Hungarians in WWII

Foreign volunteers, collaboration and Axis Allies 1939-1945.

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Hungarians in WWII

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Hello & thanks for providing this forum.

I have recently been researching my Hungarian Grandfather's movements during WWII, with an interest in understanding what, if any, involvement he may have had, during this period.

What I do know for fact, is his movements from 1938 through to 1943 (via his Hungarian Passport). He was able to travel throughout all of the Axis controlled territories during this period, including Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czechoslovakia, Austria/Germany, Poland, and other countries such as Switzerland and Italy.

I understand from my mother, that he served for the Austro-Hungarians in WWI. He was working in a senior position for the Hungarian Railways and I believe (from my mother's 8yo memories) moved from Szombothely into Austria/Germany as the Russians advanced into Hungary. From their IRC card, it seems they arrived in Germany on 25th March 1945.

I am interested in locating any information sources that can provide factual information for me to reconstruct things like;
1. His War Service records in WWI and any continuing military relationship after WWI
2. Any connections or political associations he may have had during WWII
3. Any information that would enable me to understand how he and his family crossed from Szombothely and eventually ending up in Konzell/Straubing as refugees.

I don't want to assume anything, and would like to investigate these topics with a "clean sheet" .

I hope with this forum's experience, you may be able to suggest potential information sources that might get me started.

I have looked through the Arolsen Archive and found plenty of good documents about their lives after becoming official refugees. I also found an interesting Shipping Record of his brother's trip to the North Cape of Norway in 1939 on the Stuttgart, which I believe was around the time of the "Strength through Joy" Nazi tours. Similar information sources would help me construct a factual story of his wartime activities.

Thanks and regards
Alexander Sulda
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