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SS-VT Deutschland & Germania came trough my village

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2013 8:12 am
by leopard
Hi All,

I’m wonder if somebody could help me further with a research am doing about a specific part in the early days of May 1940.
On 13 & 14 May, SS-VT Reg.Deutschland & Germania came through my village (Essen-Belgium) and fought in that area…(Essen, Wildert, Kalmthout, Achterbroek)
At this time: Essen was called (Esschen) and Kalmthout (calmthout)
Parts from these two Regiments crossed the border (Holland/Belgium) at Zundert & Achtmaal and especially Germania received their first big counterattack at a small village "Achterbroek".
Some pictures from the book: Waffen-SS im Westen, by Friedrich Zschäckel are taken in that village (from that PAK grew).
Several soldiers from Germania been killed in Achterbroek;
Obersturmführer: Hans Metscher, who drove on a mine during reconnaissance.
Rottenführer; Jozef Rieck (Riek)
Sturmmann: Eduard Heyer
Oberscharführer: Bernhard Ballman
Sturmmann: Kurt Freumuth
The only information that I could find about Achterbroek, are a couple of pictures and a testimony from a soldier in the book (Division Das Reich 1940-1941) from Otto Weidinger on page 82.
I drive almost weekly on this road, and through this village. I always wonder what really happened here.
Germania reports say that it was their first battle and dead from the regiment in the campaign against France. So, I’m wonder if someone could help me further and have: pictures, documents,war diary or any information about this part on 13 & 14 may 1940.
Please, all information is really appreciated! I'm happy to pay for useful information!
Thanks an kind regards,

Re: SS-VT Deutschland & Germania came trough my village

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2013 4:10 am
by sebastian
hi Leopard,

It is wise of you to come to the forum :-),i am also from Belgium area of Willebroek(auffanglager Breendonck) so there is a history of ww2 fights and such in our province since the KW-line goes throug it,most info i get from my little village and surroundings are most of storys old people tell me,and i do ask most when i get the chance,there are some books dealing the belgium and Holland feldzug,there are some books out there but not so specific on some areas,you will need a KTB on the ss-vt to find out all details you want,maybe there is a forummember who will help you out.
Hope this will answer a bit of your question in general :-)


Re: SS-VT Deutschland & Germania came trough my village

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2013 1:47 pm
by leopard
Thanks for your reply!
Yes, it’s hard to find some more information, but the testimony in the book from Otto Weidinger about SS-Standarte Germania in Achterbroek, really match the pictures I have!
I know a KTB from SS-VT members who fought at Achterbroek!
It’s in Amsterdam in the NIOD, but I heard that it’s very hard to get in!
Could use some help from Holland! Anybody who lives close at this archive? (NIOD)

King regards,