Names of operations

German campaigns and battles 1919-1945.

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Names of operations

Post by Falou » Wed Oct 08, 2003 1:32 pm

Is it possible to find on the web a summary of all the german ops and their names?

Only the name of operation, the date, and the location.


El Savior
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Post by El Savior » Thu Oct 16, 2003 3:34 pm

Here's a list of Airborne operations:

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Post by Shingo » Tue Nov 25, 2003 9:32 am

Hi Falou,

There is the list of main code-names in the following Internet sites.
Unfortunately, it is German.

Other German code-names (Eastern Front only)

Aster Map Exercise : Army Group North plan withdrawal in the Baltic States, September 1944
Aurora Borealis (Nordlicht) : Projected operation to take Leningrad, fall 1942
Ball Lightning (Kugelblitz) : German antipartisan operation in the Surazh Rayon of Belorussia, February 1943
Beast of Prey (Raubtier) : Operation against the Volkhov pocket, March 1942
Beaver Plan : Major switch position in Army Group Center zone, 1944
Beggar's Staff (Bettelstab) : Project operation against the Oranienbaum pockek, summer 1942
Birch (Birke) : The 20th Mountain Army withdrawal to northern Finland, 1944
Bird Song (Vogelsang) : Antipartisan operation in the Bryansk Forest, June 1942
Bluecher : Attack across Kerch Strait, August 1942
Bridging (Brueckenschlag) : Projected offensive to close the Toropets bulge, spring 1942
Buffalo (Bueffel) : Army Group Center's withdrawal in February-March 1943
Bustard Hunt (Trapenjagd) : Operation on the Kerch Peninsula, May 1942
Cormorant (Kormoran) : German antipartisan operation in Belorussia, April 1944
Derfflinger : Projected 9th Army drive from Rzhev to Ostashkov, summer 1942
Doppelkopf and Casar : Army Group North relief operation of the 3rd Panzer Army(Army Group Center), August-September 1944
Dovecote (Taubenschlag) : Project attack on Toropets, October 1942
Edelweiss : Advance into the Caucasus, July-November 1942
Fir East (Tanne Ost) : The German landing on Suursaari Island, October 1944
Fridericus : Operation against the Izyum bulge, May 1942
Fridericus II : Operation against Kupyansk, June 1942
Goetz von Berlichingen : Air operation against Soviet naval forces at Leningrad, April 1942
Hannover : Operation against the Soviet-held pocket west of Vyazma, May-June 1942
Hobgoblin (Klabautermann) : Boat operation against Soviet traffic on Lake Ladoga, July 1942
Hawk (Habicht) : A proposed German operation across the Donets River in the Chuguyev-Kupyansk area, March 1943
Heinrich : German antipartisan operation conducted west of Nevel in November 1943
Heron (Fischreiher) : Army Group B final attack to Stalingrad, July-Nobember 1942
Konrad : Budapest relief operation, January 1945
Kremlin (Kreml) : German deceptive operation, May-July 1942
Margarethe : German plan for the military occupation of Hungary, September 1943
Nikolaus : Desperate effort of the 2nd and 9th Armies in west of Gomel, December 1943
North Pole (Nordpol) : Projected attack into the Toropets bulge, March 1942
Northern Lights (Nordlicht) : The 20th Mountain Army withdrawal into Norway, 1944
Rain Shower (Regenschauer) : German operation against the partisans in Belorussia, April 1944
Salmon Catch (Lachsfang) : Proposed German-Finnish drive to Kandalaksha Belomorsk, summer 1942
Seydlitz : Operation west of Sychevka, July 1942
Spring Awakening (Fruehlingserwachen) : Army Group South offensive south of Budapest, March 1945
Spring Festival (Fruehlingsfest) : German antipartisan operation in Belorussia, April 1944
Sturgeon Catch (Stoerfang) : Operation against Sevastopol, June 1942
Swamp Fire (Moorbrand) : Operation to pinch off the Pogostye salient, summer 1942
Sword and Shield (Schild und Schwert) : A projected Army Group North Ukraine offensive, June 1944
Solstice (Sonnenwende) : The German counteroffensive at Stargard, February 1945
Tornado (Orkan) : Proposed operation to eliminate the Sukhinichi salient, summer 1942
Vine (Schlingpflanze) : Operation to widen the corridor to the Demyansk pocket, October 1942
Wilhelm : Operation against the Volchansk salient, June 1942
Winkelried : Substitute for Schlingpflanze, executed October 1942
Whirlwind (Wirbelwind) : Operation to pinch off part of the Sukhinichi salient, August 1942



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Post by Paul_9686 » Wed Nov 26, 2003 12:02 pm

Isn't it true that, in addition to being used for the attacks on Convoy PQ-17, the operational code name, "Roesselsprung" (Knight's Move), was also used for the attack on Tito's HQ in Yugoslavia in May 1944?


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Post by Arne » Mon Dec 01, 2003 4:51 am

Here some names for operations that where not concluded for one or the other reason:

Pegasus: Occupation of Iceland
Tannenbaum: Occupation of Switzerland
Felix: Occupation of Gibraltar

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Ivan Bajlo
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Post by Ivan Bajlo » Fri Jan 23, 2004 3:04 pm

Depeneds on how big operations are you looking for?

I have found literally dozens of small ops on divisional and regimental level in Yugoslavia alone. Talk about a paperwork. :wink:
World War 2 in Yugoslavia - Civil war and revolution in Yugoslavia, armies involved battles and operations fought and weapons used from occupation to liberation.

Count Schwerin
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Eastern Front Codenames

Post by Count Schwerin » Fri Jun 18, 2004 4:18 pm


I have listed and referenced Eastern Front operational codewords for almost 25 years. I currently have a total of 377. These codewords are only for operations; no positional codewords or personalities. Should you wish any information of a specific operational codeword please let me know.

Count Schwerin

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Post by Shingo » Wed Jun 30, 2004 4:53 am

Hi Count

377 codewords!! :shock:
You are great!! :D

Additional codewords I know.
However, I do not know whether the codewords are official.

South wind (Südwind) : Elimination of Soviet Gran Bridgehead (Northern area of Budapest), February 1943
Sonja : The German counteroffensive at Northern area of Iassy (Tirgu-Frumos) 14th 23rd 24th PzD etc., May-Jun 1944
Katja : The German counteroffensive at Northern area of Iassy (Tirgu-Frumos) GD PzGD & 24th PzD, Jun 1944

If you know codewords of the following operation, please let me know.

(1)German counteroffensive operation at Debrecen (Pußta), October 1944
(2)Küstrin relief operation, March 1945

Thanks for any information

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Post by Shingo » Wed Jun 30, 2004 5:01 am

South wind (Südwind)
Sorry, February 1945


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Post by Kocjo » Wed Jun 30, 2004 6:13 am

Paul_9686 wrote:Isn't it true that, in addition to being used for the attacks on Convoy PQ-17, the operational code name, "Roesselsprung" (Knight's Move), was also used for the attack on Tito's HQ in Yugoslavia in May 1944?

Yes, Rösselspung was joint operation of 500. SS-Fall.Jg.Btl., 7. SS-Frw.Geb.Div. "PE" and several other WH units.

Slovenija gre naprej!

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