shipping in the harbor at Rabaul, New Britain, which resulted in direct hits on 9 enemy vessels. During this action his airplane was disabled and forced down by the attack of an overwhelming number of enemy fighters.

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Here’s a list of general officers of the US Armed forces that died during WWII. This time I’ve left out KIAs, so the list only contains MIAs, accidental deaths or death by natural reasons. My definition of KIA is by the way instant death as result of enemy action or weapons. This is the reason I left out Patrick, Pratt, Keerans & Wharton in my previously posting.

US Army:

BG Charles H. Barth Jr. was killed in an airplane crash in Iceland on May 3, 1943
BG Gordon De L. Carrington died on August 21, 1944
MG Malin Craig died on July 25, 1945
BG Donald A. Davison died in India on May 6, 1944
BG Guy O. Fort was executed by the Japanese on November 9 or 13, 1942
BG John H. Gardner died on October 11, 1944
BG Creswell Garlington died on March 11, 1945
BG Lloyd H. Gibbons died on April 7, 1945
BG James F.C. Hyde died of a hearth attach on August 7, 1944
MG Stonewall Jackson was killed in an airplane crash on October 13, 1943
BG Charles L. Keerans Jr. was killed in a jump over Sicily on July 11, 1943
BG Walter G. Layman died in the United Kingdom on September 24, 1944
BG Vincente Lim was executed by the Japanese in late 1944 or early 1945
BG Albert K.B. Lyman died in Hawaii on August 17, 1942
MG Frank C. Mahin was killed in a plane crash in Tennessee on July 24, 1942
BG Alan McBride died while a POW in the Philippines on May 9, 1944
LG Leslie J. McNair was killed by an Allied bomb at St.Lô in France on July 23, 1944
MG Paul W. Newgarden was killed in an airplane crash in Tennessee July 14, 1944
BG Edwin D. Patrick dies from wounds in action on Luzon on March 14, 1945
BG William D. Powell died in China on October 6, 1943
BG Don F. Pratt was killed in a glider crash at Normandy on July 6, 1944
BG Thomas E. Roderick died in Africa on September 21, 1944
BG Theodore Roosevelt Jr. died in Cherbourg in France on July 12, 1944
MG Edwin M. Watson died on February 20. 1945


BG James R. Anderson was killed in a plane crash at Kwajalin on February 26, 1945
LG Frank M. Andrews was killed in a plane crash in Iceland on May 3, 1943
MG Herbert A. Dargue was killed in a plane crash in California December 12, 1941
BG Asa A. Duncan went MIA in Europe on November 17, 1942
BG Donald R. Goodrich died on July 12, 1945
BG David D. Graves went MIA over Italy
LG Millard F. Harmon was lost in a flight over the Pacific on February 26, 1945
BG Henry W. Harms died on June 4, 1945
BG Alfred J. Lyon died on December 1, 1942
BG Arthur B. McDaniel died on December 26, 1943
BG Earl L. Naiden died on September 20, 1944*
BG Douglas B. Netherwood was killed in an airplane crash in Florida on August 19, 1943*
MG Robert Olds died on April 28, 1943
BG Howard K. Ramey went MIA over New Guinea in March 1943
BG Clinton W. Russell died on March 23, 1943
BG Willis R. Taylor died in the Canal Zone on June 14, 1945*
MG Clarence L. Tinker was killed in a plane crash at Wake Island on June 7, 1943
BG Kenneth N. Walker went MIA over Rabaul on January 5, 1943
BG Carlyle H. Wash was killed in a plane crash in Alabama on January 26, 1943

* All had return to the rank of colonel at the time of their death

US Navy (Beside Jack’s list):

RA Frank T. Leighton died on November 23, 1943
RA Ernest G. Small died on December 26, 1944


MG Charles D. Barrett accidentally killed on October 8, 1943
BG David L.S. Brewster died on July 10, 1945
MG William H. Rupertus died of a heart attach on March 25, 1945
MG William P. Upshur was killed in a plane crash in Alaska on August 18, 1943

Hope the information proves useful

Btw. Could anybody provide me with James E. Wharton's year of birth and date of promotion to BG?
Kind Regards
Steen Ammentorp
The Generals of World War II

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Post by Sam H. » Fri Mar 07, 2003 1:07 pm

Who was the US general killed during the break out (Operation Cobra?) from Normandy? I believe that he was the hightest ranking American officer to die of wounds in Europe (he was the victim of friendly fire - USAAF bombed his position)

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Lt. Gen. Leslie McNair

Post by John W. Howard » Sat Mar 08, 2003 12:15 am

Hi Sam:
It was Lt. Gen. Leslie McNair. Best Wishes.
John W. Howard

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More Information

Post by Jack Nisley » Fri Mar 14, 2003 7:22 am

Update to my list of USN Admirals:

VADM Willis A. Lee, heart attack, 25 Aug 1945
RADM Charles P. Cecil, plane crash in Ellice Islands, 31 July 1944

Royal Navy Admirals KIA:

RADM Blagrove, Commander 2nd Battle Squadron, on HMS ROYAL OAK in Scapa Flow, 14 Oct 1939
VADM L.E. Holland, Commander BattleCruiser Squadron, on HMS HOOD at Denamark Strait, 24 May 1941
ADN T. Phillips, Commander Force Z, on HMS PRINCE OF WALES off Malaya, 10 Dec 1941

British Generals KIA (Additions to Steen's list on his web site):

Brigadier R. V. C. Cavendish, 6th Brigade, 14th Indian Div, captured by Japanese, killed by British artillery fire, in Arakan, Burma 6 April 1943
Brigadier Goschen, 4th Brigade, 2nd British Div, Kohima, India, 7 May 1944
MG Ord Wingate, GOC 3rd Indian Div (Special Force), "The Chindits", plane crash at Imphal, India, 24 March 1944
One other Brigadier was killed at Kohima. I believe it was Hawkins, 5th Brigade, 2nd British Div, but I can't confirm it.


Most of the Brits are listed on your site, but these are updates. Info from "Burma: The Longest War" by Louis Allen.
Regarding BG James E. Wharton, USA: Can't find his promotion date, but he was the ADC of 9th Inf Div from 24 July 1944 until assigned as Commander of 28th Inf Div on 12 Aug 1944.

Jack Nisley

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"Fallen in Battle"

Post by Ken McCanliss » Fri Mar 28, 2003 10:06 am

The definitive published work on American general and flag officer casualties (of all wars) is "Fallen in Battle: American General Officer Combat Fatalities From 1775", by Russell K. Brown (Greenwood Press, 1988. ISBN: 0-313-26242-X).

Besides the excellent biographies which are the main body of the book, there are seven appendices at the end, which in themselves are worth the price of this volume. In short - highly recommended!

(BTW: James Edward Wharton was born in 1894, and promoted to Brigadier General on 15 Mar 1942.)

Jack Nisley
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Fallen in Battle

Post by Jack Nisley » Thu Apr 03, 2003 11:20 am

So many books, so little money!

Ken, how did we do on compiling our list?

Jack Nisley

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Post by Ken McCanliss » Thu Apr 03, 2003 11:34 pm


I just saw the above mentioned book listed at the Advanced Book Exchange ( for $25

Several names are missing from the foregoing lists. These are some of which I am aware:

Killed in Action -

BG Nathan Bedford Forrest III, USAAF
BG Lloyd Henry Gibbons
BG Don Forrester Pratt

Missing in Action -

LG Millard Fillmore Harmon, Jr.
MG Clarence Leonard Tinker
BG James Roy Anderson
BG Asa North Duncan
BG Howard Knox Ramey

Died of Wounds -

Edwin Davies Patrick

Killed in Aircraft Accidents -

BG Harold Huston George, USAAF
Commodore James Alexander Logan

Died Natural Deaths While on Active Duty -

MG Alexander Edward Anderson, National Guard
BG Harry Dwight Chamberlin
BG Donald Reuben Goodrich, USAAF
BG Clinton Warden Russell, USAAF
ADM Henry Ariosto Wiley (ret.)
RADM James Morgan Minter (Medical Corps)
RADM Walton Roswell Sexton (ret.)

Hopefully, I did not dulicate any names already mentioned; also, I may have missed others that should appear above, but this is what I came up with after a quick comparison with Prof. Brown's lists. There is a whole category of names dealt with in the book that I did not include in the above lists; these are the general officers of the Philippine Constabulary and Philippine Scouts, which officially formed a part of the U.S. Army. Guy Osborne Fort and Vicente Lim, among others, fit into this category.

Hope you find this helpful.

Jack Nisley
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Allied Generals KIA

Post by Jack Nisley » Fri Apr 04, 2003 10:36 am



Jack Nisley

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Re: Allied Gens KIA?

Post by Domen123 » Mon Apr 13, 2009 2:14 pm

Polish generals:

5 active service generals:

Brigadier General Józef Kustroń - commander of 21 DPG - KIA on 16.09.1939
Brigadier General Franciszek Wład - commander of 14 DP - WIA on 17.09.1939 by artillery fire, DoW on 18.09.1939
Brigadier General Stanisław Grzmot-Skotnicki - commander of GO "Czersk" - WIA on 18.09.1939, DoW on 19.09.1939
Brigadier General Mikołaj Bołtuć - commander of GO "Wschód" - KIA on 22.09.1939
Brigadier General Józef Olszyna-Wilczyński - commander of DOK III Grodno - captured and murdered by Soviet soldiers on 22.09.1939

+ 3 retired generals:

Brigadier General (since 01.02.1921 retired) Stanisław Dziewulski count of Rawicz - Wounded In Action during the battle of Warsaw 1939 (he participated in combats as a volunteer), DoW on 18.10.1939 in Warsaw
Divisional General (since 02.1923 retired) Eugeniusz Henning de Michaelis - murdered by German soldiers in Sinołęka in September of 1939
Brigadier General (since 31.03.1930 retired) Mikołaj Majewski - killed during the German air bombing of Ujazdowski Hospital in Warsaw on 14.09.1944


Further 3 Polish generals were murdered in German concentration camps, 4 died in German captivity, 11 generals (including 6 retired) and one rearadmiral were murdered by Russians in 1940 in Katyn, 2 more were murdered and one died in Russian captivity, 2 died in 1940 and in 1941 in USSR in prisons or during exile.

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Re: Allied Gens KIA?

Post by nigelfe » Fri Apr 24, 2009 10:37 pm

UK Divisional commanders (all major general although some acting) from Joslen's ORBATs (which don't included Indian divs but do include African ones, and don't include any corps comds or other general officer positions). You'll note that a couple of the wounded became field marshals and one name occurs thrice.

1 Abn Div - GH Hopkinson, died of wounds, 12/9/43
1 Armd Div - H Lumsden, wounded, 19/7/43
1 Armd Div - AH Gatehouse, wounded, 22/7/43
2 Armd Div - JC Tilly, died, 5/1/43
2 Armd Div - MD Gambier-Parry, PoW, 8/4/41
3 Inf Div - TG Rennie, wounded, 13/6/44
6 Armd Div - GWR Templar, wounded, 5/8/44
7 Armd Div - JC Cambell VC, died (traffic accident), 23/2/41
7 Armd Div - AF Harding, wounded, 19/1/43
18 Inf Div - MB Beckith-Smith, PoW, 15/2/42
47 Inf Div - CC Malden, killed, 15/3/41
51 Inf Div - VM Fortune, PoW, 12/6/40
51 Inf Div - TG Rennie, killed, 24/3/45
56 Inf Div - EG Miles, wounded, 5/5/43

Brigadiers are not, of course, general officers, Joslen reveals the following brigade commanders.
1 Army Tk Bde - WOL O'Carroll, PoW, 1/6/42
1 Para Bde - GW Lathbury, wounded, 19/9/44 (Lt Col Frost acting bde comd wounded next day)
2 (West African) Bde - EWD Weston, wounded, 15/3/45
3 Armd Bde - RGW Rimmington, PoW, 6/4/41
4 Armd Bde - JC Currie, killed, 26/6/44
4 Inf Bde - WH Goschen, kia, 7/5/44
4 Inf Bde - JA Theobalds, died of wounds, 16/5/44
5 Inf Bde - VFS Hawkins, wounded, 12/5/44
4 Para Bde - JW Hackett, wounded, 24/9/44
6 Aldg Bde - Hon HKM Kindersley, wounded, 12/6/44
6 Gds Armd Bde - Sir W Bartellot Bart, killed, 18/8/44
6 Inf Bde - DW Furlong, killed, 5/9/40
6 Inf Bde - RVC Cavendish, killed, 6/4/43
6 Inf Bde - JD Shapland, wounded, 28/5/44
6 (West African) Bde - RN Cartright, died, 1/7/44
7 Spt Gp - The Viscount Garmoyle, died of wounds, 3/7/42
9 Inf Bde - JC Cunningham, wounded, 6/6/44
15 Inf Bde - HEF Smyth, wounded, 25/4/40
22 Gds Bde - GF Johnson. PoW, 20/6/40
22 Gds Bde - JA Gascoigne, wounded, 13/11/43
22 Gds Bde - RBR Colvin, wounded, 4/12/43
24 Inf Bde (Gds) - Hon W Fraser, wounded, 30/4/40
25 Tk Bde - RH Maxwell, wounded, 26/5/43
30 Inf Bde - C Nicholson, PoW, 26/5/40
35 Inf Bde - GHG Smith-Dorrien, killed, 13/9/44
22 Gds Bde - GRP Poupell, missing, 20/5/40
22 Gds Bde - B Howlett, killed, 30/11/43
22 Gds Bde - JG James, killed, 16/6/44
56 Inf Bde - MS Ekin, killed, 4/11/44
71 Inf Bde - V Blomfield, killed, 21/9/44
71 Inf Bde - M Elrington, killed, 23/4/45
129 Inf Bde - GHL Mole, died of wounds, 14/11/44
141 Inf Bde - VG Stokes, wounded, 13/4/42
145 Inf Bde - Hon NF Somerset, PoW, 29/5/40
150 Inf Bde - CW Haydon, killed, 1/6/42
151 Inf Bde - RH Senior, wounded, 6/6/44
151 Inf Bde - BB Walton, wounded, 16/6/44
154 Inf Bde - TG Rennie, wounded, 7/1/43
158 Inf Bde - GB Sugden, killed, 4/5/45
227 Inf Bde - JR Mackintosh-Walker, killed, 15/7/44
Hong Kong Inf Bde - JK Lawson, killed, 19/12/41

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Post by nigelfe » Sat Apr 25, 2009 1:50 am

Steen Ammentorp wrote:Hi Stefan,
Steen Ammentorp
The Generals of World War II
I suggest looking at Orders of Battle Vol 1 & 2 UK and Colonial Units in the Second World War 1939-45 prepared for the Historical Sect of the Cabinet Office by Lt Col HF Joslen, 1960. It lists all divisions and brigades (less Indian), including commanders and the dates they were in the position.

Also History of the Royal Regiment of Artillery - The Years of Defeat 1939-41, Gen Sir Martin Farndale, 1996. Annex J Some Prominent Gunners of the Second World War. This lists over 500 almost all brig and up with their appointments during the war. A quick look at a few entries on your site indicates it will fill in some details such as which div he was CRA of, also suggests some other posts for individuals and I think you'll find a few people missing from your lists. Unfortunately he doesn't give dates, but I think the order of a man's postings is correct.

Another is Farndale's History of the Royal Regiment of Artillery - The The Far East Theatre 1941-46, 2002, Annex V Senior Officers of the Artillery of the Commonwealth who served in the Far East 1939-46 this lists them all by HQ, including the RM AA brigade comds. I haven't compared Farndale's two lists!

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