Charlemagne Division uniforms, weapons, insignia, etc.

Foreign volunteers, collaboration and Axis Allies 1939-1945.

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Paddy Keating wrote:
Le Page wrote:Paddy--what is the source of the B&W photo?
It's a print of an image in the collection of a friend of mine who is one of the foremost collectors of foreign volunteer armshields and insignia. I did not credit it for a number of reasons. The image itself is a fairly commonly reproduced KB/PK photograph. I imagine that it can be found in several archives. Try the BA or maybe even the ECPA-D.
I asked since I have similar ones although it seems they're fairly common. I've seen one on the cover of one of the French language works on the LVF.

EDIT: deleted pic; waste of bandwidth
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Helmut Von Moltke

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why is there a white smudge on the picture though? :?

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