Commando comics - don't you just love them

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Commando comics - don't you just love them

Post by Worldwarstoday » Fri May 20, 2011 7:46 pm

Who else grew up reading Commando comics? I used to have HUNDREDS of them when I was a teenager and eagerly awaited the 8 new issues being released each month. Unfortunately I sold my collection and immediately started to regret it. :evil:

Fortunately they are very popular on e-bay and I'm rebuilding my collection. I never get tired of reading them and in recent years some of the stories have been set in modern day theatres of war such as the Falklands, Kosovo, Afghanistan etc.

Here's an article I wrote for my website on these great comics: ... nture.html

And if anyone is thinking of putting their collection on e-bay, I'll be interested. :D :[]

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