Hungarian soldiers around Warsaw 1943-1944

Foreign volunteers, collaboration and Axis Allies 1939-1945.

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Hungarian soldiers around Warsaw 1943-1944

Post by TPMM » Sat May 28, 2011 4:55 am

Hi to all.

I am still trying to finish my work about Polish guerilla movement eastwards from Warsaw (Radzymin-Wolomin-Tluszcz-Wyszkow). I am repeatedly coming across informations, that Armia Krajowa (Home Army) was neither gaining nor capturing, but receiving firearms from Hungarian units in this area.
My question would be: which units might have been involved in such an activity?

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Re: Hungarian soldiers around Warsaw 1943-1944

Post by alan newark » Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:14 am


Hate to see unanswered requests for help = why we are here :->

Hope all well.

I don't know if the below ref will help or if you have already checked it out but it is offered with all hope that it does help.

Which Hungarian units have you since identified and what progress, if any, have you achieved in your research? Sounds interesting tale.


****************************************************************************************************************************** ... tml#242.19
242.19 Microfilm Copies of Hungarian Records
1909-45 (bulk 1938-45)
21 rolls
Textual Records
: Records, 1909-45, consisting mainly of correspondence, minutes, texts of speeches, and postwar planning records of the collaborationist Arrow Cross Party, led by Ferenc Szalasi, 1938-45.
Microfilm Publications: T973.

Finding Aids: Guide to the Collection of Hungarian Political and Military Records, 1909-1945 (Washington, DC: National Archives and Records Service, 1967).

Related Records: Additional Hungarian records Under 242.22.


242.20 Polish Records
27 lin. ft.
Textual Records:
Geodetic journals and survey notebooks of the Military Geographical Institute and of the Ministries of Communications and Public Utilities, 1929-39. Publications of the Academy of Science Commission on Physiography, Cracow, 1887-1908; the National Archaeological Museum, Warsaw, 1926-38; and the Central Statistical Office, 1931-38.
Miscellaneous publications on Polish history and literature, n.d.
242.22 Records of Other Countries, Seized During and at the End
of World War II
93 lin. ft.
Related Records: Additional Hungarian records Under 242.19, and Japanese records Under 242.21. (1st Vice-President)

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Re: Hungarian soldiers around Warsaw 1943-1944

Post by Glyndower » Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:18 am

The commander of the Hungarian corps under the German 9th Army reported that Hungarian troops were inclined to fraternise with the locals and their officers were having difficulty controlling them. No purpose would be served by employing his reserve division to block the supply of Polish reserves into Warsaw. It was decided not to employ the 12th Reserve Division in a security role.

From the log of the German 9th Army. Taken from - Rising 44 by Norman Davies page 289

Hope it is of some help.

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