Soviet 7th Independent Guards Heavy Tank Brigade Operational History

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Soviet 7th Independent Guards Heavy Tank Brigade Operational History

Post by deathvoltz » Thu Jul 15, 2021 2:57 pm

Hey all,

Does anyone know about the combat history of the 7th Independent(?) Heavy Guards Brigade? I've done a bit of digging myself and have found that they began the war in 1941 as the 46th Tank Division, as part of the 21st Mechanised Corps. They were then reformed as the 46th Tank Brigade, and was part of the Volkhov Front near Leningrad under the 4th Army from January 1942.

Source - ... nuary-1942

I then find that around 1944 they are designated the title of "Guards" and renamed as the 7th Guards Tank Brigade, and they fought around the arctic circle in the Petsamo–Kirkenes offensive.

Souce - ... ration.pdf

They then were converted into the 7th Independent Guards Heavy Tank Brigade when they had their T-34s changed for IS-2 heavy tanks. They then participated in the push towards and into Berlin.

Does anyone know where the unit was between January 1942 (Leningrad area) to around October 1944 (Petsamo–Kirkenes offensive). Did they take part in any major offensive/defensive actions around the Leningrad area, and where were they operating in between 1942 and October 1944? Sources would be welcome :)

If any of my info above is not correct, please do correct me!

Thanks in advance,

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