Hearts of Iron - Any strategy lovers out there?

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Hearts of Iron - Any strategy lovers out there?

Post by Chuikov » Tue Oct 01, 2002 12:15 am

Click here

This game is coming out pretty soon, and is looking excellent so far (speaking from experience as a beta tester.) It's World War II Grand Strategy, meaning you take the comparitive role of Stalin, Churchill, Hitler, Roosevelt, etc. and influence the course of the war from the very top levels. If you want to wait until 1943 to start the war, or launch Barbarossa in '42 instead of '41, or hold off on annexing the remainder of Czechoslovakia after the Sudetenland crisis, you're free to do so. It's also got one of the best and most active fan communities you'll ever find, since the company that's making it (Paradox) won quite a following from their Europa Universalis games.

EDIT: Should probably link to where the real meat is, as well, beyond that brief 'pamphlet' web page. Go to http://www.europa-universalis.com and go into the forums there.
"Shoot twice and go home." - Swiss response to Kaiser Wilhelm II's question in 1912 as to what the 250,000 Swiss militiamen would do if invaded by half a million German soldiers.

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Post by Sam H. » Tue Oct 01, 2002 9:59 am

Looks exciting ...when is it comming out?

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Post by Chuikov » Tue Oct 01, 2002 10:25 am

Sam H. wrote:Looks exciting ...when is it comming out?
Shouldn't be long now. Before Christmas, certainly, but maybe as soon as November.
"Shoot twice and go home." - Swiss response to Kaiser Wilhelm II's question in 1912 as to what the 250,000 Swiss militiamen would do if invaded by half a million German soldiers.

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Post by Wolf » Tue Oct 01, 2002 1:31 pm

Has it go a site that i could check it out on :?:
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Post by Chuikov » Tue Oct 01, 2002 6:16 pm

Dynamite121 wrote:Has it go a site that i could check it out on :?:
I put some links in my first message, but they're a bit hard to see. Check up there and click on them, they'll take you to info on the game.

Actually, there's a post on the HOI boards that has all of the features collected, from interviews and developer posts and so on. I'll post it here. Also, here's a screenshot that might appeal to this particular board (it's of non-Grognard mode; if you want, you can use traditional war game tiles with NATO symbols in place of the animated figures.) :D



open up new fronts in far-flung corners of the globe left untouched by the real conflict

focused more on the circumstances surrounding war such as military maneuvers, technological research, logistics, and diplomatic cooperation.

it is more of a grand campaign game

certain trigger events from real-world history will not take place no matter what the player does. events are hard to avoid, but can be avoidable at a great conscious effort. definitely will be included is the option to select which party will win elections in the democratic countries.

* * *

General gameplay

Every nation on earth will be playable. Vatican and Liechtenstein will not be in the game.

Government types: democracy, fascism, communism.
Fascist Faction:

National Socialist
Paternal Authoritarian

Democratic Faction:

Reformed Socialist

Communist Faction:

Left Wing Radical

December 31, 1947 is the end-date.

the timescale is adjustable for gamespeed


100 different ground, sea, and air units

Manpower (fused for raising units) is very much limited due to the short time period represented.

command thousands of military officers: most army, corps, and divisional commanders of every nation

You can send out submarines to hunt the other nations' convoy routes and order bombing missions on enemy cities and industries to reduce their capabilities.

combat resolution: It's a realtime game. No such thing as something resolved first.

The Maginot Line is in.

weather will affect combat, and bombing missions can usually not be flown in full storm

there will be night/day. Some technologies allow you to fight better at night. Its harder to find things at night.


There are three different sides to the conflict, and one side--the communist Comintern--can join either the Axis or the Allies, or stay neutral. The rest of the countries are neutrals and will be affected by diplomatic actions by the major powers

Command thousands of historical figures from heads of state to minor functionaries. Each country will have a government with historical persons: a head of state, a head of government, and eight ministers/staff chiefs. These ministers each have a distinct personality, which gives various benefits or penalties to their field of work. They also have various skill and loyalty levels. In an election you can change the whole cabinet in a sweep, but otherwise (between elections) you have a replacement pool with guys and girlies to promote.
The government structure consist of the following ministers:
Head of State
Head of Government
Foreign Minister
Armaments Minister
Minister of Security
Minister of Intelligence

The armed forces leadership is the folowing:
Chief of Staff
Chief of Army
Chief of Navy
Chief of AIr

You can 'Install Puppet Regime' and there will be a cabinet for them.

Coups are possible. There are what we call 'Shadow Cabinets'

Democratic nations cannot go on offensive wars without positive popular opinion at home or a parliament fully in favor of it. the opinion for war is primarily increased by Axis or Comintern success

there are some very interesting cooperative features. For example, as an Italian player you might let the Germans take control over almost your entire army on the eastern front while you focus on Africa. You can leave control to an ally.

Spies will be in the game.

Each country has a certain diplomatic influance.


War exhaustion is not in the game. There is something called dissent (among your population) which rise if you are unable to supply your population with adequate consumer goods and of course if you are loosing the war.

Resources: oil, iron, rubber, coal + supplies.

Technology research

provide logistics for your armies and develop new technologies and doctrines for your troops. We currently have about 700 technologies that can be researched, in 14 categories like rocket technologies and naval doctrines. (The system has been designed and researched by some military historians for almost a year!) There are different research strategies within each tech category. As an example, when you have researched the technology of the basic submachine gun, all new infantry units utilizing it will have better soft-attack values.

Doctrine is seperated from Technology Research

All the "Secret Weapon Projects" are designed to be included plus some real post-45 techs. Atomic weapons: cost to 'try' to development is very high


Complex convoy systems will be required to provide raw materials for your industries.

you will have to draw supply lines through occupied areas, with your HQ units acting like forward distribution points[/img]
"Shoot twice and go home." - Swiss response to Kaiser Wilhelm II's question in 1912 as to what the 250,000 Swiss militiamen would do if invaded by half a million German soldiers.

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Post by Maximilian » Sun Oct 20, 2002 2:15 pm

I like age of empires and things like that but that game above seems woderful,does it is like red alert or is like maps and things like that.
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Post by mikerock » Sun Oct 20, 2002 7:56 pm

Thier previous release "Europa Universalis" was excellent. Sucked me in for quite a while, this looks similarly well produced, and I hope just as in depth.


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Post by Chefboy » Mon Oct 21, 2002 9:26 am

I can't wait. I first saw this game advertised this month in mPC Gamer and now I'm drolling at the bit. I've been waiting for an indepth WW2 Grand Strategy game. Strategic Commander is decent but the graphics leave much to be desired. Hearts of Iron on the other hand...

I can't wiat. :!:

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Post by Jason Petho » Mon Oct 21, 2002 3:02 pm

Will there be a demo for this? :?:

Thanks in advance

Take care and good luck
Jason Petho

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