Hypothetical Study Op. Typhoon in August '41

German campaigns and battles 1919-1945.

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Hypothetical Study Op. Typhoon in August '41

Post by PanzersOst » Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:09 pm

I am assembling data for a wargame by collecting situational circumstances and organization for German and Soviet forces in the Army Group Center/Western Front operational area 01AUG-20AUG. Any assistance would be appreciated. I have been working for a week and only now am I getting into the German situational maps and authorized TO&Es. My early attempts have been frustrated due to the way the Germans seemed to have very fluid command structures with divisions being tossed around between Armies and Corps like candy during operations.

There was a period of rest after the Smolensk pocket was reduced ~29JUL and another such regrouping 08AUG after Guderian's forces forced the withdrawal of the Soviets at Roslavl. If at all possible I'd like to capture the order of battle and reinforcments at one of these points in time after the battle of Smolensk and before the southward breakthrough towards the Kiev envelopment was begun. I'd really hate to be in the middle of the wargame's data input phase only to find major mistakes in my ORBAT.

Any discussion on the hypothetical August advance towards Moscow from Smolensk would also be rewarding. I have read Stolfi and don't agree with much of his analysis although I believe the Germans could have indeed continued mission and caused a mortal coup upon Stavka.

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