A15 Cruusader MkI

The Allies 1939-1945, and those fighting against Germany.

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Re: A15 Cruusader MkI

Post by Tom Gale » Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:57 am

My oh my!!!!
I took your first post the one from 3 years ago to be your attempt to have a bit of fun. Set yourself up as a quizmaster and then ask a trick question to see who would bite and stumble. All a bit of lighthearted fun. I decided to join in.
The converstaion then seemed to follow just that entertaining line. You stringing me along trying to get me to bite and respond to your trick question me stringing you along by not biting. The content of your posts has been largely humerous and occasionally confusing. Not upsetting at all. The only edge I saw was the silliness in your posts.
Prior to posting my suggestion that you can find the info on the internet I spent about 30 mins checking to see if you could. Two things stood out. Yes you could and also that a poster going by the name David W was part of the internet discussions where the key info is given. It confirmed to me that you already know the answer to your trick question and that this was indeed a thread designed to have a bit of fun.
Still stringing you along by not biting I posed the fun question whether you are just using the internet to get others to do your research for free.
And then you write your latest post. A post which seems to confirm a delusion that you do indeed feel entitled to just that. The idea that information not shared is lost is just so wrong. All the information I have comes from public sources such as archives, libraries, museums, books and the internet. Anybody can get it themselves. The idea that if I do not share my information with you it will be lost is just ridiculous. Sharing on the internet is not a device to prevent the loss of information it is a device for some to exploit the goodwill of others.
So then I reread the whole thread again in this new light.
[The last 3 months in 1941 can wait until later, so as not to over burden you with info to check.]
You really did expect me to be burdened with checking your info and them when I had done that you expected me to burden myself again with checking the next set you planned to send. As long as you are civil with your requests and you do not overburden me, you think that is exactly what this forum and others are for!!!!
[But believe me when I say I have spent many hours looking.]
You are not looking for information that you can then piece together to get the answer you need. You have already got that and cannot be bothered with doing the next step yourself. You are only looking for a single place that tells you exactly what you want in the way you want it. Convoy number, arrival date and exact list of tank types on board.
Since I joined this discussion how much time and effort have you put into sorting out all your information collecting new information and resolving the answer to your questions yourself? Any? Or have you spent your effort stringing me along to do it for you?
The information is there, you have already participated in the discussions where it is presented, but now you expected somebody else to piece it all together for you!!!
I am now moving forward. Are you standing still expecting somebody to come and carry you?

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